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    spews: for the win. I found it too (it’s off W Lake Sammammish Pkwy NE & 180th Ave NE), but he was quicker.

    How does one get the URL for the view you’re seeing? I couldn’t find a command or button for it.

  2. 6 spews:

    @4 I get the view’s URL by clicking the envelope icon in the lower-left … it gives the address for the current view on the screen (for you to email to someone, I guess, is why the envelope).

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    Elaine spews:

    The correct spelling is Sammamish (2 M’s followed by 1 M). I went to Sammamish High School in Bellevue and our diplomas also had the name misspelled! We had to return them after graduation and new ones were mailed to us with the correct spelling.

  4. 9 spews:

    @7 Sorry about the misspelling. (As one whose own name was misspelled on my diploma, I sympathize.)

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    Siberian dog spews:

    @8 the green stuff is money. These Republicans have waay too much of it, so they dump some of it in the lake. At night the Democrats who live on the other side of Lake Sammamish Way sneak down to the lake and grab some of it so they can pay their busfare to their menial jobs at Microsoft.

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    ld spews:

    Some poor bastards that have lost half the value of their homes, while property taxes went up.

    How many forclosure or quick sale posters do you see in this picture, thatnks to the progressive loaning policies…Evreyone should get a loan if they can afford it or not.

  7. 13

    Blue John spews:

    How many foreclosure or quick sale posters do you see in this picture, thanks to the economy tanking under the governance of bush?

    People are going into foreclosure because they don’t have jobs, and the great recession happened under bush. If people had JOBS, they could pay for their homes.

    Where are your wonderful republicans in congress? How many jobs have they created yet? Oh wait, they are doing a bait and switch with the culture wars issues.

  8. 14

    ld spews:

    11% unemployment undr Obama, after two years, and rising…….Blame the current president, and oh by the way, who has been heading freddie and fannies FU funding organization for the past 6 years….

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    Siberian dog spews:

    Not sure why anyone thinks the people living in the houses in this picture are in any danger of foreclosure. People living in lakefront houses have generally done pretty well in this economy, racking up increasing profits and watching their stock portfolios gain value. It’s the people in more modest, if still overly large houses on the Sammamish Plateau who are losing their jobs and their homes in this Bush/Cheney created recession.

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    serf you right spews:

    republicans believe no government, creates jobs, see?

    like when we had no government back in feudal days. there was no central government, and everyone had a job.

  11. 17

    Solomon Grundy with a stand up triple spews:


    no government! bawk bawk! no government! bawk bawk!

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Id @ 44: Gee, during late 2008 and well into 2009, wingnuts like yourself were still insisting that the economic collapse of 2008 (from which we are still recovering) was caused by either the Clinton or, incredibly, the Carter administrations!!!

    Somehow they managed to skip right over three Republican Presidents, representing twenty years of Republican rule, to blame a banking, investment house, and real estate collapse which happened at the END of a two-term Republican president (Bush) on a President who hadn’t been in office for 28 years (Carter), and one who served most of his term in office with a Republican Congress (Clinton).

    Yet somehow, they try to make us believe that the current President should be able to wave a magic wand and correct YEARS of Republican mistakes, self-dealing, etc. within a handful of months.

    In reality, it takes almost as much time to fix the problems caused by Republican mis-management as it did for the Republicans to create them, if not more so.

    Why anyone would hire the Republicans to manage a government they profess to hate so much is beyond me.

  13. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    Yea, remember Cynical predicting our 401(k)’s would all the worthless if Obama was elected?

    Talk about scare tactics!

    Of course, the Dow Jones was around 8,000 then. As of closing last Friday, it was just shy of 13,400, although it’s retreating today on news that multinational corporations have shut down their oil operations in Tripoli and evacuated personnel. But even at 12,100 or 12,200, it’s an impressive recovery so far.

    And another wingnut prediction proves false in a spectacular way. It’s no wonder that they keep trying to use our money to invest with, if left to their own money they’d be penniless by now.