by Lee, 04/29/2012, 12:00 PM

The last contest was won by Geoduck. It was Spokane Falls Community College.

This week’s contest is related to something in the news from April, good luck!

4 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. milwhcky spews:

A baseball field had its first game.

Yawn. Nothing like watching overpaid athletes stand around in a grassy field for hours with only brief moments of action to justify the sport’s existence. I’ll go back to watching NHL playoff hockey now…

2. Blue John spews:

Cool. As you zoom out, it goes from before to after.
I was going to guess the Olympics in Briton.

3. Lee spews:

That’s it, although the news item I had in mind was the controversy around Ozzie Guillen and Castro.

Good win!

4. Lee spews:

Oh, and Go Flyers!