Avert your eyes… I’m complimenting a Republican!

Kudos to Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed for his guest column in today’s Seattle Times: “Standards in place for a fair recount.” And kudos to the Times for printing it in such a timely fashion.

Mr. Reed dispassionately explains our electoral standards:

Your ballot counts if:


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    Erik spews:

    Yeah Sammy.

    Both the Rs and Ds have to admit Sam did pretty well on this one. He batted 2-0 before the Supreme Court.

    After the first case went against the Ds, I really wondered if ol Sam would change his position on the 700+ ballots. Would he now forget about the “safety value” canvassing arguments he submitted in the first place to benefit his party.

    By God, he didn’t. He resisted the Ds attempt to re-canvass all of the votes, yes, but then held the line and came out with the exact same position in the second case contrary to the Rs position. I had really expected some backtracking and have to say I did vote for his opponent at election time.

    He has today resisted the silly Rs attempt to have 38 counties open up their canvassing process after the counties have certified their votes.

    The only thing I don’t like what Sam suggests is that he would like to only count votes (in the future) which arrive by election day for administrative convenience. That would reduce voter participation so I can’t agree. But other than that, Sam is pretty straight.

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    Chuck spews:

    Lets make thing interesting in future elections…to be valid, you need to obey the instructions with examples given in whatever language you read (reality now) or language interperated to you (another reality) or braille (another reality) if you dont meet these VERY simple criterea….your vote can join the Titantic…

  3. 3

    Chuck spews:

    I am sorry for the morons that cannot ask for help, but no in this new reality your vote will not count……

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    Brent spews:

    On the second-most-recent thread, I mentioned that NWCN reported that Sam Reed said he’ll wait until next Thursday to certify the results of the election. They repeated this three times throughout the news story. The first two times, they said that he would certify the results “sometime next week”, but the third time they said he would certify them “next Thursday”. Now I see this in today’s PI:

    ‘Vance said: “They wiped out any deadlines for when canvassing boards can make decisions. I guess canvassing boards now can recanvass, redecide, reinvent, do whatever they need to do. … So, we will fight on. … The canvassing board can change their mind.”

    Reed, a Republican, said Vance is wrong.

    “The counties don’t have the authority now to do that,” Reed said. “The statute says specifically that you have to do this by the day of certification in the county. They have now certified, and they’re through.”

    Only King County has yet to officially certify hand count results.

    Reed said Republicans would have to get a court order or contest the election to follow through on what they’ve proposed. He will formally end the recount by amending the certification with the final results today.’

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    Brent spews:

    Bob from Boeing, I just saw the story you mentioned. The P.I. and King 5 are reporting completely different things. I heard Dean Logan state on live TV that the canvassing board will meet today at 10AM to decide whether or not to add the ballots, and it will meet again today at 3PM to review any ballots which need to be reviewed, and they expect to certify the results of the manual recount by 5PM today. King 5 just reported that King County will meet today at 10AM to decide whether or not to add the ballots, and will meet again tomorrow at 3PM to review them and add them. The interesting thing is that King 5 has streaming video of Logan’s 4PM news conference on their site. Since King 5 is reporting something that is completely different from what Logan stated in the news conference, and they even have the video of it on their web site, I’m assuming that King 5 is just flat-out full of shit. The P.I. directly quoted Reed (not by paraphrasing or quoting a spokesperson), but King 5 simply casually mentioned that Reed will certify the results next week. King 5 severely needs to look at the quality of their reporting. I’m not sure about when Reed will certify the election, but I heard Logan state that the meeting will be TODAY at 3PM, so I know King 5 is wrong about the meeting being scheduled for tomorrow. Also, I’ve just read on the King County elections web site:

    “These are unofficial results. The final results will be posted tomorrow, December 23, 2004, after the canvassing board certifies the election.”

  6. 9

    Brent spews:

    Same report yet again, same reporter, but this time he clarified that Reed was supposed to certify the results today, but that has now changed and he will certify the results next week. He repeated, however, that the canvassing board will meet at 3PM tomorrow to certify the results of the manual recount in King county, but he did not mention that Logan had stated that the meeting was scheduled for 3PM today. King 5’s web site still says that the meeting will be held today at 3PM and that Reed will certify the election today. If they are correct and Reed changed his mind after the P.I. finished printing, it makes no sense that the SOS would change his mind in the middle of the night. Also, if Logan changed his mind about the date of the canvassing board meeting, why has no one reported it (even them)? They simply state the date of the meeting as though it’s already well understood that the meeting will take place tomorrow. King 5’s reporting is confusing and sloppy at best, completely inaccurate at worst.

