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    guess spews:

    hmmm….big avenues…tall buildings….sunshine….definitely not anywhere around here…but what is that train on the surface….oh wait there couldn’t be trains on the surface, no city would be dumb enought to build its regional train lines on surface streets AHA! is that really the surface, it’s over the other street but my god they got lots of train lines there not just one line whatsat express and local omg t’s not on the surface it’s the el it’s chitown that must be obama HQ!

    just a guess. never have been there except ohare.

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    zzippy spews:

    I’m thinking some above-ground rail in Japan, but 15 minutes searching the maps around Tokyo did not yield anything.

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    If I could find the scene, I’d show you how to capture it. (I want to share the credit…)

    Is it actually in Toyko itself, or in one of the other contiguous cities?

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    The link URL I tried to post kept sending the view to the Pacific. I’m not sure why my URL was different than this one, I had the photo and the angle.

    Oh well, thanks for the help.

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    Apparently, there’s no way to capture a location in its rotated configuration.

    I note that Lee used to tell us when he’d rotated the view. I was looking at rail lines that ran WNW – ESE, whereas this one actually runs NNE – SSW. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

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    What you have to do to capture the current scene (unrotated) is to click on the “Share your map” icon and then copy-and-paste the link that comes up in the box.

    The icon looks like an envelope.

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    spyder spews:

    So you have a location, but still no definitive description of the broadcasting building in the center of the image. What is the connection between world events and this image?

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    I was with relatives all day here. Congrats to David Aquarius. And Evergreen Libertarian is right, it’s the headquarters of TEPCO.

    Yeah, I don’t say it every week, but you can no longer assume that the view is the default orientation.

  9. 18 spews:

    I can’t get a Bing address for the west-facing view of the building (curious!), but THIS gets us to the right building.

    @13 N in Seattle is right about how to copy a map view that doesn’t just show you the Pacific Ocean or whatever …