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    Liberal Scientist is a slut spews:

    Nope, I was wrong. According to the police report, Trayvon Martin was shot here, 2831 Retreat View Circle, Sanford, FL.

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    Liberal Scientist is a slut spews:

    Those building look very similar, though. Some other connection to Trayvon Martin?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    My rabbit instincts tell me it has something to do with big banks getting into the landlord business by renting out foreclosed properties they own in places like Florida, Arizona, and Nevada where solvent homeowners have become as rare as honest politicians.

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    @4. Did you catch the user comments. So many of the conservatives posted birther rants, racist BS, blame the victim (“He’s now a 6ft 3inch gangsta hoodie wearing thug wanna be”) and “let the authorities who weren’ doing anything finish investigate this” nonsense.
    I am kind of shocked. I really thought America was better than this but there is some seething evil just below the surface of civility.

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    Liberal Scientist is a slut spews:

    Yeah, the comments are where the meat is. I think the articles are just provocation – stoking the flames – that get the types that down deep would love to put on a sheet and burn a few crosses really going.

    I posted a link to Digby the other day – can’t find it at the moment – but that comment thread highlighted the neat little trick – like spelling “nigger” as “niqqer” (with q’s instead of g’s) – that reveal that they’re trying to fly under the radar and know exactly what they’re doing and are trying to hide it behind the veneer of “postracialism”, ie, “you’re the racist for bringing up race in the first place.’

    Like I said, sucks to share a planet with such scum.

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    Michael spews:

    The case that the pro Zimmerman folks still doesn’t meet the standard of needing a gun to protect yourself. When the police showed up Zimmerman had some grass on his back. No fingernail gouges. No broken nose. No fractured tibia or cracked ribs. No strangulation marks. No bruise of any kind, actually. And no weapon of any kind on Martin. So, at best Martin knocked him down and they rolled around on the ground a bit. That’s not really life threatening.

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    Liberal Scientist is a slut spews:

    If they wrestled on the ground – it was because Zimmerman stalked him and pounced.

    Whether they had physical contact is irrelevant – Zimmerman chased him because he didn’t like how he looked. Zimmerman was clearly the aggressor.

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    Michael spews:

    Zimmerman hunted that kid down and shot him.

    Maybe at the end of getting hunted down the kid fought back. It would make sense when you’ve been hunted down and trapped that you’d fight back. But, even if he did fight back when did getting in a little tussle on a lawn turn into being afraid for your life? That’s my point @9. There’s nothing in terms of damage to Zimmerman to justify him being afraid for his life. A tussle on a lawn? Please… But, people seem to think that a tussle on a lawn = threat to life. Huh? I don’t get that.

    I got punched in the face hard enough to loosen a couple of teeth for a couple of days in a street mugging and I was never afraid for my life. If I’d had a gun or a knife on me I wouldn’t have used them. In the mugging I ducked punch number 2 and sprinted about 10 yards away and then taunted the guy that I still had my wallet and continued on my way. It was unsettling and I didn’t sleep so hot for a day or two, but it wasn’t even close to a life threatening situation.

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    @4 There was the crime and there was cover up. The complete yawn this got from the cops is a much bigger issue.

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    Yep, this isn’t the location where Trayvon Martin was murdered (but I did suspect that it would be a lot of peoples’ first guess).

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    BudgetWonk spews:

    Back to the challenge at hand; its the association olzar hatorah, rue jules dalou, toulouse, france – the Jewish school where the murders took place. However, in using a tablet I cannot for the life of me figure out how to capture the link off Google maps.

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    BudgetWonk spews:

    @16 – Thanks LS. Someday I’ll learn how to master that linky thingy on my tablet.

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    - I saw someone make this argument on another site:

    “Welcome to the Good ol’ U.S. of A. Kim Kardashian gets flour thrown on her and the person is arrested immediately. Black kid gets killed and it’s his fault for looking suspicious. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY, only for the rich and famous, I guess.”

    1) The flour incident was an assault that was CAUGHT ON CAMERA so there is no defense.

    2)The second is a shooting/death however there is NO VIDEO and NO WITNESS to the actual event.

    3)You can assume and interpret information all you want but the “Good ol’ U.S.” has laws and a “presumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty“.

    P.S. The problem the prosecutor’s office has is that it doesn’t matter what people “think”. It only matters what is admissible and “can be proven“…understand?