  7. 10

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Brnt – a lot of the media have been sloppy on this saga. Terms and times an clear definitions. This blog has been much better.

    Which County are you in? I envy your spelling prowess, or do you spell check?

    Checked with King5 – got a sour woman in the news room who said they have it right, take it up with the P I – should shake out in a few hours.

  8. 11

    Brent spews:

    I live in King county. Seattle specifically. I do spell check, but my grammar and sentence structure are my own.

  9. 12

    bj spews:

    Sam Reed’s column should be required reading for repubs, before they start arguing (and spreading the inevitable mistruths) about the election. I noted earlier that they’d been surprisingly quiet about Sam’s involvement in all this so far, since their first line of attack has always been against evil King County. But that probably won’t last — they’ll even eat their own if it serves their anger.

    I voted for him (I guess that makes me a Reedacrat), and I think he’s distinguished himself, as Goldy notes.

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    Sharon B spews:

    If you look at the total votes that were counted twice, Dino Rossi won. If you find hidden ballots, you find that Christine won. Why not search the whole state for hidden ballots? Let’s make sure that every single valid vote is counted. Isn’t that what Christine said? Now let’s make that a reality. You all must be died-in-the-wool Democrats!


    Sharon B
    Walla Walla, WA

  11. 14

    bj-too spews:

    Re newspaper coverage — I’ve been very disapointed at the
    newspaper coverage of this election in the local papers in
    Seattle. They’ve done nothing more than repeat the press
    releases of the parties. No independent analysis, no
    investigative reporting. I don’t watch TV news, and I
    normally read the New York Times & Washington Post. Maybe
    we’ll see some serious reporting in the Seattle Weekly?

    In particular, I would like more statistical analysis of
    counted and uncounted ballots, perhaps broken down by
    precinct, if possible. The dems had a UW prof do an
    analysis of whether the rate of signature mismatches in
    King county was higher than in the other counties, and
    the statistical answer was yes (p< 0.01). I’d like to see follow-up on this kind of thing. bj-too

  12. 15

    Brent spews:

    Sharon B, we’re simply reiterating the statements of the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State. He must be a “died-in-the-wool Democrat” too, huh?

  13. 16

    bj spews:

    Sharon B: “the total votes that were counted twice”

    What are you talking about? I hope you’re not implying that votes were counted twice in the manual recount…

    And regarding “hidden ballots”marginal votes, I heard from many

  14. 17

    bj spews:

    Sorry about the gibberish — I was starting to say that “hidden ballots”, where they were found, WERE included by other counties in the manual recount.

  15. 18

    DJ spews:

    Point four in the Reed Manifesto must not have been applicable to the registered voter whose vote arrived on time and whose signature matched that used the writein option to vote for “Christine Rossi.” That is crystal clear Gregoire only to the 2-1 canvassing board. It was divine intervention that won this race. Divine as in “to know by inspiration, intuition or reflection.”
    Anyway, best wishes to the people of Washington in coming together after these 51 days of fun. And, good luck with your tax increases that your divinely elected Governor and her Democratic legislature are preparing to stick in your wallets. I can hear the new businesses establishing in other states.

  16. 19

    jcricket spews:

    DJ – you’re wrong. An observer who was at the recount discussed that ballot specifically on DailyKos. He pointed out that it didn’t say Christine Rossi, and that the KC canvassing board voted unanimously to count that ballot for Gregoire. Here’s a quote

