Another Isolated Incident

These anti-choice acts of violence that have nothing to do with any other act of violence have come fast these last few days.

A New Orleans women’s health organization was destroyed last week by an unknown arsonist, becoming the latest target of attacks on women’s health clinics in the south.

The organization, Women With A Vision, was likely singled out because it offers AIDS prevention help, HIV testing, and substance abuse assistance to sex workers, transgender women, poor women, and women of color. The clinic also does community outreach and education on those issues. Like two incidents in Georgia last week, no one was injured in the fire, but the clinic lost a good share of its resources.

This incident and the countless — unrelated — ones like it that have nothing whatever to do with the political rhetoric that opposing women’s rights to control their own bodies. It certainly has nothing to do with a climate of violence.



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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Yep, they’re all isolated incidents. And in yet another isolated incident, three people will shot to death in a U District cafe today, and a fourth was killed in a carjacking here in Seattle. Too damn many guns in this country are falling into the wrong hands.

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:


    If a potential crook knew that he or she stood a 90% chance of dying by being shot if he or she attempted to rob a convenience store, would such a person try to rob that convenience store? Maybe what’s needed is more guns in ordinary hands to remove such folks from the gene pool if they attempt a violent crime.