by Lee, 12/26/2010, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by ‘Siberian dog’. It was College Place, WA, near Walla Walla.

This week’s is related to a news item from December, good luck!

11 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Mr. Baker spews:

Santa’s workshop?

The place where Mitch McConnell completely misjudged members of his own party in the Senate during the lame duck session?

That’s all I got.
I stink at this.

2. spyder spews:

Can’t quite make out that state flag. Judging by the looks of the facility, it could be either a medical office or a retirement home.

3. Bluecollar Libertarian spews:

I think it is the California state flag. It is one of the few that has that amount of white color in it.

4. Michael spews:

Investment firm? The entrance looks wrong for a nursing home. I’m assuming they wouldn’t fly the flags at the back entrance.

I took a screen cap of this and tried messing around in photo shop to see if I could ID the flag. No luck. But, they do it in the movies all the time!

5. John McKay spews:

It’s the bay County School Board in Panama City, FL viewed from the northeast. Gimme a minute to figure out the Bing thing and I’ll give you a link.

8. John McKay spews:

I give up. I can get as far as the building, but I can’t capture the correct view. Bing has defeated me.

9. Lee spews:

John, you win! I’m on my phone right now, but I’ll try to post up the correct link when I get to my laptop.

10. N in Seattle spews:

If you zoom out from John McKay’s link, far enough to see the nearby water, you’ll see a very modern-art representation of the bay. It stays that way for several steps before switching to just plain surface.

Ditto if you zoom in on the bay. It looks funky until you’re very close, then turns into a standard water surface.

11. Lee spews:

This link should work.