    The ballot in question, ballot 81, was filled out by someone with fairly ragged handwriting.  Throughout the ballot, the voter filled out the oval for the candidate, then used the write-in space to put the candidate’s first name (i.e. voted for John Cusack, then wrote “John C” in the write-in space).  They didn’t fill out the oval next to the write-in space.  In the governor’s race, they filled out the oval for Chris Gregoire, then in the write-in space wrote “Christine” and what appeared to be “Ross{illegible}”.  My source said there were several letters after Ross, eliminating Rossi as an option.  The WAC (legal code for these here parts) was read, which made it clear that the vote must be counted, even if the voter misspells the name.  However, the oval next to the write-in space was NOT filled out.  According to state law and county guidelines, if the oval on the candidate’s name is filled out, the voter could write “I vote for Switzerblog” in the write-in space, but the filled-out oval would supercede.  Accordingly, the canvas board voted unanimously that this was a vote for Gregoire

    So despite the rumor and innuendo your Republican friends love to spread, the facts don’t seem to support you. It’s just like the Supreme Court when they pointed out that the Republicans have accused Dems of not keeping the ballot secure, but offered no evidence. Republicans like to talk the talk.

  17. 21

    Karen spews:

    There have been rumblings from others recently about ‘voter fraud’. Now that it looks like Gregoire has won, it has become ‘voter fraud’, when Gregoire was behind; it was “Gregoire concede”. This is a typical response from conservative side of the Republican party. The recount was supervised and done by Democrats and Republicans… Voter fraud is just a sore loser’s response. The Republicans had members of their own party there counting, verifying, and making sure that the laws were followed.

    There is NO evidence of voter fraud. The whining, bitching, and moaning only hurts the Republican party. It makes them look like sore losers. The only fraud going on …. is the squawking about fraud by the conservative wing Republican party. Many progressive Republicans are dismayed at the anger and rebellious attitude of the “right wing” of the Republican party. A typical example is: “IF GREGOIRE WINS AFTER THE COURT CHALLENGE, WE SAY: SHUT THE STATE DOWN. TOTAL SHUTDOWN UNTIL NEW ELECTION. AS IN SHUT DOWN THE INTERSTATES, SHUT DOWN THE STATE FERRIES, TOTAL STRIKE, YOU KNOW THE REST… TOTAL SHUTDOWN. MAKE THE STATE GOV’T UNIONS PAY AND PAY ROYALLY FOR BETRAYING THE WORKING WASHINGTONIAN! MAKE THE KLEPTOCRATS REALIZE WHO’S THE BOSS…”

    The wisest thing the ‘right wing’ Republicans can do is realize that Gregoire legally and legitimately won and they need to grow up. It is in the party’s best interest that they concede with maturity and grace. The hand recount will stand.

  18. 22

    Not Over Yet spews:

    Reed and the supreme court did the republicans a favor yesterday with their ruling. Had the decision gone in favor of the republicans the election would be over at 3 pm today as CG would have been declared the winner by 10 votes. However, now the republicans are going to use the ruling to get previously rejected ballots (e.g. military, signature problems, etc…) in the other 38 counties to force them to follow in King Counties footsteps.

    Like it or not, it’s going to happen.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that for the first time KC will have finished counting first, which means the GOP will know exactly how many votes they need to add to win. Currently Vance reports they already have over 500+ voter affidavites in hand ready to push through the courts to be counted.

    What do you want to bet by this time next week Rossi is ahead by 10 votes???

    This election is far from over like it or not.

  19. 23

    DJ spews:

    I should have known to go to the Encyclopedia DailyKosannica for the verified truth. Enjoy your day, you guys deserve it…what was that sound? Your taxes going up, or businesses that provide jobs departing your state?

  20. 24

    jcricket spews:

    Not Over Yet – We’ve pointed out many, many times that if the Republicans somehow succeed in opening up the counts of the other counties, it doesn’t guarantee a Republican win. First of all, Democrats have most definitely been gathering their own affidavits for all the rejected ballots in those counties. Second, KC has 1000-1500+ rejected ballots that meet the same standards you refer to (signature mismatch, military ballots, etc.). So go ahead and try it. You won’t win.

  21. 25

    Not Over Yet spews:

    jcricket – you may be right. I would like nothing more than to put this election behind us. All I’m pointing out is what to expect next. Further, it’s not a slam dunk either way as to the outcome of the election by adding in previously rejected votes fom the other 38 counties unless you have access to information that no one else does at the moment?

    Again, had the Supreme Court ruled the other way yesterday the election is over. Instead we all have to wait another week…at least.

