As far as scandals go, this one was totally preventable

“But Clinton did it too.”

That was the refrain from one caller to The David Goldstein Show last night. I was a guest for the last two hours. The firing of United States Attorneys for political reasons isn’t new, they said. After all, Clinton dumped all of them when he took office in 1993.

What the right-wing retards don’t understand is the position of US Attorney IS a political appointment. Presidents get to put just about anyone they want in those jobs. They are usually party loyalists. That said, when a person is installed in the job, you don’t get to pressure them for not going after your political enemies. You can’t bully them.

That’s what folks seem to be missing.

The Bush Administration used to be, if anything, a savvy political shop. They were incompetent, sure, but they never got caught with their pants down like this (save perhaps for Scooter Libby, who allowed his successful prosecution to distract from the involvement of Cheney and others in the Valerie Plame scandal). These guys aren’t supposed to be bad at the tactical stuff. It seems they just got greedy, and they got caught at it.

The firing of these eight GOP attorneys isn’t worth the trouble they’ve brought. The top man at the DoJ, Alberto Gonzalez, is likely out within 48 hours.

All this over eight lawyers of “insufficient loyalty.”

Bush has had a “hard basement” of about 30% in most polls. I never thought it could go any lower, but I feel the basement caving in.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I think the rightys get it, but don’t want to admit it — this is about abuse of power. The idea of prosecutors being persecutors is uncomplicated. They’re all wearing that “who, me?” (eyes rolling) blank look.

    After all, they’re the ideological descendants of the people who were responsible for the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. Same mentality; same self-righteous arrogance; same lust for total power.

    Welcome to the 1600s, folks.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The not-so-funny thing about conservatives is that if they could get away with burning innocent people at the stake — they would do it.

  3. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    No, Bill Clinton didn’t do it, too. All Clinton did was replace U.S. Attorneys with appointees from his own party, like every president does.

    What Bush did was fire U.S. Attorneys that he appointed himself because they wouldn’t cooperative with Rove’s malicious prosecution scheme.

    Clinton never did anything remotely like that.

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    YOS LIB BRO spews:

    get away with burning innocent people at the stake


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    Michael Caine spews:

    Bush also fired all but a couple of the U.S. Attorneys when he took office. Reagan did it as well, as did Carter, as did Nixon, etc. This is not the simple replacing of U.S. Attorneys that occurs whenever a new administration takes over. This is an almost 10% overturn of the U.S. Attorneys in the middle of the administration’s term. There is no precedent for this ever happening in any department without a scandal being behind it.

    Faux News/Republican talking points to the contrary are their attempts to misdirect and confuse people. Even if Clinton or any other President had done this in the past it doesn’t make it right. Nixon’s campaign staff broke into a Democrat’s National Campaign Office in the Watergate Hotel, does that mean that a Democrat Presidential Candidate’s staff can do it also, just because Nixon did?

    The other talking point given by Faux News/Republican Noise Machine is that the U.S. Attorneys are employed at the pleasure of the President. That is true and is completely irrelevant. The issue isn’t whether President Bush has the authority to fire them. The issue is WHY President Bush fired them. That is what is being investigated.

    That investigation is uncovering gross abuses of the Justice Department by the Bush Administration. It is also beginning to look like the firings may have been attempts to impede investigations into Republican corruption. Members of this Administration have already been indicted for obstruction of justice just recently.

    I guess the Bush Apologists may soon be using the refrain, “But Nixon did it!” after all. Oddly many of the top people in Bush’s Administration were also part of Nixon’s Administration.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    New E-Mails Show Bushies Feared Scrutiny of Firings

    “Gonzales’ Hold on Job Grows More Uncertain


    “WASHINGTON (March 20) – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales clung to his job as documents his Justice Department sent to Congress spelled out fears in the Bush administration that the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys might not stand up to scrutiny.

