by Lee, 02/27/2011, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by It was along Lake Sammamish.

Here’s this week’s, which is related to something in the news from February. Good luck!

11 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

2. Liberal Scientist spews:

In Arcore, Monza e Brianza, Italy.
For some reason the link perspective is off and needs to be rotated 90′ counterclockwise.

3. Liberal Scientist spews:

Oops, I mean clockwise.

4. Lee spews:

Good win! That was quick. I’m just now noticing that I had part of a street name in the corner.

5. Dave spews:

HA Clock off

6. Dave spews:

by 36 minutes

7. Darryl spews:

Yeah…I see what I can do about the fucking clock.

8. Liberal Scientist spews:

Yeah, that kind of helped – I thought it was deliberate.
I initially thought it was the destination of Mubarak or something – started googling along those lines. Then I saw the ‘artino’ and extrapolated to San Martino (seemed logical). Then I remembered the rape indictment and it all came together – though googling “Berlusconi villa” gives an entirely different house.

9. Lee spews:

Thanks, it’s been off for a long time.

10. Lee spews:

I’m sure Berlusconi has a couple of different villas, but this is the one that was shown in a few different news articles I saw.


11. Siberian dog spews:

I like how Bing says “Arcore is a comune in the Province of Monza.” Man, that’s some commune. Not like any hippie commune I ever saw. Maybe comune (one m) means something else in Italian.