by Lee, 12/25/2011, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by It was Kennewick.

This week’s is related to something in the news from December. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

10 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Don Joe spews:

Well, it’s not the Brookfield Fashion Center, 17000 W. Blue Mound Rd. in Brookfield, WI, though just about everything else would indicate it. Strip mall in an upscale neighborhood (swimming pools in the back yard).

2. Roger Rabbit spews:

@1 They don’t have palm trees in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Too damn cold in the winter. Could be So. California or Hawaii.

3. Markdd spews:

>>They don’t have palm trees in Brookfield, Wisconsin.<<

Why not, Fox showed them in Madison, WI last February?

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

@3 Yeah, anything Fox says must be true, eh?

5. Lee spews:

This is a tough one. I may have to give a clue…

6. I Got Nuthin' spews:


Lee, yes, very tough. I’ve spent way too much time today browsing through articles on Google News, the NY Times and other news sites for keywords like “strip mall”, mall, “shopping center”, etc. So far, nuthin’.

7. milwhcky spews:

Glendale, AZ

No idea what the news connection is. I browsed the Phoenix area until I found it.

8. Lee spews:

Yeah, nice win! This one was hard. I cropped the picture and pre-posted it on Wednesday, thinking I’d have time to maybe find an easier one later… but could not escape the Christmas tsunami.

The news item that this is related to is something I’ve been paying attention to but hasn’t been very big news.

9. I Got Nuthin' spews:

@8 Lee, the news item is…?

10. Lee spews:

Well, it’s almost Tuesday and I’m in a good mood after winning my fantasy championship, so I’ll end the suspense…

It’s one of the gun shops identified as the source of the guns in the Fast and Furious scandal.