    “Particularly worrisome, according to the 3,000 pages of e-mails and other material released late Monday to the House and Senate Judiciary committees, was the thought of congressional testimony by former U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins, shoved aside in favor of a former assistant to Karl Rove. …

    “Among the e-mails released Monday was one McNulty received on Feb. 1 from Margaret Chiara, the U.S. attorney in Grand Rapids, Mich. ‘Why have I been asked to resign?’ she asked. Early this month, she wrote McNulty again, saying that ‘I respectfully request that you reconsider the rationale of poor performance as the basis for my dismissal. It is in our mutual interest to retract this erroneous explanation.’ She added: ‘Politics may not be a pleasant reason but the truth is compelling.’ …”

    Quoted under Fair Use; for complete story and/or copyright info, see

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The plot thickened Monday night as newly released e-mails revealed the Bushies feared congressional scrutiny of the firings.

  8. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Affordable Housing Brought To You By Cheap Labor Conservatives

    Reuters reports that foreclosed houses in Detroit are selling at auction for under $30,000.

    Detroit is reeling from job losses in the auto industry, and has lost over half its population. Much of the city has simply been abandoned, and what’s left is wracked by high unemployment, crime, and social problems.

    According to the article, “A boarded-up bungalow on the city’s west side brought $1,300. A four-bedroom house near the original Motown recording studio sold for $7,000 … a three-bedroom house in the suburb of Bloomfield Hills that had listed for $525,000 [sold] for just $130,000 at the auction.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: As the sad Detroit saga shows, devaluing wages leads to devalued assets. I’ve asked this question many times, but I say again: If the CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES succeed in their goal of knocking Americans’ incomes down to Third World levels, whoooo will buy their products and services? Do they plan to survive by flipping each other’s houses?

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    Another TJ spews:

    It seems they just got greedy, and they got caught at it.


    Two points. First, they’ve always been this greedy; they just haven’t gotten caught in such a high-profile way very often. Second, though, I don’t think it was greed so much as a manifestation of two aspects of their SOP. First, this is the most partisan White House since at least Reconstruction. They can’t stand to have people who don’t toe the party line, even when no evidence exists for doing so (see the WA prosecutor, for instance). Second, they are amoral with respect to the use of power. In one of the e-mails, Gonzales’s chief of staff asked what good the power to replace these USAs was if they didn’t use it. To him (and the rest of the administration), power is to be used for its own sake – not because it’s the right thing to do, but because they possess the power to do it.

    They didn’t get greedy and change their behaviors; this is what they do and who they are.

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    Impressed spews:

    I was very impressed by The David Goldstein Show and especially his sidekick Will. You gentlemen have a way of making the audience feel like they are in the studio with you. For example, I was telling a friend of mine I could literally feel & I thought I even heard all of your constant hand-wringing. Now that’s talent for sure.

  11. 14


    The biggest problem with the Bushies, is the fact that they don’t know where the line is…..

    It is not that this is the first thing they got caught doing, it is the fact that the GOP controlled msm spends most of it’s time distracting us, and not doing their jobs, letting us know what our government is doing to us.

    I talked to an airline pilot the other day. He was a drop dead Republican, and very literate. Every single talking point he used was very politely disproven. When he said the media was “liberal” I just asked him if the #1 news network Faux was liberal. He gave in on that point pretty fast. Talk about talk radio. I think the numbers are 8 to 1 conservative. He did seem to be aware of the 50 some warnings the FAA issued to the Bush Administration before 9-11 that were ignored, with no increase in airport security. He couldn’t stay and talk any more after admitting that one…..

    Poor Widdol Weeeepubweeekon.

    It must suck being a Republicon these days. If you tell anyone you are one, they look at you like you are a freak, and some even blame you for this nightmare in Iraq.

    You can’t talk politics because deep down inside you know your whole ideology is based on fear, distortions, and lies. When the topic at the water cooler turns to politics all you can do is repeat the lies you heard on the Rush Show, or from Hannity, and cower when every single person that heard your repeated lie let’s you know why your talking point is incorrect. You never wait around long enough to hear the real truth though. You would rather believe the lies…..

    To know how insane Republicons are, they still support Bush at 75%.

    Anyone still supporting this powermad dictator should instantly be sent to Iraq to die for him…..

