Bill Nye calls denier guys “unpatriotic”


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    Poster Child spews:

    What Bill Nye and Rachael Maddow don’t understand is that the conservatives DO, in fact, have a monopoly on Patriotism because they definie it in their own image.

    Hot lesbian pundits and bow-tie wearing semi-eggheads need not apply.

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    The Centrist spews:

    Everything that needs to be said about conservative republicans was very neatly expressed in Fogerty’s song, Fortunate Son.

    I really got a kick out of it when he sang it at Clinton’s second inauguration. I only wish Clinton had understood the lyrics a little better.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 3: I was amazed at the number of businesses, in the wake of 9/11 and the Iraq War, who were trying to use the Fogerty song “Fortunate Son” to sell their flag-infestoned goods, such as jeans and that ilk. Sure, they only included the part about the “red, white & blue”, and cut out the rest of the song, but did they really think we wouldn’t remember that the song was a protest about chickenhawks and the benefits available to the sons of the priviledged?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Colbert pointed out the idiocy of the claims that this week’s snow disproves global warming, by pointing out that since it was dark outside (at the time the show aired), the same logic shows that the sun must have burned out.

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    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Oh yeah rhp6033, there’s a “real scientist” there Stephen Colbert. Puddy is sure correctnotright holds him in peer reviewed high esteem for his scientific credibility, tongue-in-cheek notwithstanding.

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    doggril spews:

    @8 – I really like your point, Puddybud is Sad, that we need to base our opinions on what the real experts, like the scientists, have to say about technical issues like the existence of climate change–rather than what politicians or commenters have to say.
    Wow, puddy, I didn’t realize that you had such an appreciation for science. I encourage you to continue your journey from the dark side.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Health Care Model Republicans Believe In

    “WASHINGTON — As the nation struggled last year with rising health-care costs and a recession, the five largest health-insurance companies racked up combined profits of $12.2 billion, up 56 percent over 2008, according to a new report. Based on company financial reports for 2009 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, … insurers WellPoint, UnitedHealth Group, Cigna, Aetna and Humana covered 2.7 million fewer people than they did the previous year … [and] three of the five insurers cut the proportion of premiums they spent on customers’ medical care, committing relatively more to salaries, administrative expenses and profits.”


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Here’s how Republican health care works. (a) Let free markets work their magic. (b) Buy stock in health insurers. (c) Reap dividends and capital gains. (d) Eliminate taxes on dividends and capital gains. (e) Block medical debtors from filing for bankruptcy.

    If you don’t like change you can believe in, you’ll get the status quo they believe in.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Today’s Darwin Award …

    … goes to a woman the fishwrapper reports was killed by a fire that started when she lit a cigarette while breathing medical oxygen.

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    The Centrist spews:

    The current wingnut stance seems to be that climate change occurs, but man’s activities don’t affect it.

    Seems like another attempt by them to avoid responsibility for their actions while simultaneously advising the poorest and least powerful of the world’s citizens that their plight is their own responsibility.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’ll Bet This Guy Is A Republican

    “Former Port Orchard City Councilman Tye Moore pleaded guilty to child molestation this week and could serve another three years in prison, according to Kitsap County Superior Court records. …

    “Moore was elected to the City Council in November of 2005, and had barely served six months when Kitsap County Prosecutors accused him of forging checks from a home construction business to pay for personal expenses and his political campaign. He was convicted in October of 2006 of seven counts of forgery and one count each of first-degree and second-degree theft, and sentenced to 25 months in prison. …

    “The plea agreement … stipulates that Kitsap County Prosecutor Cami Lewis will not charge Moore with further crimes related to the case, which include: additional counts of child molestation, an ongoing pattern of sexual abuse, rapid recidivism, indecent exposure and tampering with a witness.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: According to news reports, Moore fled to Alabama, and was caught and extradited to Washington as a result of his and a girlfriend’s marriage announcement appearing in a local newspaper there. And, yes, he left behind a wife in Washington, who cooperated with authorities in finding him.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Port Orchard city council races are nonpartisan, so it’s hard to know what this guy’s political orientation is.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit Quiz