  22. 26

    jcricket spews:

    Not Over Yet – I fully expect the Republicans to mount a 5th column and attempt to steal this election (kidding, I’m kidding). BTW, you sound like Rambo “it’s not over, nothing’s over…” :)

    The information I have access to isn’t definitive, but includes the following:

    1) In studies of past elections throughout the country it has been shown that Democrats are far more likely to have their votes rejected (due to a variety of socio-economic factors), especially the poor, minorities and new citizens. This is often especially true in heavily “Republican” areas (i.e. poor blacks only have access to the oldest vote-counting machines (which have high machine error rates) at their polling places). I’m not alleging intentional fraud, just pointing out some historical facts.

    2) KC is reported to have used far stricter signature match guidelines during this election than other counties. This led to a much higher rejection rate in KC (which was at least 60% Gregoire) than other counties. KC also has 1/3 of the state population. Don’t forget that #1 also applies to #2, so it’s possible that the rejected ballots are even more pro-Gregoire than the overall vote tally.

    3) During the hand recount, Rossi only added a net of 8 votes to his overall state total outside of KC, meaning that Gregoire did better than “keep up” during a meticulous hand recount. And in King, without the 700+ votes, Gregoire is already 10 ahead. With the additional votes Gregoire’s lead will likely be +100.

    Add it all together, and apply a “liberal” (no partisan pun intended) standard to signature and vote counting guidelines, and it spells a Democratic win the more votes that are counted. Again, not definitive, but a number of factors that bode well for the Democrats.

  23. 27

    DRE spews:

    I am a Rossi voter who feel it would be great for this state to have this man bring a little capitalism to our increasingly socialist state. However, I was ready yesterday to accept the results of the third count as the current “rules”. But when CS got up there and started her patrician BS about this being a victory for the free, I now understand what the next four years will be like. She got lucky. If we counted again, who knows.

    As a chess player, I can recognize a imminent checkmate. And I hope Dino concedes with the focus being election reform. By doing this he will surely be either our next senator or governor (in four short years).

  24. 28

    DRE spews:

    I am a Rossi voter who feel it would be great for this state to have this man bring a little capitalism to our increasingly socialist state. However, I was ready yesterday to accept the results of the third count as the current “rules”. But when CS got up there and started her patrician BS about this being a victory for the free, I now understand what the next four years will be like. She got lucky. If we counted again, who knows.

    As a chess player, I can recognize a imminent checkmate. And I hope Dino concedes with the focus being election reform. By doing this he will surely be either our next senator or governor (in four short years).

  25. 29

    jcricket spews:

    For those of you hoping the Republicans will convince county officials to re-canvass rejected votes:

    “County election officials said they too were skeptical that Republicans could ask them to reconsider their previous decisions.

    Tim Likness, elections supervisor for Clark County, said he hasn’t heard from the GOP. He said the elections office has not identified any ballots that were not counted because of worker error.”

    And before you say all the Rossi voters are on your side:

    Although the court-ordered counting of his ballot and others like it probably will mean his candidate won’t win, Josie, a Rossi supporter, said yesterday he was happy with the court’s ruling.

    “As close as this (election) was, I was very upset that my vote wasn’t counted,” he said yesterday. “I’m glad it finally will be.”

    Likewise Joel Swanson, a 22-year-old systems analyst from Shoreline, said the candidate receiving his or any other absentee vote wasn’t the issue.

    “I’m probably one of the few Rossi voters who wanted them counted,” Swanson said yesterday. “But I think it shouldn’t matter who you want to win. If these votes are legitimate, they should be counted.”

    Both from the PI.

    Add to this state law doesn’t allow for a fourth recount, the Supremes ruled against the Repubs, Sam Reed has stated their wrong and they’d have to go to the Dem-controlled legislature to contest the election.

    Looks like Gregoire’s gonna win.

    Of course, to play devil’s advocate, the counting of the 700+ ballots could lead to a Rossi win. If that happens, Gregoire should concede.