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    Bad Bob spews:

    “What Bush did was fire U.S. Attorneys that he appointed himself because they wouldn’t cooperative with Rove’s malicious prosecution scheme.”
    And what, Roger, WAS this “malicious prosecution scheme”? They wouldn’t investigate voter fraud is the kool-aid that I’ve heard, and am drinking. What’s your flavor?

    “Clinton never did anything remotely like that.”

    I believe I heard that there was a certain prosecutor that was investigating a certain land deal in Arkansas that was canned. And, to shield themselves from partisan whining, they fired the whole lot of them because (as they are saying now)they serve at the pleasure of the President, and we just want to put our guys in there…..

    I do understand that nothing came out of the Whitewater investigation, but there was an investigation underway and it was stopped by the firing.

  13. 16

    Bad Bob's Conscience spews:

    Okay. So there really is no comparison at all between Bush and Clinton’s actions. The scale is so totally different that I’m pretty embarrassed for my last post. Please disregard.

  14. 17

    harry tuttle spews:

    13, 14

    Ok BB, I won’t sash you so hard with the response to that bit of vomit from Sean Hanity. The fact is the Republican-appointed predecessor to Paula Casey in Arkansas was Charles A. Banks. He had refused to pursue the Whitewater matter, reportedly in defiance of pressure from George H.W. Bush administration officials in search of a pre-election issue with which to tar challenger Clinton.

    So the reality then is almost exactly the opposite of what is being dealt with concerning US Attorneys now.

  15. 18


    Who are the 30% that support Bush? Besides the ass clown that was in the picture in the Seattle Times yesterday with the “Bush/Cheney ’08” shirt…

  16. 19

    harry tuttle spews:

    Just to clarify, before some wingnut jumps on it, the reason that the Bush administration actions are almost the opposite of what the Clinton Administration did: Clinton did what all presidents do when taking office, replace political appointees of the other party with appointees from their own party. So did Bush. But, the pressure to use US Attorneys for political purposes in the Clinton case had come from the previous Publicker administration.

    They’re consistent, at least.

  17. 21

    TypicalLefty spews:

    Bush also blew up WTC because Rove told him too.

    And let’s not forget the 2 billion people who starved to death in Katrina when he used his secret weather machine against the Democrat utopia in New Orleans.

    Last week Rove ate a puppy.

  18. 22


    Let Gonzales stay.

    He was just doing Rove’s dirty work anyway.

    Rove is the one behind the curtain playing politics with hundreds of peoples lives, and futures.

    Pressuring prosecutors to indict, or march before a grand jury innocent Democrats, while attempting to stop or control investigations of corrupt Republicons.

    Nothing new here…… move along……..

  19. 24


    This isn’t a case of any increase in the arrogance of the current administration, nor does it show a decrease in political savvy. They just haven’t gotten used to the idea of someone actually calling them to task for anything.

    For six years, Congress has been rubberstamping anything the White House wanted, while the news organizations were so cowed into submission that they wouldn’t dare ask any question likely to cause any controversy.

    In that atmosphere, the administration could get away with anything. Had the US Attorneys been fired a year ago, nobody would have even noticed.

    Now, Congress is looking at everything that happens, and has started to actually do the job that we elect them to do, therefore (of course) all hell is breaking loose, and the White House has absolutely no idea of how to handle it. Remember, these folks are so clueless that they actually thought that they would keep both houses of Congress in the last election, and some of them were even talking about gaining seats.

    All of a sudden, the news outfits are actually starting to report the news, Congress is taking its oversight responsibility seriously, and at the very same time, the Republican leadership is weakened to the point where any Republican that can still remember how to spell “ethics” is refusing to go along with the program.

    Paddy Mac may well be right when he predicts that we will be hearing from “Republicans for Impeachment” very soon.

  20. 25

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    There’s something else the media isn’t mentioning – while the righties claim CLINTON DID IT TOO – no matter what the subject, there’s the simple issue of lying – AGAIN – by the Bush regime.

    If Baby Bush had the stones to simply fire ALL these guys, as President Clinton did, then none of this would have happened. But the DECIDER couldn’t bring himself to do it. So instead, he went after the guys who wouldn’t engage in illegal prosecutions for political purposes AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT. In fact, it looks like he sent his boy Alberto to lie about it UNDER OATH.