    A municipal politician who is self-employed in the homebuilding business, kites checks, molests little girls, abandons his wife, and flees the state to evade justice is most likely a

    [ ] 1. Republican
    [ ] 2. Independent
    [ ] 3. Nonpartisan
    [ ] 4. Tea Partier

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    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Herr Goebbels Himmler Dumb Bunny… Puddy doubts it because if Moore was a Republican it would have been in the lead sentence. You and Puddy both know that’s how it works. Butt Puddy could be wrong…

    [ ] 5. Democrat

    Proud Goatist lives there. Hey PG what party was this fool from?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Ahh, let’s make that a Roger Rabbit Poll instead of a Roger Rabbit Quiz, because we don’t really know so this is only an opinion survey.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    Oh for GODS sake you idiots, I lived in DC for years. This snow fall in DC isn’t about global warming. The temperatures are NORMAL. Having temperatures of 25-35 in early February in DC is totally normal. IDIOTS.

    The UNUSUAL thing was the amount of snow (rainfall). It has snowed in DC almost every winter throughout history. Usually just a trace or an inch or two. There are ALWAYS 30 degree temperatures in DC in winter…always. Now if it’s 30 degrees and snowing in SUMMER in DC, let me know. It’s ONLY unusual how much moisture fell.

    If we were debating some issue about global RAIN amounts, it would be interesting. But we’re not.

    By the way, it’s WARMER than normal this entire winter here in Seattle. Supposed to be upper 50s all next week. We’ve been 10 degrees ABOVE normal all winter. Huh.

    Now the real fun one is the DEEP south getting a little snow storm this weekend. But…again…this isn’t global, it’s just a few days, not a years average. It was 80 in Houston just a 2 weeks ago. So it’s no long term average ice age…LOL. Again, if you have freak EXTREMES (colder and hotter) but the total average is hotter, then it’s warming. Why is this hard to understand?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @19 You mean like how the liberal-biased Seattle Times told everyone that Suzie Cute is a Republican?

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    Alki Postings spews:


    Not only rational, but she doesn’t look like a cross between a cancer patient and heroin addicted hooker like Ann Coulter. Now THAT’S nasty looking. For GODS sake woman, eat a cracker!

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    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Everyone knew Susan was Republican Herr Goebbels Himmler Dumb Bunny. Try again…

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @9 Hmmm, a paranoid rightwinger with a controlling personality doesn’t quite seem unique …

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    slingshot spews:

    @21 Another self-declared GW genious. Why aren’t you the world’s spokesman? Obviously, you’ve got it all figured out. And above all, the thing that makes you most qualified? You lived in DC!

    Get your bags packed….you’re a shoe-in for the Nobel.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @24 If Coulter looks like a famine victim, it’s because she lives on cigarettes and wine. One of her closest friends wrote,

    “Ann and I never had a serious conversation about politics, or anything else. Instead, we smoked, drank to excess – Ann seemed to live on nothing but Chardonnay and cigarettes – and vented our anger and cruelty by hurling all manner of epithets at liberals and the disadvantaged among us.” David Brock, Blinded by the Right, at p. 197.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @29 You remind me of a little boy who pounds furiously on his alphabet blocks with a toy hammer screaming, “Not so! Not so!”

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    Bugs Rabbit spews:

    Blessings to Steve, a man of integrity. A man. Your apology, like your faith, probably went over their heads and under their radar.

    Then there’s Rabbit: “Republicans transformed idiocy from a mental defect …” Yesterday he accused us of ignoring inconvenient facts such as Nixon’s w&p controls and Volcker’s cure for the Carter disease and the etiology of late-1970’s inflation. Rabbit was referring to posts that mentioned Nixon’s w&p controls, Volcker, and the 15-year gestation of Carter inflation.

    But you know how it is with greedy old goat molester Rabbits. Dollar signs cloud their vision and snap the synapses in their brains.