  26. 30

    Kleptocrat Victim spews:

    The wisest thing the ‘right wing’ Republicans can do is realize that Gregoire legally and legitimately won and they need to grow up. It is in the party’s best interest that they concede with maturity and grace. The hand recount will stand.
    Comment by Karen— 12/23/04 @ 8:31 am

    Perhaps it WILL stand… although I suspect we’ll all be hearing from the US Supreme Court on this fiasco based on equal protection and Gore v Bush.
    In the meantime, should KleptoChris succeed in her election heist, keep these in mind:
    1. KleptoChris did NOT carry her kleptocrat base – the dumbest senator in US history took the state overwhelmingly and even Flipper got 55% of the vote while the KleptoChris got less than 50% (wasn’t it you demopeasants blabbering on about ‘popular vote’ and ‘no mandate’ in Bush/Gore?? Hmm… Oh yes, it was!)
    2. King 5 polls way back in November showed that 66% of the state considered Governor Rossi the winner.
    3. Seattle Times polls showed 70% thought the hand count would NOT be more accurate.
    4. The Elway poll from just earlier this week shows Washingtonians (the thinking ones not the brain numbed Kool-Aid drinkers here) show that only 33% (yes girls, that’s a SMALLER percentage than the percentage of demothugs that admit voting for her) would view KleptoChris as legitimate after she steals the election and, in another question, confirmed the King 5 poll that 66% hold the view that Governor Rossi is the legitimate winner, and 52% (oh gee, isn’t that HIGHER than the percentage by which KleptoChris “won”?) think Governor Rossi is justified in calling for a new election.
    This KleptoChris win is akin to getting a gorgeous diamond engagement ring only to find out that lover boy picked it up when he knocked over the local Ben Bridge and screwed THAT up by grabbing the zircon in the window – a pretty, but utterly false sparkle obtained, not out of honor and love, but stolen.
    If she succeeds in this election thuggery, (and I suspect she probably will) KleptoChris will have a long unproductive 4 years. Some say this nonsense has now put a stake in the heart of Maria Cantthinkwell (does the name John Thune ring a bell?)… I suspect Maria’s taking KleptoChris, Paul and most of the Kiev County demothugs off the card list as we speak.
    While all the demothugs here are enjoying the smug, snide rhetoric, sarcasm, and sniping (ah, a new kleptocrat motto in the making) I suggest you don’t discount the anger by >50% of the state. I can promise KleptoChris to spend my money ABW (anywhere but Washington). Hey there!… Ms Illegitimate Governor… could you please keep the next 4 years of protestors off I-5 so all my quick trips south to Oregon for shopping aren’t delayed? That 8 thou that Bill Gates just gave me (ty, ty, ty for all those splits and dividends Bill!) will be well spent down there. First up will be one of those new efficient washers and dryers on which I WON’T be paying about $175 in WA sales tax! While I’m down there, I’ll look for that new sofa I’d like and pick up a few things for the boys. Let’s see…$8000 to spend without 8.9% sales tax in saves me $712! And hey listen KleptoChris, 2 more little things: You’ll be seeing it head south often, so please tell the Greghore Gestapo NOT to stop the new F150 with the Oregon plates – those plates ARE legitimate as hubby works for an Oregon corporation that provided him with these awesome new ($44,000 and NO taxes to WA) wheels for our use here at home in Ukraine…er, Washington. And, as we give you a little wave when we pass by the capitol there will be no need to recount the number of fingers we’re waving!
    (On a personal note to Stefan over at SP – thanks for having that comment ‘preview’ feature on YOUR website – I edit THERE before I post it here in the cheapo commie (I mean comment) section. As in all else conservative, you do things right and well while the liberals continue to do things in their typical manner… shabbily and expediently.

  27. 31

    jcricket spews:

    Thanks for letting us know you’re breaking the law Klepto. I’ll be sure to alert the Department of Revnue. You know that for any purchases you make out of state (or online or through mail-order), you’re required to pay a “use tax” in state sales tax isn’t collected.

    No one ever pays the use tax, but it doesn’t mean it’s not the law. From the WA State Department of Revenue web site:

    “Use tax is a compensating tax owed when retail sales tax was due, but was not paid at the time of purchase. For more information, see our Use Tax section or WAC 458-20-178.”

    People who live in glass houses…

  28. 32

    bj-too spews:

    Are the rational Republicans posting somewhere else? It’s
    my only explanation for the posts here. I refuse to accept
    that there are no rational Republicans. They simply must


  29. 33

    jcricket spews:

    Oh, and your vehicle with Oregon plates that’s being used in WA? Subject to “Vehicle Use Tax” – See again the Department of Revenue web site, the section titled “Vehicle Use Tax” – with a handy link right there at the top.

