An oh-so-Seattle headline

The Seattle Times headline reads “1996 UW grad named to oversee Pike Place Market,” which begs the question: what is so headline worthy about the fact that newly named Market executive direct Ben Franz-Knight is a 1996 University of Washington graduate?

Was 1996 a particularly good or bad year for the UW, or is it so surprising that a UW grad would ascend to such a position? Are UW grads rare around here, or do its graduates rarely achieve such a level of success by their mid-30’s?

Or does the Times believe its readers so parochial that this was the only thing on Franz-Knight’s resume that they would find relevant?


(And in case you’re wondering, had I written the headline, it probably would have read something like: “Pike Place Market names new executive director.” Simple, to the point, and more actively phrased.)


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    Brenda Helverson spews:

    It is fair warning that he isn’t as smart as a WSU graduate of the same period. Go Cougs!

    But look how well things have gone with UW-graduate Mark “Moneybags” Emmert at the UW helm. He’s created a whole new program, The Mark Emmert College of Greed.

    And now he is going off to run the NCAA, an institution that is fueled by the free labor of semi-educated college students. It’s custom-made for a guy like him. Now take that glad-handing smile and go.

  2. 2

    sarge spews:

    Wow! What an achievement for the UW, which enrolls only 40,000 students per year. One of them got a job. WOW! Kudos to the UW. And people think our education system is in decline.

  3. 3

    Emily spews:

    My mother was from Iowa. She would have thought the Times headline was very much like those in the Des Moines Register. She claimed that if Jesus ever came back to earth, the DMR’s headline would be “Iowans Attend Second Coming.”

  4. 4

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Now that the ST has found out about the UW, ST copy editors may wish to avail themselves of the journalism classes available to them.

    ps. In addition to providing protection from puppy accidents, the ST is also very good for cleaning windows. Pick up an unread discarded copy of the ST today!

  5. 5

    SJ spews:

    Truly remarkable!

    Not only is he a UW grad, he is “honored and humbled by the opportunity and look forward to working with every stakeholder to preserve the wonder and magic that is Pike Place Market.”

    Hmmm … last time I read something like this was when Emmert was hired as a UW grad to serve as President of the UW. Emmert said this was a “job of a life time” and the last job he would want.

    Hows that Husky spirit treating ya?

  6. 7

    spyder spews:

    aaahh.. ’96 was a rare vintage, just now reaching its 15 year peak, aged as it is in oak barrels. A damn fine whiskey for a fish-throwing monger.

  7. 9

    Gil spews:

    That report is remarkably thin, considering the profile of the job. One wonders if the Times could have asked how he dealt with funding shortfalls at the pier.

  8. 10

    sdstarr spews:

    Isn’t it obvious why this is headline worthy? If this person graduated in 96 then they are probably not even 40. They’re a mere child, in charge of one of our cities most important institutions!