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    Big Brother spews:

    YLB is

    my only begotten little sister …

    Correction. YLB is my only misbegotten little sister …

    She’s little, she’s twisted, and she’s thick as a frigging brick. Like, a couple weeks ago? When goldy had a hot spasm orgasm about James O’Keefe? YLB couldn’t see the connection between O’Keefe and Perlstein’s Nixonland. As if anybody with more than two brain cells to rub together doesn’t know that goldy smells and that goldy smells WATERGATE … “Follow the money.”

    Then little twisted sister accused me of bashing gays back in the day. Remember the Stonewall riots? Everybody remembers the Stonewall riots. Remember the chorus line? Remember the cute chorine on the right? That was me.

    We are the Stone-wall girls
    We wear our hair in curls
    We roll our dungarees
    Below our nelly knees

    I love like a brother, little sister, and thanks for all the incest (we are a very close family), but if you’re going to be related to me you’ve at least got to pretend that you can keep up.

  25. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @32 I notice you don’t deny

    (a) the ’70s inflation started on Nixon’s watch,
    (b) Nixon imposed wage and price controls (that didn’t work; remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage),
    (c) Ford had his silly Whip Inflation Now (WIN) program (which was nothing more than universally ignored jawboning),
    (d) inflation was broken by Volcker’s monetary policies, and
    (e) Volcker was a Democrat appointed by Carter.

    These aren’t accusations, they’re facts, and you asswipes are lying when you blame the ’70s inflation on Carter and the Democrats. That was caused by GOP policies, pure and simple.

  26. 35

    Big Brother spews:

    I love you like a brother …

    If you listened to the Beeb in the insomniac hours last week, you heard something unprecedented: the liberal media trying to tell the truth.

    The Beeb told us about Glaciergate, the IPCC’s use of puerile (apparently an undergrad term paper) nonsense and transposed numbers and dates to “prove” that the Himalayas are going to melt away any day now.

    Then the Beeb told us about Raingate, climate lies about Amazonia.

    Beeb even mentioned East Anglia, but failed to note that the Beeb, which first received hacked e-mail from climate hacks, tried to bury the story.

    NYT reports that Michael Mann was “exonerated” by the Innocence Project. Apparently his DNA didn’t match the “tricks” that turned 800 years of hot-cool-hothot pre-industrial climate change into the flat shaft of a hockey stick.

    Still, putting your money on anything the NYT finds fit to print is a loser. The safer bet is on M&M, McKinstry and McKittridge (sp?), the Canadians who blew the whistle on the blind-faith-based “science” of “man-made” global “warming” and climate change.

  27. 36

    Big Brother spews:

    OMFG. Oh My Fabulous Goldy … told you I was at Stonewall.

    There he goes again. Rabbit @34. Repeating and slightly restating what I stated yesterday, as if he’s telling me something for the very first time.

    Repetition is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose, but I’d be more fattered if the repitition came from somebody cute instead of somebody old, fat, greedy, and perverted.

    (Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be old ugly goat-molesting Rabbits.)

  28. 41

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Herr Goebbels Himmler Dumb Bunny@34,

    Why respond to things absolutely untrue?

    Go back to Johnson’s Administration and how he hid the economic facts which Nixon figgered out…

    “Lyndon Johnson undoubtedly booby-trapped the economy for Richard Nixon in 1969, although given his pathological nature he may have wanted his faithful but despised vice president Hubert Humphrey to inherit the mess. Johnson ran the economy at full tilt, raising government spending at a hair-raising rate to fund both the Vietnam war and his expensive social programs, then raised taxes by 10% in his last year. The result was a very unpleasant recession in 1969-70, combined with an ongoing inflation problem that took a decade to fix. Nixon was no great economic thinker, but Nixonomics would have been remembered more fondly if he had not been forced to clear up Johnson’s mess.”

    And since you libtardos love to cry about Odumba inheriting the Iraq War… Nixon in inherited the Vietnam morass from Johnson Dumb Bunny!

