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    Someplace in Johnstown, PA.

    I found the image but, lacking a TV, I have no idea what the TV/movie connection is all about.

    Update: This is the Cambria County War Memorial Arena. Slap Shot is a 1977 film comedy starring Paul Newman and Michael Ontkean and was filmed there.

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    milwhcky spews:

    Good job, Darryl. Slap Shot is my all-time favorite movie.

    Here’s a photo of me getting roughed up by Steve Carlson, who played one of three misbehaving brothers in the film.

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    Good win!

    Sweet! I actually met two of them (don’t remember which ones) at a Microsoft charity hockey event at Key Arena. Very cool guys.

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    I though I could read “Johnstown” on the left side of the sign. I used to live in central PA, so I immediately figured Johnstown, PA was the city (squinting helps a bit). The building is clearly on a river or canal.

    Went there in Bing maps and started following the rivers through Johnstown, PA. It took, perhaps, 5 minutes to find it.