Bill Sherman fund drive update

Yesterday we kicked off a netroots fund drive for Bill Sherman, Democrat running for King County Prosecuting Attorney, and so far we’re kinda-sorta off to a pretty good start. We want to hit $5000 and 200 new donors by the end of the day Saturday, and while the $1770 we’ve raised thus far ain’t bad, it came from only 23 contributors.

We want to prove to the big donors that Sherman has the broad grassroots support necessary to win, so if you only have ten bucks to give, please give it now. And, as an extra incentive to put your money behind Sherman, the next $600 raised today will be matched dollar for dollar by Progressive Majority. Turn your $10 donation into $20. Turn your $25 donation into $50. (Etc, etc… you do the math.)

Republicans are counting on their huge, two-to-one money advantage to lead them to victory. It may sound like an odd argument, but the only way to prevent money from trumping values, is to give Sherman the money he needs to get his message out. So please give to Bill Sherman today.


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    I am equivocal on this. In part I am much less partsan than you and see this a mainly a partisan ratgher than an ideology issue.

    However, I would be very happy to make a contribution to some sort of PAC to promote progressive causes. Any thoughts?

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    Phil spews:

    I’m in. It does seem that partisanship should be beneath the office of prosecutor. But, since it is, we need our guy there so that the next time we steal an election from Dino Rossi, we’re immune from prosecution.

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    Piper Scott spews:

    If Bill Sherman is elected, who will he appoint to the newly created position of political commissar in the prosecutor’s officer? I see any number of HA hands raising already…

    The Piper

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    Pooper Scott spews:

    Re5 BS Where’s your proof?

    Republicans spent millions trying to prove that andLOST four votes in the process.

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    @2 Goldy

    I donated to Sherman because I see it as a good thing to have LOCAL grass roots politics. I did also look at PM. It would be good to learn more about their agenda, web site was pretty limitted.

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    TDOG spews:

    Phil- c’mon, you’re not really just going to vote for Bill because he’s “our guy”, are you? He’s my guy too- to the extent that we’re both Dems- but you (we) have to look beyond the letter in this particular race.
    You seem like a reasonable man not too wedded to partisanship, and so much of what I read on these strings is so incredibly superficial and/or media fed. I’d be happy to chat with you if you are interested in another perspective….

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    Phil spews:

    TDOG – I was just being flip.

    But, when I think about it, I believe that in races where we’re electing someone to do a job – state auditor, state AG, KC Prosecutor – I find myself looking more at qualifications; When I’m voting for a legislator or governor, I’m much more likely to hold my nose and be partisan. AFter all, I almost always vote for McDermott (but I like to tweak him in the primaries).

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    TDOG spews:

    My bad, Phil- if I had read closer I’d have seen the flippancy!
    I’m with you- this particular race should not be about party, it should be about experience and qualifications. And I can’t see how any reasonable person could think Bill is even in the same zip code or experience or qualification for this job. Dan where was Bill is now when he became Chief- and he has 18 years at the helm since then. Easy answer!