    Here dumb bunny read something… You can get the full article from your frequent visits (thinking you are a bunny fucking bunnies) to Western State.

  29. 42

    Weird Al Gore spews:

    … Fogerty’s song, Fortunate Son.

    I really got a kick out of it when he sang it at Clinton’s second inauguration. I only wish Clinton had understood the lyrics a little better.

    Ditto that. Especially with ‘Senator’s Son’ AlGore glowering nearby.

    Gore Jr, to be fair and balanced, did go over there. But he spent his Nam time in the shallow end of the typing pool.

    And Gore Sr? Voted Hell No! on the civil rights bill of 1964.

  30. 43

    All the way c/ Chardonnay spews:

    David Brock (either Brock was a Matt Drudge **** buddy or Drudge was a Brock **** buddy) is a source you can take to the bank. Dude’s been a rock of probity and solid consistency his whole long life.

  31. 44

    slingshit ... yasser, he's by baby spews:

    … a shoe-in for the Nobel.

    Any prize that can go to Arafat, Carter, Gore, Krugman, and the IPCC is a prize not worth having.

  32. 45

    Debate's Over spews:

    Gold Medal Post of the Year = Puddy @19:

    … if Moore was a Republican it would have been in the lead sentence. You and Puddy both know that’s how it works. Butt Puddy could be wrong…

    [ ] 5. Democrat

  33. 46

    lebowski spews:

    @22….well the claim at post #1 was that she is hot…

    …and rational? hahahah, thats funny – she is just another bloviating TV/radio pundit – the left and right is full of them…they can all go to hell.

  34. 47


    Yawwwnnnn… The HNMT is full of hisself this day… full of crap that is..

    Poor man – I’m usually the only who pays attention to his paranoiac ravings and look how he disses me.

    Well he can rant on his lonesome from now on..

  35. 48

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    lebowski, et. al….

    Wait about a month… Herr Goebbels Himmler Dumb Bunny@34 will have another of his memory farts and “remind” us about Nixon without remembering Johnsonomics. Butt facts from PuddyService are always available.

  36. 49

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Nice Name Changing Person…

    Notice the arschloch@47 arrives drops his smelly load and leaves without saying anything useful?

    All in the day of a useless arschloch.

  37. 50


    49 – Yawwwwwnnn.. No one can ever accuse you of being shy in the self-flattery department..

    I was practically the only one who paid any attention to your lunatic theory about Mattel.. You went on for months about that – almost NO ONE except moi paid you any mind..

    I’ll leave you to yourself for a while as well.. It’s probably the worst thing anyone can do to you. Since you loathe yourself so damn much..

  38. 51

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Since you loathe yourself so damn much

    Steve calls that Projection 101. You loathe your useless self you project it on others.


    Oh yeah Mattel… Now where is that again on Oh yeah it’s on your free Goldy backup of HA fool!

  39. 52

    ArtFart spews:

    @41 Reagan had to resort to the same thing in his second term, printing money like mad in an orgy of military pork after “Reaganomics” nearly pitched us into an even worse recession than we’re enduring now.

  40. 53

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Another history revisionist@52.

    Puddy already placed links here refuting the same argument from Herr Goebbels Himmler Dumb Bunny. Did you miss them Old Fart?

    Fact – Almost 18 million new jobs were created.

    Fact – January 1981, unemployment exceeded 7.8 percent, interest rates hovered at 21%, and inflation hovered at 12%.

    Fact – January 1989, unemployment at 5.4%, interest rate was 9.3% and inflation was 4.4%. During Reagan’s Admin, the US GNP doubled and income rose.

    Dispute those facts Old Fart! Call on the arschloch… He has Goldy’s full database at his disposal.

  41. 55

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 42 wins the prize! I was wondering how long it would take some wingnut to try to cast Al Gore as the inspiration for “Favorite Son”.

    Of course, Fogerty denied it (he didn’t even know who Al Gore was at the time). In an interview, he said it was inspired in 1969 by an image on TV of Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower.

