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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Guns Don’t Kill People Dep’t …

    I’ll venture to guess it’s the scene of a deadly shooting simply because there are so many deadly shootings there’s hardly anyplace that isn’t the scene of a deadly shooting.

  2. 2 spews:

    sheesh, it’s not along any of the rail lines I’ve followed … and that’s a lot of them.

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    Gordy spews:

    Baring on hwy 2, don’t remember any news from there, but it’s a strange intersection. Probably car vs train

  4. 5 spews:

    Wow. Baring’s in a little bubble of bird’s eye views out beyond the main westside birdseye views. Nice find.

  5. 9


    Good win!

    Yes, it was about the post office closures. I even saw this on local TV news. Sorry, I’ve been away from my laptop for about 48 hours…