America’s Mayor? Hey FOX News… how’s that workin’ out for you?


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Mayor Rudy’s Stalinist Politics

    “Published: January 22, 2008
    [New York Times]

    “Rudolph W. Giuliani likens himself to a boxer who never takes a punch without swinging back. As mayor, he made the vengeful roundhouse an instrument of government, clipping anyone who crossed him.

    “In August 1997, James Schillaci, a rough-hewn chauffeur from the Bronx, dialed Mayor Giuliani’s radio program on WABC-AM to complain about a red-light sting run by the police …. When the call yielded no results, Mr. Schillaci turned to The Daily News, which then ran a photo of the red light …. That morning, police officers appeared on Mr. Schillaci’s doorstep. … They slapped on handcuffs and took him to court on a 13-year-old traffic warrant. A judge threw out the charge.

    “A police spokeswoman later read Mr. Schillaci’s decades-old criminal rap sheet to a reporter … a move of questionable legality because the state restricts how such information is released. She said, falsely, that he had been convicted of sodomy.

    “Then Mr. Giuliani took up the cudgel. ‘Mr. Schillaci was posing as an altruistic whistle-blower,’ the mayor told reporters at the time. ‘Maybe he’s dishonest enough to lie about police officers.’

    Mr. Schillaci … later received a $290,000 legal settlement from the city. ‘It really damaged me,’ said Mr. Schillaci …. ‘I thought I was doing … my civic duty and all. Then he steps on me.’

    “Mr. Giuliani was a pugilist in a city of political brawlers. But far more than his predecessors, historians and politicians say, his toughness edged toward ruthlessness and became a defining aspect of his mayoralty. One result: New York City spent at least $7 million in … paying retaliatory damages during the Giuliani years.

    “After AIDS activists with Housing Works loudly challenged the mayor, city officials sabotaged the group’s application for a federal housing grant. A caseworker who spoke of missteps in the death of a child was fired. After unidentified city workers complained of pressure to hand contracts to Giuliani-favored organizations, investigators examined not the charges but the identity of the leakers.

    “’There were constant loyalty tests: Will you shoot your brother?’ said Marilyn Gelber, who served … under Mr. Giuliani. ‘People were marked for destruction for disloyal jokes.’

    ” … When former Mayors Edward I. Koch and David N. Dinkins spoke publicly of Mr. Giuliani’s foibles, mayoral aides removed their official portraits from the ceremonial Blue Room at City Hall. Mr. Koch … shrugs. ‘David Dinkins and I are lucky that Rudy didn’t cast our portraits onto a bonfire along with the First Amendment, which he enjoyed violating daily,’ Mr. Koch said in a recent interview.

    ” … Years after leaving Manhattan College, [Giuliani] held a grudge against a man who beat him in a class election. He urged his commissioners to walk out of City Council hearings when questions turned hostile. … He cowed many into silence. Silence ensured the flow of city money. …

    “As mayor, [Giuliani] picked fights with a notable lack of discrimination, challenging the city and state comptrollers, a few corporations and the odd council member. But the mayor’s fist also fell on the less powerful. In mid-May 1994, newspapers revealed that Mr. Giuliani’s youth commissioner, the Rev. John E. Brandon, suffered tax problems; more troubling revelations seemed in the offing. At 7 p.m. on May 17, Mr. Giuliani’s press secretary dialed reporters and served up a hotter story: A former youth commissioner under Mr. Dinkins, Richard L. Murphy, had ladled millions of dollars to supporters of the former mayor. And someone had destroyed Department of Youth Services records and hard drives and stolen computers in an apparent effort to obscure what had happened to that money. ‘My immediate goal is to get rid of the stealing, to get rid of the corruption,’ Mr. Giuliani told The Daily News.