    What happened to RULE OF LAW righties? I thought you fucking inbred morons were in favor of RULE OF LAW?

    So we have two crimes here. One, the Bush regime tried to illegally influence prosecutions for political gain and then sent regime members to lie about it under oath – and this is Bush scandal number 128,929,111!

  21. 26

    TypicalLefty spews:

    Rove also made Clinton get on national TV and lie about Lewinsky after he made him perjure himself JUST LIKE LIBBY.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I see a pattern.

    Rove also forced Clinton to give Haliburton a no-bid contract.

    God I hate the warmongering-military-industrial-complex-loving-Americans. I hope my country loses to the islamists.
    This country sucks ass. My teacher told me so.

    We need to kill repugs. They built this shit-hole country that we hate.

  22. 27


    Libertarian asked:

    “Why not make the US attorney jobs non-political – that is, civil service jobs?”

    Not a bad idea, but the US Attorney is the direct representative of the Attorney General, and is normally more of a director of policy, rather than a hands-on prosecutor. (Those folks are civil servants.)

    Since policy is often a political decision, the system makes some sense, as long as we can keep the checks and balances of Congressional oversight in place.

    My concern was when the administration attempted to do an “end run” around Congress, taking complete control of the process.

  23. 28

    TypicalLefty spews:

    “What happened to RULE OF LAW righties? I thought you fucking inbred morons were in favor of RULE OF LAW?”

    NO SHIT!!

    I hate the right. I heard the repugs just appointed one of their crooks to the Homeland security committee – even though they found $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer!!

    I’m telling you, you can’t make this shit up.

    I’ll bet Rove’s behind it.

  24. 29

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Why do the Publicans support the draft-dodging, AWOL, drunk – driving, idiot Baby Bush?

    We know he DIDN’T know…

    Didn’t have pre-9/11 intelligence about a terrorist plot to slam airplanes into the World Trade Center. (A must-read is Frank Rich’s “The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth.”)

    Didn’t know killer Hurricane Katrina would devastate New Orleans and compromise the levees.

    Didn’t know a male prostitute was planted among the White House press corps to daub pro-Bush softball questions at news conferences.

    Didn’t know crony counselor Harriet Miers was a card-carrying Theocrat when nominated to the Supreme Court.

    Didn’t know about Walter Reed’s problems until The Washington Post exposé.

    Didn’t know who in the White House manipulated media and outed the covert CIA wife of a published detractor.

    Didn’t know about detainee abuses at Abu Ghraib until the hardcore porn hit airwaves and newsstands.

    Didn’t know those 16 words in the president’s pre-war speech about Iraq were false and misleading.

    Despite contrary evidence, didn’t know White House apparatchiks conspired with the Justice Department against some of the Gonzales Eight.

    Didn’t know about the Dubai port deal until news stories broke and lawmakers took notice.

    Incompetence combined with inbred low-intelligence and no character make for a bad day.

    (Exerpts from ST Opinion Piece.)

  25. 30


    Hey typical…..

    Why did they only offer the cash to one Democrat?

    If they offered Tom DeLay $100,000 cash do you thing he would have turned it down? Bob Ney? Anyone else?

    If you answer yes, you are a fool.

    Why do you think Jefferson has not been indicted?

    Smell a rat here?

    Now we know why more corrupt Republicons were not prosecuted. The prosecutors did not want to piss off Rove, and lose their jobs. The ones that were fired were just doing their jobs, serving Americans by evenhandedly enforcing the law. This is exactly what the cons don’t want. To them everything, including criminal prosecutions should be used as a political tool to hold onto power.


    I would love someone to see Rove’s hand behind a bunch of investigations, and prosecutions in Texas. I heard there were a lot of investigations of Democrats started right before elections……

    I smell this story getting H-U-G-E!!!!

    What would be amazing would be the press actually looking into the numbers of Democrats prosecuted……

    Maybe doing your jobs…..