  30. 34

    Goldy spews:

    Point four in the Reed Manifesto must not have been applicable to the registered voter whose vote arrived on time and whose signature matched that used the writein option to vote for “Christine Rossi.” That is crystal clear Gregoire only to the 2-1 canvassing board.

    DJ… well, I understand your anger over the so-called “Christine Rossi” ballot, assuming you’re getting your facts from the right-wing blogs. In fact, that ballot had the bubble completely filled in next to Gregoire’s name, and then “Christine Rossi” was written on the write-in line, but the bubble was not marked at all. And I would like to point out, that the machine counts would have clearly read this as a vote for Gregoire.

    So as you see, it is not as clear an example of blatant partisanship as perhaps, Stefan, might imply. In fact, I have yet to receive confirmation that the vote on this ballot wasn’t unanimous. Furthermore, the simple fact that this is the only such disputed ballot we have heard of, tends to suggest there weren’t too many of them.

  31. 35

    Goldy spews:

    Are the rational Republicans posting somewhere else?

    There are rational Republicans. But Jim King must be too busy to post.

  32. 36

    Kleptocrat Victim spews:

    Go get your big gulp cricket – online tax is only charges if the company SELLING does business in the state. If you purchase something in Oregon, or New Hampshire or any other non-sales tax state, you are NOT frisked (yet) upon entering the state to make sure you pay tax on it. I can’t even see a good little communist like you writing to th WA dept of revenue confessing that you bought your leather collar and whip from a no tax state. Regarding the license tags, pardon me, but I prefer to accept the information given me by the corporate types of the company owned and operating solely out of the state of Oregon, rather than that of a 15 yr old drop out. Thanks though… keep up the research, you’ll get it right eventually as long as the library doesn’t kick you out before you finish.

  33. 37

    jcricket spews:

    Try reading the DOR web site with the appropriate statutes before you disagree. Tax isn’t due upon purchasing something from a non-tax state, but it is (legally speaking) due when you file your taxes.

    Regardless of the fact that almost no one actually pays use tax, it is actually the law. Just like no one goes the speed limit, but it’s still the law, and the police are free to give you a ticket for exceeding the speed limit.

    I’ve got it right. You’ve got it wrong, and attacking me with incorrect facts about my age and degree status doesn’t win you any points.

  34. 38

    Karen spews:

    HEY Kleptocrat Victim

    Blah, Blah, Blah – same old Republican Whining BS……….. GROW UP! QUIT WHINING! MOVE TO IRAQ! Frankly I don’t care where you go… Just GO! I sense a lot of anger in your post. An anger management class is just what you need.

    Everything in your post is an opinion, not a fact. Do you want to know some facts?
    Gregoire received more votes than Dino, so this election wasn’t a heist…. It was won legally and legitimately. The hand recount will stand.

    ”… the thinking ones not the brain numbed Kool-Aid drinkers here…” I hate to inform you, but, the ‘base’ of the Republican party are: Uneducated and low income – sounds like you fit right in with that crowd. But since you obviously can’t read (… KleptoChris succeed in her election heist..) more votes is more votes…. Live with it!

  35. 39

    Kleptocrat Victim spews:

    261 votes

    42 votes

    Any of that sound familiar? How did you put it? Oh yes, “more votes is more votes”. Of course that was BEFORE Pauls “god” intevened with exactly the right number for the KleptoChris! Gore v Bush – keep it in mind as you’ll be hearing a lot about it in the coming days.

    I hate to inform YOU kiddies, but it’s not conservatives that live in low income housing and collect welfare. It’s not Conservatives popping out illegitimate babies and spending their food stamps at Safeway, it’s not Conservatives getting medical care for runny noses or syphillus at the free clinic and it’s not Conservatives that get their “degrees” in “womens studies” or “communications”, then wonder exactly how to get a job. It is however all us Conservatives that actually PAY for you to have all those bennies to which you are addicted.

  36. 40

    DustinJames spews:

    re: Use Tax

    It’s true, the DOR recently started a very agressive campaign and is issuing subpoena’s for a lot of out of state retailers and in and out of state banks for information on big ticket items, such as new trucks and washers and dryers.