    “None of it was true. In 1995, the Department of Investigation found no politically motivated contracts and no theft by senior officials. But Mr. Murphy’s professional life was wrecked. ‘I was soiled merchandise — the taint just lingers,’ Mr. Murphy said in a recent interview.
    Not long after, a major foundation recruited Mr. Murphy to work on the West Coast. … A senior Giuliani official called the foundation … and the prospective job disappeared. …

    “This theme repeats. Two private employers in New York City, neither of which wanted to be identified because they feared retaliation should Mr. Giuliani be elected president, said the mayor’s office exerted pressure not to hire former Dinkins officials. When Mr. Giuliani battled schools Chancellor Ramon C. Cortines, he demanded that Mr. Cortines prove his loyalty by firing the press spokesman, John Beckman. Mr. Beckman’s offense? He had worked in the Dinkins administration. ‘I found it,’ Mr. Beckman said in an interview, ‘a really unfortunate example of how to govern.’

    “Joel Berger worked as a senior litigator in the city corporation counsel’s office until 1996. Afterward, he represented victims of police brutality and taught a class at the New York University School of Law, and his students served apprenticeships with the corporation counsel. In late August 1997, Mr. Berger wrote a column in The New York Times criticizing Mr. Giuliani’s record on police brutality. A week later, a city official called the director of the N.Y.U. law school’s clinical programs and demanded that Mr. Berger be removed from the course. Otherwise, the official said, we will suspend the corporation counsel apprenticeship, according to Mr. Berger and an N.Y.U. official. ‘It was ridiculously petty,’ Mr. Berger said. …

    “Mr. Giuliani’s war with the nonprofit group Housing Works was more operatic. Housing Works runs nationally respected programs for the homeless, the mentally ill and people who are infected with H.I.V. … The group’s members marched on City Hall [because] … Mr. Giuliani … considered doing away with the Division of AIDS Services …. Mr. Giuliani responded in kind. His police commanders stationed snipers atop City Hall and sent helicopters whirling overhead when 100 or so unarmed Housing Works protesters marched nearby in 1998. A year earlier, his officials systematically killed $6 million worth of contracts with the group, saying it had mismanaged funds. Housing Works sued the city and discovered that officials had rescored a federal evaluation form to ensure that the group lost a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    “Martin Oesterreich, the city’s homeless commissioner, denied wrongdoing but acknowledged that his job might have been forfeited if Housing Works had obtained that contract.
    ‘That possibility could have happened,’ Mr. Oesterreich told a federal judge. …

    “’The culture of retaliation was really quite remarkable,’ said Matthew D. Brinckerhoff, the lawyer who represented Housing Works. ‘Up and down the food chain, everyone knew what this guy demanded.’

    “The mayor’s wartime style of governance reached an exhaustion point in the late 1990s. His poll numbers dipped, and the courts routinely ruled against the city, upholding the New York Civil Liberties Union in 23 of its 27 free-speech challenges during Mr. Giuliani’s mayoralty. After he left office, the city agreed to pay $327,000 to a black police officer who was fired because he had testified before the City Council about police brutality toward blacks. The city also agreed to rescind the firing of the caseworker who talked about a child’s death. …

    “In March 2000, an undercover officer killed Patrick Dorismond, a security guard, during a fight when the police mistook him for a drug dealer. The outcry infuriated the mayor, who released Mr. Dorismond’s juvenile record, a document that legally was supposed to remain sealed. The victim, Mr. Giuliani opined, was no ‘altar boy.’ Actually, he was. …”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete story and/or copyright info see

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: This asshole is completely unqualified to be president. He looks like he’d be even worse than chimpface — more dishonest, and even less respect for the Constitution and individual rights, if that’s possible. Who the fuck wants a vindictive prick wielding the powers of the presidency? Let’s hope and pray that Floridians knock this cretin out of the race; because otherwise, Republicans — never the brightest galaxy in the heavens to begin with — just might be stupid enough to nominate him.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Speaking of fascist gasbags going down in flames…..

    What are the keywords for tonight’s SOTU drinking game?

    I think ‘subprime’ should be one, and ‘markets'; ‘terra’ of course (because he’s going to whine about Dems being soft on it, it’s his raison d’etre); what else? I think you should have to down a double-shot every time he mentions Helicopter Ben.