  26. 31

    GBS spews:

    Klake @ 18 wrote:
    Folks click on the link above and tell us how smart you are after leaving the Seattle School District. You caen take the test to Roger it will not hurt your pride.

    Would you mind telling us where you received your education, Klake? I want to be absolutely certain my kids and my friends kids are not going to the same institution of crappy learning.

    When you speak (or write) your mind is on parade for all to see and examine. Clearly, your parade is a one-man band playing for change on the street corner.

    **Clink, clink, clink**

    There’s a buck eighty for you. Enjoy your Thunderbird.

    You Nazi loser.

  27. 32


    From another blog:

    No doubt, trying to placate a federal prosecutor with a solid record of performance by playing semantic games was tough. I mean, how easy could it be to tell these people that because they were not loyal enough to focus their offices on prosecuting Democrats and giving Republiscum passes, that this constituted substandard ‘performance’. ‘Performance’, in the alternate reality of the criminal Bush junta, means ‘using every facet of government to advance the cause of proto-fascist despotism. BushCo made the mistake of appointing prosecutors who actually had integrity. That is not a Republiscum value.

  28. 33

    klake spews:

    **Clink, clink, clink**

    There’s a buck eighty for you. Enjoy your Thunderbird.

    You Nazi loser.

    03/20/2007 at 8:47 am
    GBS it appears you failed the Test and went to the Seattle School District for an education.

  29. 34

    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Libertarian @23:

    I owe you a cold, fizzy beverage! (That was my question, exactly.)

    In other words, doesn’t it now seem like a poor idea to have these positions be political appointments? For two reasons. First, the potential conflicts of interest, as demonstrated by this scandal (and I have a feeling there is more to come – after all, the questions about what the “Gonalazes 85″ have been doing to insure their positions have yet to be asked by Congress); second, doesn’t it seem contrary to the idea of separation of powers?

  30. 35

    TypicalLefty spews:

    I hate Bush.

    He knew damned well that Katrina was coming, yet he didn’t warn the mayor of N.O. or the governor.
    If they had known, they could have responded. Rove told him not to warn them.

    Shrub also knew about the plot by the Jews to attack WTC and blame muslims.

    Now we have this mess with federal prosecutors. Everyone knows that the President is NOT allowed to hire and fire them, but Bushy tried to pull a fast one and steal another one of Congresses powers.

    Rove is a FACIST!!!

    Some delusional hippy said;

    “Hey typical…..

    Why did they only offer the cash to one Democrat?

    If they offered Tom DeLay $100,000 cash do you thing he would have turned it down? Bob Ney? Anyone else?

    If you answer yes, you are a fool.

    Why do you think Jefferson has not been indicted?

    Smell a rat here?”

    What a conundrum I find myself in….

    In the face of such incredible logic I’m speachless.

    How did Rove force Jefferson to hide the bribe money?

    I’m not denying that it’s yet another well-planned conspiracy, I’m just confused.

    One nutroot preaches rule of law, the next makes tenuous justifications for accepting bribes.

    Let’s stop arguing with each other and go smash some small business owners windows at the next anti-WTO rally.
    Let’s get stoned and bring this shit-hole country to its knees.
    EMO shitheads unite!!

    Nutroot power!!

  31. 37

    Blamblam spews:

    Sorry to say, but the scandal is really nothing. Gonzales well be forced to leave because of a non-issue.

    And David, Throw yourself off a bridge. You’ll do more good for the world that way…damn automatonic wangwhapper.

  32. 38

    GBS spews:

    Klake @ 33:

    What’s the word?


    What’s the price?

    90 cents twice!

    Klake has to go beg for more change to get his T-bird fix. See ya’ loser.

  33. 39

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    Typical, I am sorry. Whenever I mention Jefferson, I always say he shouldn’t have taken the money. The difference between the Republicons and the Dems is us Dems want all the corrupt politicians behind bars, and the cons only want to prosecute Dems. They defend(ed) DeLay, Ney, Cunningham, Libby, Rove, and the rest of the common criminals like there is no tomorrow. Jefferson may have been entrapped, and can’t be prosecuted, but he still should have turned down the cash. Period.