    And the analogy doesn’t fit, as Sen. Albert Gore Sr. was a staunch critic of the Vietnam war, and did nothing to prevent his son from serving. On the contrary, after graduating from Harvard in 1969 and rather than waiting for his number to be called for the draft, Al Gore Jr. volunteered for the army in August 1969, refusing even an easy pass into the officer’s corps. At the time, college graduates, especially from presitigous universities such as Harvard, were usually sent right into O.C.S., where after 90 days they emerged as officers).

    After basic training Gore was sent to Ft. Rucker where he was assigned as a journalist (appropriate for someone who’s studies were in English and Government). He was informed that he was going to be transferred to Vietnam, but his orders were “held up” for unexplained reasons, until after his father lost his re-election campaing to the Senate in 1970. There has been speculation that someone in the Nixon administration didn’t want Al Gore Sr. to benefit in his re-election campaign from stories of how his son was serving in Vietnam, so the orders were “lost” until after the election.

    During the war, Gore was stationed in Ben Hoa with the 20th Engineer Brigade, as a journalist for the Castle Courier, a publicatin put out by the Corps of Engineers. He had a desk job there from Jan. 1971 to May 1971, when he returned stateside and was honerably discharged at the end of his two-year tour of duty.

    Of course, we could compare that with his contemporary George W. Bush, who defended Texas from air attack by the Viet Cong (when he wasn’t off working on Republican election campaigns, in school studying other things, skipping required medical exams and drills, or asking (and receiving) early release from his enlisthment.

    Or Mitt Romney, who although a staunch supporter of the Iraq and Afganistan wars, said his six sons were performing other more important service to the nation in campaigning for their father’s presidential ambitions.

  42. 56

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 42: And as for Al Gore Sr. (father of the former Vice President), he was one of only four southern senators to refuse the sign the 1956 manifesto against integration (including his fellow Tennessee Sen. Estas Lee Kefauver, and majority leader Lyndon Johnson. He later admitted that his 1964 “no” vote was the biggest mistake of his life. By 1965 he had reversed course and voted in favor of the Voting Rights Act.

    Al Gore Sr. lost his re-election bid in 1970, when Spriro Agnew joined the campaign against his “liberal” civil rights record and his opposition to the Vietnam war.

    You can sometimes tell the quality of a man and his morals by the quality of his enemies. Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were his enemies, and we all know about their “moral” stature.

  43. 57

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Bill Nye can say any fool thing he likes.

    The really unpatriotic re those who would destroy whole economies on junk science and the global warming hoax.

  44. 58

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Nye claims ‘climate change’ replaced ‘global warming’ as a better definition is sort of true. Since real warming isn’t actually occuring they needed a better lie that was harder to disprove.

  45. 60

    GBS spews:

    @ 57:

    Lost @ 57

    Junk science, huh?

    Over 800 peer review studies confirming global climate change and less than 2% of them were rejected by the scientific community.

    Those on your side have yet to submit a study for scientific peer review.

    But, if your argument is based soley on the economy, then you are definetly one of those unpatriotic pieces of shit.

    Because whether or not you believe in Global Warming, the rest of the industrialized world is moving away from, and will continue to move away from fossil based energy sources.

    Why do you want to keep using oil and giving the terrorists in Saudi Arabia access to a portion of the $700 billion+ US dollars per year
    America sends them?

    Remember 9/11? How many were Saudis? Remember when “W” was holding the King of Saudia Arabia’s hand like they were on a date? And, Bush kissing the King Terrorist right on his fucking lips?

    Here’s the pic http://aleksandrakristina.file.....h-kiss.jpg

    Ass hole.

  46. 61

    Michael spews:


    Even if Global Warming was true we’re still causing record rates of asthma in children, giving money to terrorists, are dependent on people that don’t like us for much of our energy and causing all sorts of environmental damage. You fix the things I’ve listed the same way you fix global warming.

  47. 62

    GBS spews:

    Lost @ 58:

    WOW! You truly are willfully unpatriotic, or so ignorant as to make you unpatriotic, but either way you are unpatriotic to America!

