Another kick-ass playground

Think I'm thinking too big? Yerba Gardens features 130,000 sq ft of outdoor space, including a playground, amphitheater, carousel, skating rink and water feature... all on a rooftop in San Francisco.

Think I'm thinking too big? Yerba Gardens features 130,000 sq ft of outdoor space, including a playground, amphitheater, carousel, skating rink and water feature... all on a rooftop in San Francisco.

Yeah, I suppose we could just plop a pay-per-view Chihuly Museum and Gift Shop in the space where the Fun Forest used to be, and maybe extract a few extra bucks from tourists who stray too far from the cruise ship terminal. Or, we could build our kids a really kick-ass playground our region’s families would use again and again and again.

Again, nothing against Chihuly in particular, or museums in general, but Seattle needs more family-friendly attractions, not less, and a glass museum just doesn’t fit that bill.


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    jcricket spews:

    Hear, hear!

    Not to disparage Mr. Chihuly, but I really question the decision of giving him a place next to the symbol of the city. It gives him an official status of being a symbol of Seattle, himself. I don’t like the idea of Seattle turning into the home of garish, overpriced glass. And really, how many of the pieces in the gift shop are really going to be true collectible art?

    IMHO, of course.

    A family friendly playground, even with historical themes could be a viable alternative. It certainly would keep us from becoming the home of the next decade’s garage sale items.

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    worf spews:

    I’ll disparage Chihuly – he has a well earned reputation as an arrogant, self-important ass who repeatedly uses his notoriety to attempt to cheat others. He doesn’t feel he should have to pay for services rendered, because in his mind, allowing you to serve him is benefit enough. He will tell you, with a straight face, that his presence is a PR boon for your business, whatever that might be, and become angry when it is made clear that he will have to pay just like anyone else. I have personally witnessed this behavior, and heard too many other reports of similar behavior to ignore.
    Building a monument to this ass is a massive mistake.

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    Commentator spews:

    Thanks for raising some very interesting alternatives. If we really want a glass museum, there are lots of other places to put it. For example, in the now very cheap office space next to the Seattle Art Museum. Or how about Pioneer Square?

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    FricknFrack spews:

    I have to agree with all of the above! Okay, so we’re supposed to give up Memorial Stadium where HS kids play football. Then give up the Fun Forest where the smaller kids enjoy themselves.

    Even ‘tourists’ have kids, my out of town guests all take their kids to the Center. Why the HECK do we owe Chihuly another museum? I sure wouldn’t be taking guests to see his museum.

    Turn it into something families can enjoy.

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    Fuck Chihuly.

    Chihuly is seen as someone who will bring in tourists and tourist dollars.

    Get your kids to spend obscene amounts of money while playing in the Fun Forest and the Seattle will be down with it.

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    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:


    Here’s your chance to “make a difference”.

    1) Tell Mayor McGinn you protest another “museum” by certified letter.
    2) Demand an environmental impact study. It’s the progressive thing to do. That should slow the “wheels of progress” to a crawl.
    3) Personally walk the Fun Forest for rough dimensions. Buy a 20 foot Stanley Measuring tape.
    4) Note power placements refreshment locations and potential ride locations.
    5) Report your findings with power placements refreshment locations and potential ride locations to your “friends” at a Drinking Libtardos. Maybe THE DUMB BUNNY will “show”.
    6) At a Drinking Libtardos poll your NorthWest Division of Lunatic Progressive Moonbat!s and see who has architectural and drafting skillz.
    7) At this Drinking Libtardos take input into a new Goldy Fun Zone design. Make sure Joel Connelly is there as your personal reporter. Call them the HA Meeting Minutes.
    8) Copyright your plans Goldy. You’ll understand from the next step.
    9) For those libtardos who couldn’t make it place it on HA. ylb arschloch will provide automatic backup of your plans. Since he lives vicariously on other peeps commentary, the copyright is necessary.
    10) Meanwhile, contact Richard Pope to provide legal counsel. Puddy would suggest Proud Goatist but lately Proud Goatist has lost his “mind”.
    11) Take additional feedback for a week.
    12) Contact the HA libtardo architect and re-lay out the Goldy Fun Zone.
    14) Do a quick environmental impact study. Throw together something and call it good. Make sure you refer to the CAO in the written documentation for good measure.
    13) Call a presser at the Seattle Center. Be sure Dori Monson, John Carlson, A Blethen family member and the Seattle Times are there. Make sure Joel Connelly is there as your personal reporter.
    14) Have Richard Pope perform a “pomp and circumstance” reading of the HA “Meeting Minutes”.
    15) Have Lee pass out some “medical” marijuana.
    16) Make sure SeattleJew is packing “heat” and acting like “god”.
    17) Present your findings to Mayor McGinn.
    18) Go on Glenn Beck and demand he supports your idea.
    19) Call Bill O’Reilly and invite him to Seattle.
    20) Call Rush and tell him you’re one progressive trying to make a difference.
    21) Watch the rocket in your ASS propel you skyward.
    22) Accolades will magically appear.
    23) Lobby Odumba for Porkulus Bill money to put peeps to work.
    24) Goldy’s Fun Zone will take shape.

    See what happens next.

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    puddy has never had a freind to mourn spews:

    Get a job – and a life. Then shut the fuck up, you ignorant tool.

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    Fishincurt spews:

    A glass museum is a massively pooor idea for this space. Isn’t there already a “glass museum” in Tacoma? Why does this need to be at the center in the shadow of the needle? I agree with #1, why validate Chihuly? I don’t get the attraction to his work to begin with. He is a one eyed Blowhard who doesn’t create anything.

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    czechsaaz spews:


    Just a thought, wouldn’t building another glass museum send the signal that what Seattle really wants to be is a thriving modern metropolis? Just like Tacoma! (Snark provided, free of charge.)

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    correctnotright spews:

    I am still disappointed that my entry lost in the Tacoma nickname contest.

    I mean “City of Destiny” ?

    What destiny?

    I still like “Gateway to Fife” as the nickname…it seeems to put Tacoma in it’s proper perpective more….

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    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Puddy struck a nerve.

    7. puddy has never had a freind to mourn spews:

    Nothing of significance from this fool@7. Puddy glad you got a freind . Go find it.