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    Liberal Scientist spews:

    Looks a lot like St. Louis (in the burbs of which I grew up), or other old, industrial midwest city

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    Liberal Scientist spews:


    Like this?
    North St. Louis (where the O’Fallon neighborhood is) was exactly what I was thinking.
    Now, what happened in St. Louis this week?

  3. 7 spews:

    Shootout in 3100 block of Osage St., St. Louis MO. Bing image HERE. (Oddly, most of the birdseyes of this spot are much barer & browner.)
    Story HERE.

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    Liberal Scientist spews:

    I was looking in the wrong end of town!
    Guess I gotta go home and visit more often!
    I was looking around at the shooting that was on the 5300 block of Maffit, in the north end.

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    What rubbish spews:

    People on this site can locate a picture of obscure places in less than 4 hours.

    Why on earth aren’t these skills in demand in the dream world of the “intelligence” agencies?”

    Too efficient, probably.