Bird’s Eye View Contest

Last week’s contest was won by no one. Apparently, Dana and I have TV tastes that don’t resonate with the HA readers. The view was of Cameron and Mitchell’s house from the show Modern Family, located in Los Angeles, CA.

UPDATE: Last week’s contest was won by Coosboy last night after this was posted.

This week’s location is somewhere in Washington state, good luck!


  1. 6

    Michael spews:

    Pine trees and the architecture scream “some college in Eastern WA. Funny thing is, I drove right by there on Friday and didn’t have a clue which college it was.

  2. 8


    No, he won it after I posted this, but before it went live. I usually post these contests on Thursday or Friday and then set them to go live at noon on Sunday.

  3. 9

    I Got Nuthin' spews:

    Got it, thanks Lee. FWIW, I love these hard ones. It’s always a bummer–at least for me, certainly not the winner–when someone wins before I’ve even had a chance to contemplate the answer.