    Also, one of the legislators from Clark County just introduced a law that finds if you are registering your vehicle out of state, and are found to be an in-state resident, the penalties are:

    a) Tripling of the tax bill owed
    b) An additional $500 fine
    c) 1 year in prison

    It’s costing the state over $2 million in lost revenue for these out of state registrations, and the flippin state tabs are a whopping $30. *rolls eyes*.

    Sounds like a great reason to risk a year in jail, Ms Victim, I’ll be glad to pay for your jail cell when you’re in it.

  37. 41

    DustinJames spews:

    Ms. Victim,

    Actually many of the rural poor that benefit the most from the “liberal programs” are very conservative and tend to vote republican.

    Urban poor, you are correct, tend to vote democratic.

  38. 43

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    ustin – all things are relative. Urban poor are higher income than Hog Valley “middle class” – most of those stats. are very askance when you really look at them.

    This differential in Washington between East and West is nothing new– but perhaps exacerbated in the last decade.

    Right wingers have been successful preying on ruralites. Lots of reasons why. I don’t dare talk politics with one of my East Washington sisters, she is so locked in her right wing stuff. Real shame….. she works hard as a waitress and in some way I cannot understand is just in total fear and mistrust about everything.

  39. 44

    David spews:

    Klepto — stop ranting incoherently while bragging about not paying your taxes. You want to move to Oregon, fine. But your overblown sense of self-importance and pride in screwing the citizens of Washington doesn’t entitle you to skip out on the obligations of citizenship. jcricket is absolutely right about use tax: if you zip on down to Oregon to buy a car without paying sales tax, when you bring it back and register it in Washington you’ll be assessed the equivalent amount as use tax.

    Oh, but then you must realize that, since you are keeping the pretty truck registered *illegally* in Oregon. See RCW 46.16.028(1) (defining state residency); RCW 46.16.028(3) (requiring residents to register vehicles in Washington); RCW 46.16.010(4) (making vehicle tax evasion through out-of-state registration a gross misdemeanor punishable [for first offenses] by a fine equal to twice the delinquent taxes and fees, and up to one year in the county jail, none of which may be suspended or deferred).

    With your moral standards, you are in no position to rant and bluster about stealing.

  40. 45

    Kleptocrat Victim spews:

    Amazing how you girls (knowing how testosterone challenged libgirlyboys tend to be, especially in Seatle) ignore the main facts of any posts – FACT: Kleptochris got less votes from her own supposed base clearly shown by the number of votes she got compared with the dumbest senator in US history and Flipper; FACT: polls show that even the people that voted for her view her as illegitimate; FACT: we don’t own the damned truck – the company for which we work, an Oregon corporation, OWNS it, insures it and instructed us to use it – here, in Oregon and/or on the damned moon if we were so inclined. And cricket, you showed yourself for the fraud you are by claiming a degree in logic – no such animal – but nice try. Really though, when you’re old enough to actually get to college (educational aptitude aside) try to pick a major where you can be of use to society, not a touchy-feely-aren’t-we-all-winners-today subjects like the aforementioned ‘womens studies’, ‘communications’ or ‘multicultural literature’

  41. 46

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    It really is intersing that folks who brag about tax evasion as a good middle class skill…..then blame their criminal fraud and intent on Christine Gregoire. Whoa.

    What total bullshit. OK to add- your karma will cach up to you.
    And make sure you only own property in Wa. not Ore. as their property taxes are sky high, no sales tax.

    Fact-Guess what!!!!! All states need taxes from somewhere. Blame Christine again. ….yah, you are a number, Mama.

  42. 47

    David spews:

    Klepto says: the company for which we work, an Oregon corporation, OWNS it [the new F150 truck], insures it and instructed us to use it

    You still need to register it in Washington. If the corp. bought it, try to make them pay the registration (and use tax) too. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to declare the value of the truck on your federal income taxes.

  43. 48

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Mama, you aint’t had nothing untill you have Seattle men who work at Boeing….and when you get two us, one from Boeing and the other from the woods, well mama….you did miss out.

    Girly men from Seattle….you are a dog breath homophobe to boot. No surprise, blame it on Gregiore.

