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    Congrats! Good win.

    No significance. Just a random location in Washington state.

    If people like this enough, I might make it the theme for the third Sunday of each month (which is still devoted to random locations).

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    Bah. The apartment house has a new white roof since they took the vertical aerial photos. I protest, a little. (Amazing how a shot can be cropped to give the misleading impression of something, like those woods, extending well beyond the image.)

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    I like the idea of a Seattle search ..

    Why not make it topical though?

    I be t a lot of us do not know where Dino lives? Or, for that matter, where history happened here … the wobblies? Jimi? UPS? Ancestral home of Gates?

    or maybe interesting hang outs … police data? MJ arrests?? traffic issues? stolen cars?

    Could be fun.