    My point is the fact that only Jefferson was bribed. What about all the other congressmen?

    Why was only Jefferson bribed? Maybe it is POLITICAL!!!!!

    I wouldn’t put anything past the Rove Bush Cheney Gang.

    No way in hell DeLay would ever turn down any type of payment, and that is of course why he is being prosecuted.

  34. 40

    TypicalLefty spews:

    “My point is the fact that only Jefferson was bribed. What about all the other congressmen?

    Why was only Jefferson bribed? Maybe it is POLITICAL!!!!!”

    What about other congressmen? Show me the $100,000 in their freezer and I’ll denounce them too.

    Odd that Democrat party is up in arms over the appearance of legal firings of a few prsecutors, but see no indication of wrongdoing in a sack of frozen dollars.

    On another note, did you notice that Rove made 33% of the people in the Democrat bastion of DC forget how to read?

    Rove also made N.O return to its former glory as murder capital of the US.

    Why do cities that elect ONLY Democrats have so many problems, or are those problems Roves fault too?

    Do you blame the environmentalists that sued to stop levee work in N.O. in the 70’s for part of the problems in N.O. or do you blame Rove?

  35. 41

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    #40. Odd that Democrat party is up in arms over the appearance of legal firings of a few prsecutors, but see no indication of wrongdoing in a sack of frozen dollars.

    Wrong. Jefferson was made to step down from his committee post. All Democrats know taking bribes is wrong, and I bet you can’t provide any quotes of any Democrats asking for him to not be prosecuted, or claiming he is innocent. My point is the fact that “only” Jefferson was bribed. Knowing how Rove operates, one is only to wonder if he was involved with this too. They needed a few dirty Democrats to make the prosecutions of all those Republicons not look as bad. Hmmmmm…..

    Also wrong. Firing attorneys to thwart investigations is in fact illegal. The evidence pointing to the fact that this may very well be the case is piling up. Gonzales said the firings were not political, and it is obvious he was lying. Another crime. Why else would Rove be involved if it was not a political matter? If they did nothing wrong, why are they lying?

  36. 42

    Right Stuff spews:

    “The firing of these eight GOP attorneys isn’t worth the trouble they’ve brought. The top man at the DoJ, Alberto Gonzalez, is likely out within 48 hours.”

    Not Likely…
    This is only a story becuase the MSM deems it so…

  37. 43

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    #42. It is a story because it is wrong. Firing prosecutors for not prosecuting democrats, while prosecuting corrupt republicons is just plain wrong.

    I can’t wait till the investigation of the pressuring of prosecutors for political reasons uncovers more info…..

    If it isn’t wrong, why did 94 Senators just vote to strip this power from Chimpus Minimus?

  38. 44

    TypicalLefty spews:

    and I bet you can’t provide any quotes of any Democrats asking for him to not be prosecuted, or claiming he is innocent.

    So why is he on the homeland security committee?

    Are you saying Pelosi appointed a corrupt weasel?

    Here are a bunch of Democrats who support Jefferson.
    33% voted NOT to remove him;

    The Democrat party is corrupt.
    Proven fact.
    Case closed.

    Check out your people;

    Yeah, we think you’re awesome!

  39. 45

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    You should be listening to the Schultz show. The information (emails) provided to Congress had info redacted, and dates redacted. It is only partial information, and obviously the White House, and Justice Dept. are trying to hide information from congress. My god. This only gets better every day!!!!! A Congressperson is explaining the whole thing on the radio right now! AM1090

  40. 46

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    #44 the leadership removed Jefferson. Maybe the people in the Black Caucus thought he was targeted and they supported him for this fact.

    He was removed. Fact.

    He is corrupt. Fact.

    I want to see him pay for his crimes. Do you want Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rice, and Rove to pay for their crimes?

  41. 48

    Eric spews:

    Lets at least keep the debate honest. The fact that all U.S Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President just somehow gets glossed over. Last I checked the President can dismiss any political-appointee whenever he likes, for whatever reason/non-reason he likes. If he wants to dismiss all political appointees serving in his Administration that are under 5’4″, so be it. If he dismisses every third appointee because the mood to do so strikes him, so be it. This is a non-issue being dissected because it was thought (obviously correctly so) that to keep talking about this would make the President look bad.

