As long as we’re talking about the deep bore tunnel…

Deep-bore TunnelUniversity Link
Cost$1.96-$3.1 billion 1$1.9 billion
Length2 miles3.15 miles
Projected Daily Traffic (2030)72,000 vehicles70,000-142,000+ people 2
Capacity per hour8,800 cars 348,000 people 4
Fare$0.94-$2.25 5$2.00 6
Overruns paid by7Sound Transit

Via Seattle Transit Blog. Click through for full post and footnotes.


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    Mark S spews:

    I think ST contractors are on the hook for cost over runs for their projects. The agency uses huge contingency and project reserve budgets to cover unforseen issues not directly related to each contract. The state is doing that, too, with the AWV tunnel.

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    Mark: U-Link is much more heavily padded than the viaduct, yes.

    Central Link actually had ~$100m left over after construction – the 2001 budget held for eight years, which was pretty damn good. U-Link is more conservative than that, plus another $100m in padding was added at the end because the FTA asked for it. It’s likely to come in something like $300m under, given that all the bids have been far lower than expected.