by Lee, 03/27/2011, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by It was the ferry landing in the Lummi Reservation.

This week’s contest is related to something in news from March. Good luck!

10 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Michael spews:

Pre-WWII neighborhood, where ever it is.

2. Liberal Scientist spews:

Looks a lot like St. Louis (in the burbs of which I grew up), or other old, industrial midwest city

3. dan robinson spews:

Detroit emptying out? Nah, that is too general.

4. spews:

Fascinating false-front flat-roofed houses. Brick alleyways. Hmm.

5. spews:

@2 – looking up brick alleys, that’s where Google sends me.

6. Liberal Scientist spews:


Like this?
North St. Louis (where the O’Fallon neighborhood is) was exactly what I was thinking.
Now, what happened in St. Louis this week?

7. spews:

Shootout in 3100 block of Osage St., St. Louis MO. Bing image HERE. (Oddly, most of the birdseyes of this spot are much barer & browner.)
Story HERE.

8. Liberal Scientist spews:

I was looking in the wrong end of town!
Guess I gotta go home and visit more often!
I was looking around at the shooting that was on the 5300 block of Maffit, in the north end.

9. Lee spews:

That’s it!

10. What rubbish spews:

People on this site can locate a picture of obscure places in less than 4 hours.

Why on earth aren’t these skills in demand in the dream world of the “intelligence” agencies?”

Too efficient, probably.