  42. 49

    Bad Bob's Conscience's Conscience spews:

    Yes I do
    No i don’t
    Are you talking to ME?

    Let’s not forget about Pres. Clinton firing the U.S. Attorney that was investigating, and soon to endite, Congressman Rostenkowski (sp?). Nothing came of that either, right?

    Wait…. he DID end up in jail, didn’t he?
    People associated with Whitewater also ended up in jail…..

  43. 51

    Eric spews:


    Doesn’t cover-up refer to something scandalous, even criminal? What possible crime has occurred here, other than bad P.R.?

  44. 52

    GBS spews:

    Eric @ 48:

    There is ZERO dispute that US attorneys are “at will” employees of the president.

    The case in point is that prosecutors are being dismissed and potentiallly replaced with new ones that will make biased political decisions on who, what, when, and where to try someone in a court of law.

    Do you want a Justice Department that is “blind” and only wieghs the facts, or do you want a prosecutor that will do the bidding of political office?

    If you choose the latter over the former than you’re completely un-American. Our nation is founded on the Rule of Law and not the whims of a “King.” No ONE, even the president or anyone who works for him, is above the law.

    Your comment at 48 demonstrates you are either:
    A) With America
    B) With al Qeada
    C) Think your with America, but because you’re so ignorant of the facts you’re actually helping bin Laden and the terrorists.

    Which is it?

  45. 53

    TypicalLefty spews:

    HAHA! ABC says the emails are a disappointment for Demonrats if they think they’ll find anything illegal.

    Also, Bush just got on national TV and told you guys to fuck off. :D

    If there’s a God he’ll tell the DemonRat party to keep working this non-issue to death.
    Even the moderate left is abondoning you idiot butt-monkeys.
    Keep making yourselves heard – PLEASE!

    Thank God William Jefferson is on the Homeland security committee.
    How did all you nutroots like my link to photos of your fellow ilk advocating the deaths of American soldiers?

    Patriotic my ass.

    I’m going to start counter-protesting at events in Portland.

    Kicking punk ass will be fun :D :D

    PS. Rove outsmarted the entire Demonrat party.

    That’s gotta suck. :D

  46. 54

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    Eric, this is where you are dead wrong, and shouldn’t be listening to the likes of Rush, or Hannity. They will only confuse you with their lies.

    You can not fire, intimidate, or influence prosecutors to influence ongoing investigations, and it appears that this is exactly what they did. Period. It is against the law.

    Gonzales also appears to have lied to congress. Another crime.

    When will the righties ever want anyone to obey laws anyway?

  47. 55

    TypicalLefty spews:



    LOL. Rove makes lefties cry. Proof that he’s a messenger from God. :D

    Fuck the owls.
    Fuck the religion of global warming.
    Fuck progressives.
    Fuck hippies.
    Fuck Islam
    Fuck the fictional nation of Palestine.

    Fuck Che – the murderer – Guevara.
    Fuck Cuba.
    Fuck Michael Moore
    Fuck SINdy Shithan.
    Fuck the mambo chimp in venezuela.

    Nice list of liberal heros huh?

    Fuck all of you pieces of shit.

    (I’ll bet 79% of you EMO twits cut yourselves tonight because of my hurtful words – call alGore – he cares)

  48. 56

    Eric spews:


    How about we all start with a nice, deep, calming breathe?

    I’m glad you agree that U.S. Attorneys serve at the express pleasure of the President.

    The case in point is that prosecutors are being dismissed. That’s it. I suppose you could jump up and down about those offices *potentially* being replaced with Attila the Hun, or Leon Jaworski, or whatever doomsday name fits your bill, but that doesn’t make it true.

    Do I want a Justice Department that is “blind” and only weighs the facts? No I want a judicial court system that does that. I want a Justice Department that works for the President, as he’s the one who gets elected.