  44. 49

    David spews:

    Klepto trots out old canards: “it’s not conservatives that live in low income housing and collect welfare. . . . It is however all us Conservatives that actually PAY . . . .

    I just got a call from a guy calling himself “Ebenezer” — says to tell you, keep up the good work. Merry Christmas.

  45. 50

    jcricket spews:

    Right – Klepto ignores the evidence that Red States and lower-income whites (who vote overwhelmingly Republican) receive far more from the Federal government (including housing assistance, food assistance, government-subsidized healthcare) than they put in. Blue states (and the Democrats who run them) pay more than their fair share. So if it’s anyone who needs to be cutting off access to the “feeding trough” it’s us Democrats.

    The Tax Foundation has released a fascinating report showing which states benefit from federal tax and spending policies, and which states foot the bill.

    The report shows that of the 32 states (and the District of Columbia) that are “winners” — receiving more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes — 76% are Red States that voted for George Bush in 2000. Indeed, 17 of the 20 (85%) states receiving the most federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are Red States.

    In contrast, of the 16 states that are “losers” — receiving less in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes — 69% are Blue States that voted for Al Gore in 2000. Indeed, 11 of the 14 (79%) of the states receiving the least federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are Blue States

  46. 51

    jcricket spews:

    Oh, and Red States have far worse divorce rates too (there goes the moral values argument)

    Aside from the quickie-divorce Mecca of Nevada, no region of the United States has a higher divorce rate than the Bible Belt. Nearly half of all marriages break up, but the divorce rates in these southern states are roughly 50 percent above the national average.

    Experts cite low household incomes (Oklahoma ranks 46th and Arkansas 47th), and a tendency for couples to marry at a younger age than in many other states.

  47. 52

    Kleptocrat Victim spews:

    Seattle “men” is a contradiction in terms junior. And, we prefer to HIRE manual labor – thanks for being available Bob – I’m sure you’re proud of the screw you turn and with all the flying hubby does, I sure hope you do it well.

    While this insult trading has been such fun (as you Valley girls like to say, “Not!”) the bottom line is that you will never be coaxed into conservative thought and I will never be convinced that liberals have a productive thought.

    You’re convinced your candidate won legitimately but we grown ups disagree. I believe it will be sorted out by the US Supreme Court and if she still wins, then oh well. It will just take that much longer for the Conservatives to straighten out the state when we do regain power as I’m convinced by this election we will. Unlike the liberals who appear to enjoy instant gratification, we are patient enough to want the legitimacy that will bring back honor, integrity and productivity to this state.

    The parent in me would like to remind you not to play in traffic the next time you feel the need to exercise your free speech by civil disobedience, drink your milk, don’t do drugs and please study an hour a more each day than party. Smooches.

  48. 53

    Karen spews:

    Hey Kleptocrat Victim

    “…here, in Oregon and/or on the damned moon if we were so inclined.” Please move to the moon, we don’t want cheaters, liars, or MORONS in our state, you don’t deserve it.

    And who is the real “Klepto” – it sure isn’t Gregoire, it’s you! Uneducated, self righteous, self serving, selfish, and quite the pompous bitch.

    Please… go to the Moon!

  49. 54

    David spews:

    Klepto consults her debate manual: ‘If you are losing an argument, change the subject — and quietly run away. Keep hurling insults on the way out (others may not notice that ad hominem is not a valid debate tactic).’

  50. 55

    Karen spews:

    You know what is so great about having a debate with someone like Klepto Victim? People like her are so stupid that they don’t even know they are stupid.

    Your man lost, go to the Moon now!

  51. 56

    Christine G spews:

    Klepto –

    Thanks for helping me get my degree in African American Gender Bias Resolution Studies. I’d be glad to mail you my thesis “The Role of Male Oppression in Pre-Revolutionary America and the Case for Reparations for the Female Gender.”

    Thanks for all the free syphylis checks, too. Just waiting till they get a better way to manage my herpes.

    But I take offense when you allege that we Democrats pop out illegitimate babies. I’m not sharing my food stamps with any worthless kids. Abortion is for me.

    You know, if you Republicans could get around to paying for my birth control, and maybe helping me with some classes so I could attract a better class of man, that would be really helpful.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays.