Another Mayoral Contender

I’d have guessed that Ed Murray wouldn’t run for Seattle mayor. He just became the Democratic leader in the Senate and with the long session next year, he won’t be able to fundraise as well as the rest of the candidates. But if blogging has given me any insight it’s that I shouldn’t make predictions. He has formed an exploratory committee.

I had expected to be a McGinn partisan, and still may go down that road. But instead of it being a definite thing, I’ll have to look at both of them. I just don’t have enough of an idea of Murray’s vision for Seattle to know one way or the other. I certainly like what he’s done in the legislature.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see — to the extent that it isn’t all behind the scenes — how as Majority Leader who is running for mayor, he’s able to shade legislation that he might want to run on. He’s already pretty good on transit funding, and God knows he’ll be running on having passed marriage equality. But the next session will be a chance to burnish those credentials.