Beware of Goldy

Lots of changes to the website going on tonight. Hopefully. So if you find HA temporarily in a state of disarray, don’t worry. Either I’ll fix it, or give up and return everything to the way it was.


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    Deathfrogg spews:

    I use Opera for about 99% of my daily surfing. I like the look here as it stands at 0830 on Saturday morning. It loaded fast, looks clean and nearly covers the whole screen. I like it except for one thing, and that is that the monospace fonts you’re using are spread out in a sort of funky manner. I like the 1.5 spacing between lines, but the spread between words is a little odd looking.

    Just my $.02

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    Better spews:

    I liked it better when there were 10 listings in the recent post section, and I’d like it better if you showed 15, so if a topic suddenly becomes hot, the other topics don’t become forgotten.

  3. 3


    @2 Okay. Just expanded the number of recent posts and recent comments to 10 each. Maybe I’ll play with the line height to have the multi-line entries take up less space.

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    Better spews:

    Is it possible to get the “edit Post for 5 minutes”, back again? I routinely find some spelling error or some grammar bug I would like to fix, JUST after I have posted.