At the Capitol

I’m in Hearing Room A of the John L. O’Brien Building in Olympia. I’m here for the House Ways and Means Committee hearing, where they’ll be discussing E2SSB 5073, the medical marijuana bill. As the meeting progresses, I may post updates here, or to my Twitter feed. This is an open thread.

UPDATE: Layla Bush, who was shot in the Jewish Federation shooting, just testified for the bill. She became a medical marijuana patient in order to deal with the nerve pain resulting from her injuries.

UPDATE 2: A number of testifiers – from physicians to lawyers to other health care professionals – are reiterating their objection to Section 301.2a, which could potentially endanger pain specialists who see patients diagnosed by other physicians.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Samsung Laptop Spyware Alert

    MSNBC reports that Samsung has been caught concealing keylogging software on new laptops without notifying customers.

    The software captures screen shots and keystrokes, and surreptiously e-mails this information to the company.

    According to the MSNBC article, the company’s use of this software on its products without notice to customers may raise ethical and legal issues.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wisconsin GOPers Press Ahead Despite Injunction

    A Wisconsin radio station reports that Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is planning to go ahead with payroll changes that will affect state workers’ paychecks despite a court injunction against implementing Walker’s anti-union bill.

    The Republicans’ rationale for ignoring the judge’s order apparently is that it didn’t specifically say the law hasn’t taken effect, even though the judge stated from the bench that she wanted to make it “crystal clear” that the injunction bars implementation of the law and she would sanction “anyone” who violated it.

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    My last day of work was on the 15th. I have a severance, so I’m enjoying the first long break from work or school I’ve ever had.

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    Puddybud, identifying Zitz and FartAss as De Fools Dey Are spews:


    Seriously, if you have Linux programming skills we’re hiring at my company! Check the original Puddy blog posts for my email address.

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    The majority of my experience is with .Net/C#, but I’ve also worked with Linux. Where’s your company located? I might know some very qualified folks among the guys I was just working with.

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    King Max the First spews:

    I might also have some connections with linux personel at a local large airplane maker…let me know if you need contact info.

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    Puddybud, identifying Zitz and FartAss as De Fools Dey Are spews:


    That information will NOT make this blog. Where is your email address?

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    Puddybud, identifying Zitz and FartAss as De Fools Dey Are spews:


    Hope you don’t have Darryl use this Cenk “exclusive” to argue the marijuana issue. Such logic. And he’s NOT the place for politics. Wait a minute… He’s Darryl’s hero!

    He’s more stupid than Rick Sanchez, ex of CNN, and that’s saying something…

    Well MSNBC had to place someone else there after Odormann!

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    Gen spews:

    I’m guessing that through the entire hearing all of the legislators played with their laptops instead of listening to citizens testify. If you haven’t witnessed it before, it’s incredibly rude.