by Lee, 04/17/2011, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by, who made it four in a row. It was Bodie’s Corner in Baltimore, one the many filming locations in that city for The Wire, but one of the few that hasn’t been torn down.

Here’s this week’s contest, a random location somewhere in Washington. Good luck!

8 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. spews:

Not a whole lot of towns in WA oriented on the angle like that, with birdseye views.

2. Pete spews:

Don’t have time to check bing, but it looks to me a lot like downtown Moses Lake.

4. Michael spews:


I used to live about 4 blocks from this weeks birds eye view.

5. waguy spews:

I’ve never been to Cheney – I just started checking all the towns in E WA, most of which don’t have Bird’s Eye View even though many are larger than Cheney.

6. Lee spews:

Congrats! Cheney is a town I’ve never visited.

7. spyder spews:

The image includes the only highway in town as well.

8. Michael M spews:

was late to the game.. but knew it was Cheney at first sight.