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    Real American spews:

    Holy GOP Meltdown! No wonder the wingnut trolls are digging into the deepest recesses of lies they can make up!

    Obama rides high tide of popularity, Americans say GOP is a bunch of traitorous loosers and stink like dead fish!

    Obama approval – 58 % dissaproval 26%
    Obama favorable – 72% unfavorable – 22%
    Confidence Obama will turn around the economy – 71%
    Favor Temporary Nationalization of banks – 56%
    Favor increasing taxes on the rich – 49% – oppose 42%
    Favor removing troops from Iraq – 73% oppose – 20%
    Believe Obama has acted bipartisan – 71% think he hasn’t – 24%
    Republicans acting bipartisan – 40% acting partisan – 55%
    Are you a Democrat – 34% Republican – 26%
    Favorable opinion of Limbaugh – 27% Unfavorable – 46%

    Man, when you are as hated by Americans as republicans are, no wonder they get cranky!

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    Don Joe spews:

    @ 1

    Republicans really are that stupid. ‘Course Fox News is the only place where they can advocate a complete spending freeze and not get laughed off the set, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Nevertheless, when the Republican leadership has gone past where even Hoover was, you know something’s just not working between their ears.

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    Real American spews:

    @ 2 The zip code was : America.

    You should visit it someday. Just don’t tell them you are a Republican. Americans Hate republicans.

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    Real American spews:

    @4 yeah, When the great depression started under Republican Hoover’s administration they implemented a spending freeze… and the depression just got deeper and deeper until FDR came in and cleaned up the Republican mess.

    We are just fortunate that with this Republican depression we don’t have to wait 3 years to get a Democratic President to fix the disastrous Republican economic mess.

    But it ain’t gonna be easy, especially with the traitorous Republicans doing everything they can to destroy America.

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    The Truth spews:

    With numbers like that it had to be downtown Chicago.
    America is wising up on the obama lies.

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    Real American spews:

    This is classic!

    CAVUTO: For those Republican senators, Collins, Snowe and Specter, who voted for the stimulus plan in the Senate, what retribution will you exact?

    STEELE: I won’t — look, my retribution is the retribution of the voters in their — in their — in their states. They’re going to have to go through a primary in which they’re going to have to explain to those Republican voters in that primary their vote.

    CAVUTO: I know that, but will you, as RNC head, recommend no RNC funds being provided to help them?

    We don’t have to destroy the Republican party, they are doing a fine job all by their lonely lonesome. What as bunch of America hating idiots!

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    Real American spews:

    @ 7 keep telling yourself that, The Lies.

    While those of us who live in reality laugh at your dumb deluded ass!


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    Real American spews:

    And while you are at it, The Lies.

    Pick up a history book or two and read them. It is amazing what you can find out when you are not spending all your time being lied to by Limbaugh, O’Rielly, Hannity, et. al.

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    slingshot spews:

    @12 Adolf Limbaugh/Rush Hitler. Sorry, but I can’t stand looking at that fuckface.

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    ArtFart spews:

    It’s probably not all that good for reasonable people to run up Fox’s ratings by turning it on to check out the babes.

    Then again, there are the most pathetic devotees of the Publican Party: guys like Puddy and Cyn who jack off over Bill O’Reilly.

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    Obama Economy spews:

    Yet another economic miracle by Team Obama!

    Record unemployment, Iran nukes, North Korean missile, Russian cold war anew and what do Democrats concern themselves with as priority #1?

    Rush Limbaugh.

  12. 16

    Obama Economy spews:

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 20 percent since Inauguration Day, the fastest drop under a new president in at least 90 years.

  13. 17

    Real American spews:

    @ 16, yeah, Bush and the Republicans really fucked this country over but good! What a goddamn mess of an economic disaster they have saddled America and the new administration with.

    Traitors, every goddamn one of those Republican bastards!

  14. 18

    Real American spews:

    Bush was the only president since Hoover to end his term (twice!) with the DJIA lower than when he entered, and he left his last term with the economy in a death spiral!

    Fucking Republican BASTARDS!

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    Puddybud, Hey it's the new year... spews:

    Thanks surreal amerikkkan:

    Obama approval – 58 %

    Proud Leftist, NotRight, stillbentoverbyrujax! and Pelletizer tried to put forth the big lie about Obama having the highest approval ratings “ever”…

    Gotta luv when one of the more moronic Donkey prove the leetle four wrong too.

    See ya!

  16. 20

    Puddybud, Hey it's the new year... spews:

    surreal amerikkkan

    Starting on 1/13/09 the Dow Jones Industrial Ave…
    Dow Ave Movement
    8448.56 Down 25.41
    8200.22 Down 248.34
    8212.49 Up 12.35
    8281.22 Up 68.73
    7949.09 Down 332.13 Obama becums preznit.
    8228.10 Up 279.01
    8122.80 Down 105.30
    8077.56 Down 45.24
    8116.03 Up 38.47
    8174.73 Up 58.70
    8376 Up 201.27
    8148.69 Down 226.76
    8000.94 Down 148.07
    7936.75 Down 64.11
    8078.36 Up 141.53
    7956.66 Down 121.70
    8063.07 Up 106.41
    8280.59 Up 217.52
    8270.87 Down 9.72
    7888.88 Down 381.99
    7939.53 Up 50.65
    7932.76 Down 6.77
    7850.41 Down 82.35
    7552.45 Down 297.96
    7555.63 Up 3.03
    7465.95 Down 89.68
    7365.67 Down 100.28
    7114.78 Down 250.89
    7350.94 Up 236.16
    7270.89 Down 80.05
    7182.08 Down 88.81
    7062.93 Down 119.15
    6763.29 Down 299.64
    6726.02 Down 37.27
    6875.84 Up 149.82
    6594.44 Down 281.40
    6626.94 Up 32.50 Friday March 6

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    Puddybud, Hey it's the new year... spews:

    FartyArt!4: No not al all. Here, let me clarify it again.

    We don’t watch pmsnbc because we aren’t turned on by seeing Democratics getting thrills up their legs, has been scare amerikkka announcers, has been ESPN announcers.

    We don’t watch cnn because their announcers get their articles from daily kurse kook-aid sites.

    We don’t watch cbs because bill burkett writes the copy for dan blather

    We don’t watch abc because george steponallofus gets his news of the day daily phone call from inside the white house from rahmbo

    We don’t watch nbc because matt lauer throws softballs at Democratic while hammering Republicans

  18. 22

    ArtFart spews:

    21 If I may attempt to interpret what you’re expressing, you don’t watch ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, read the New York Times or the other outlets of the “horrible conspiratory liberal press” because they don’t tell you what you want to hear.

    You and others of your ilk seem to take some sort of pleasure out of pointing out that Keith Olberman used to be a sportscaster. In doing so, you conveniently neglect that your precious Mr. Limbaugh also worked as a sportscaster, more than once, and wasn’t terribly good at it.

    Your tiresome tirades about how the economic collapse we’re now enjoying can now be entirely credited to an administration that’s been in place less than two months are pathetic, and fool nobody but yourself. Your pathetic ego can’t face the facts that your side has failed, and failed miserably.

    I’m sure you’ll continue to give your rapt attention to your favorite electronic propaganda mills, and that you’ll continue to pollute this blog with your half-baked “piddle-facts” and the absurd conclusions you attempt to draw from the half-truths and distortions of others. Too bad if you back away from your computer, turn off the TV and look at what’s going out there in the real world, it doesn’t quite jibe with your fantasies.