    You are a loyalist to Reagan Republicanism before you are a patriot to America!!

    Here’s some data from NASA that demonstrates what American SCIENTIST have been observing for decades now. You can clearly see a warming trend since the early ’80’s. You can also note the accelerated trend since that point in time.


  48. 63

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    arschloch moron@54,

    Still got nuthin. Another useless post proves it. You told the world about “your” use of

    Disprove the facts Johnson economics with real credible links.

    You got nuthin fool!

  49. 64

    Michael spews:

    With friends like this who needs Republican’s?
    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is preparing to introduce a legislative rider that would dramatically reduce Endangered Species Act protection for salmon and other fish in California. The amendment would lift restrictions on the amount of water that farmers can pump from the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta for the next two years. But it could also scuttle a delicately negotiated effort to balance protections for endangered fish with the water needs of farms and residents of Southern California.

    Last I checked not only could you eat salmon you could procure them with a line and a pole you didn’t need to be beholden to multinational corporations to get your food.

  50. 65

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 60
    Thanks for the confirmation that most liberals can’t have their beliefs challenged without resorting to personal abuse!

    As for fossil fuels I agree completely. Relying on nutjobs in the middle east for our energy is poor policy. I strongly believe in conservation if only on grounds of good stewardship. I just don’t believe the sky is falling just on account of mass hysteria.

  51. 66

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Show me a link to human activity. Show me a study which shows that climate change, if it exists, can be reversed. Show me a cost benefit analysis supporting the draconian policies guys like Gore advocate (largely because they personally profit from them) and we’ll talk.

    And leave off the unpatriotic bullshit. I don’t call you unpatriotic for supporting policies most Americans don’t. Quite the opposite, in fact. A patriot can be the person ringing the alarm bells when everyone else is asleep.

  52. 70

    stp666 spews:

    Thanks for affirming my points about Gores Jr and Sr. Weird Al saw Nam from the shallow end of the typing pool, just as I ‘wrote,’ prior to flunking out of law school and dropping out of God school.

    I did not assert or imply that he was the inspiration for Fogerty. Nor for Segal’s Love Story.

    As for Al Sr, we agree. He voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Your attempt at spin doesn’t spin away the dirty truth.

  53. 71

    Don Joe spews:

    @ 65

    Thanks for the confirmation that most liberals can’t have their beliefs challenged without resorting to personal abuse!

    FTW? You said something stupid. He pointed out that it was stupid. That’s personal abuse? If you don’t like that kind of “abuse,” then don’t say stupid things.

    @ 66

    Show me a link to human activity.

    There are three undeniable scientific facts:

    1) CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That’s basic physics and chemistry. In fact, we cannot explain the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere unless CO2 is a greenhouse gas.

    2) Real, measured atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have increased substantially since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Indeed, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 continue to increase, and the second derivative is positive.

    3) We cannot explain this rate of change in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 unless we factor in human activity.

    Given those three indisputable scientific facts, the burden of proof lies on anyone who wants to claim that global warming is not happening. And, it will take far more than an unusual amount of snow in Washington, DC to support that claim.

    Show me a study which shows that climate change, if it exists, can be reversed.

    You need a study? Do you believe that the ice ages never occurred?

    Show me a cost benefit analysis supporting the draconian policies guys like Gore advocate (largely because they personally profit from them) and we’ll talk.

    First of all, demanding some sort of a cost/benefit analysis while simultaneously repeating the never substantiated claim that people like Al Gore would personally profit from these policies is horribly hypocritical–though I have to say that it is not at all atypically hypocritical for you, Mr. “Ronald Reagan’s policies were good for business”. You repeatedly demand facts and evidence from us when you never provide anything remotely similar to substantiate the claims you make. Why should anyone here bother?

    Secondly, have you ever taken out an insurance policy?

  54. 72

    Max Rockatansky spews:

    According to moldy’s f-ed logic, Kemper Freeman jr is a racist because his grandfather was racist…well then it would appear that algore jr is also a racist since algore sr was a racist.