    Do I want a political-appointee to do their appointed job in the manner directed by the appointer? Like the President, whose political office placed them in their political-appointee job in the first place? Shockingly…yes! I thought that was settled back in 1926 in Myers v. United States?

    I thought it was the right that is oft-accused of throwing around labels like ‘completely un-American’?

    If you really think our form of government is a monarchy I suggest you watch C-SPAN on January 20, 2009.

  49. 57

    TypicalLefty spews:

    “When will the righties ever want anyone to obey laws anyway?”

    We learned from Clinton.
    Perjury is a non-issue for the Democrat party.


  50. 58

    GBS spews:

    Eric @ 52:

    Republican, Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, called for his resignation.

    Alberto Gonzales has repeatedly shown that he is unwilling to enforce the law and unable to effectively manage the Department,” said Tancredo . . .

    Should be ’nuff said, but . . .

    Case in point there, mouth breather, is that they are NOT simply being dismissed, particularly for the orignal reasons give – poor performance. Alberto is a LIAR. The politcal bias, especially Republican legislators calling prorsecutors at home and trying to pursuade them to prosecute Democrats just to keep a grip on power is the unbiased view a prosecutor must have to give law enforcement legitimacy. That was the analogy of being blind and wieghing the facts. I hate debating with conservatives because you always have to spell out the nuances of an analogy which sidetracks the debate. Sheeez.

    The “King” remark was in reference to Marbury v. Madison the single most important case in American jurisprudence.

    A politcal appointee should do their job as directed by the appointer, so long as the act isn’t illegal or taints the Rule of Law.

    You are correct, the right frequently tosses out insults. I’m sick being Mr. Nice Guy, so you know what? A big FUCK YOU to you.


  51. 59

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    #57 iI is amazing how the righties point at Clinton’s “crimes” and completely ignore the crimes of the Bush Gang. Compared to Bush Clinton was a god. A saint. Jesus Christ himself.

    Clinton should have never had to testify as to who he slept with. Ever. It was nothing but a GOP fueled witch hunt. That is what happens when you let Republicons have power. They abuse it.

    A Clinton turd could do a better job of being president than they lying AWOL chimp.

    Clinton’s belly button fuzz is smarter than the whole White House Staff put together. The only thing Bush has going for him is the average IQ of his supporters.

    Which war did Clinton lie us into? How many articles of the constitution did his administration destroy? How many terror warnings did he ignore?

    Clinton was a god. A horny god, but still a god.

    Remember how America was respected around the world when he left office, and now look at how the world thinks of us.

    It is sad.

    As far as your hero Rove the traitor is concerned, how many CIA front companies did he destroy today?

  52. 60

    ArtFart spews:

    55 If Rove knew beans about what God has to say, I’d have become an athiest long ago.

    Dude! Are you kinked out about sex or what??!?

  53. 61


    typical lefty… are one funny guy. “liberal butt monkey” really made me laugh….although demonRat is good too.
    your idea about counter protests in portland? land of the anarchist? hmmm…good luck. but you really don’t need to do it, as the old saying goes when your enemy is hanging himself just keep handing him rope.
    just remember that this is why that complete idiot YOS keeps screaming.he is their poster child.
    do any of you far left of left liberals on here actually think that anyone would vote for a group of people that support this sort of thing?
    not a snowball’s chance in hell, my friends…… keep it up!

  54. 62

    TypicalLefty spews:

    C’mon Llibtards. I’m just yanking your chains.

    You people are fun because your so clueless.

    Like I said earlier. You people need to get even louder.
    Make yourselves heard!!

    Now to make you REALLY loathe me – I’m a veteran of the first Gulf War.*

    Yes. I’m an evil puppet of the regime.

    *Your freedom to say retarded things guaranteed by guys like me. :D

  55. 64

    Bad Bob spews:

    By the way … wouldn’t it be nice if these Democrats, who are so interested in investigating presidential perogative, were demanding answers to the mystery of how that $90,000 in cold hard bribery money was found in the freezer of Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson? Oh, wait. Excuse me. I almost forgot. He’s a Democrat. When a Democrat takes bribes he ends up on the Homeland Security Committee. When a Republican takes bribes he ends up in jail.