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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    It’s a tropical location (palm trees) and those are not native huts; they’re architect-designed bungalows (some Western architect’s “interpretation” of native motif), so this is a fancy resort in Hawaii, Tahiti, or some such place. (And how many native villages have paved tennis courts? Or is that an asphalt parking lot?) I’d start with Tahiti.

    The news angle (if there is one) probably has to do with how upscale exotic resorts are suffering from the effects of the global recession and/or European financial crisis — so think in terms of where do affluent Europeans go to unwind? Tahiti is under French administration, so this may have something to do with French banks, and is another reason to start with Tahiti.

    But knowing Lee, Tahiti may be too obvious; in terms of climate, vegetation, vacationer appeal, etc., there’s no reason why this can’t be in Central America; maybe the hut design is a Mayan or Aztecan motif; so look at Belize, too. And also Guatemala, Mexico, and a couple of other Central American tourist havens.

    Hell, maybe it’s not even a fancy motel; it could be a fancy restaurant on a golf course in San Diego.

  2. 2 spews:

    I’m puzzled, but here are some of the things I’ve been noticing.

    Shadows straight to the left, and relatively long. Not that there’s a lot of sun, but it’s not from high overhead. Gives me the thought that it’s facing either due north or due south …

    The shoreline isn’t tidal (probably) and the water is smooth, no swells.

    The big palms are nice, four clusters of four different types makes me think they bought ‘em and trucked ‘em in. And the rest of the vegetation we see is not particularly tropical.

    The pavement on the lower left appeas to have a striped parking space with a circle … wheelchair pattern? Thus, commercial establishment of some sort.

  3. 4 spews:

    What’s the name for the roof style on the two main buildings? (I doubt there’s a name for the hybrid of that style on the several other segments/cabins/whatever.)

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    Liberal Scientist thinks that concentrated power and wealth should be met with suspicion, not adoration spews:

    Highly landscaped.
    Faux Polynesian architecture.
    Parking lot.
    Looks like it’s next to a lagoon, certainly not the ocean.

    I’m thinking Hawaii, but maybe that’s too obvious. I took a quick look around the Kona coast – but didn’t see it – though I was not comprehensive. Maybe a big resort development.

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    Liberal Scientist thinks that concentrated power and wealth should be met with suspicion, not adoration spews:

    You sound very sure – do you know where it is?

  6. 8 spews:

    @7 I feel like the turf isn’t maintained enough for arid climates.

    So, what kind of establishment is it? vacation rental units?

  7. 11 spews:

    for fans of bird’s eye views and other view from above, there’s an occasional contest at NASA that involves identifying a location on earth, and researching several questions about it.