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    Proud to be an Ass spews:

    Fox News’ adoration of Rudi has gone for naught. What a shame.

    HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    Rudito Mussweenie, to paraphrase Al Davis, will go down, and go down hard.

    And for the assclown at #3:

    It must suck to be a Rethuglican drone. If we’re ‘childish’, then get ready for an asskicking from Baby New Year, sucker!

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    YLB spews:

    7 – No they wrote a documented account of his thin-skinned nastiness. Something he’ll practice in the White House if we’re that unlucky.

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    YLB spews:

    Bush is speaking – like a teenager faking through debate team.

    He’s rushing through the speech, so sad.

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    YLB spews:

    Ok, he’s on taxes, so he’s grabbed ahold of the speech a bit.

    18 billion dollars of spending he wants to cut out of 2 trillion budget?

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    YLB spews:

    Was he talking about greenhouse gases?

    I thought these republican bozos didn’t accept global warming.

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    YLB spews:

    UPDATE: Jesus, what a trite, boring speech. And “trite” is probably the nicest description.

    A laundry list of stuff he obviously doesn’t mean, never worked meaningfully towards in the last seven years, and won’t give a rat’s ass about two hours from now when he’s back in the White House. A few petty whines about earmarks and judges to remind ‘em he’s still the deciderer. And a big, last ditch helping of empty talk trying to redeem his own personal clusterf—, Iraq. Platitude, bluster, platitude, threat, platitude, pander, platitude.

    What a waste… for this, we numbed the butts of hundreds of our most esteemed citizens.

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    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    I’d be clapping too if I felt this insanity were drawing to a close TODAY. But we’ve got to deal with this fascist chimp for another 350 days.

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    Reformed republican spews:

    Faux News vocabulary test:

    Fair and balanced means: we slant republican

    Debate: We argue both sides at once

    Terrorists: Any democrat or Muslim

    national security: Let’s invade any and all countries with oil

    Higher taxes: Democrats

    Budget deficit: We don’t mention this

    Katrina: government incompetence (even if we support the current government)

    torture: Something we don’t do unless….we do it.

    Amnesty: Only for telecoms

    9/11 and Sadaam: If we say it often enough it must be true

    al qaida: Also Sadaam because we say so.

    Rudy: America’s mayor – we are all one big city

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    Reformed republican says:

    Faux News vocabulary test:

    Fair and balanced means: we slant republican

    msnbc, cbs, abc, nbc, et. al. means: we slant democratic. The left gets the support of the tradtional media almost exclusively. Is Keith-O fair and balanced? No. Is Bill Maher? How about the folks over at “Hardball?” Read Bernard Goldberg’s book, “Bias.” The TV meida is overwhelmingly left-leaning. Is that fair and balanced?

    On TV, there is almost total support for Democrats and leftist ideology. On radio, the right has the most stations and commentators, but Air America is there trying to sustain itself with contributions its audience.

    Wouldn’t it be great to just have the fucking news and not all the hired bullshit?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 What would you know about adulthood? There isn’t a single grownup in the entire GOP.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @7 What part of the NY Times story is untrue? Document it, please. We’re disinclined to take a wingnut’s word for anything.

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    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Roger Rabbit says:

    @7 What part of the NY Times story is untrue? Document it, please. We’re disinclined to take a wingnut’s word for anything.

    01/28/2008 at 8:35 pm

    They are liberal. That’s proof enough.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @13 Funny how earmarks weren’t a problem when GOPers were spending taxpayers’ money like water to fatten their own districts.

  17. 27

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Of course “document it” coming from a lib could be code for typing some bullshit up on a 30 year old typewriter.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @16 I think we should block every damn one of his judicial nominees. They did it to Clinton! By the time Bill left office a third of all federal judgeships were vacant and people had to wait years to get their cases heard. They blocked over 100 of Clinton’s judicial appointees, then bitched like hell when Democrats opposed 3 or 4 of Bush’s worst extremists. Screw the Repubs, don’t let Bush appoint one more judge! Block them all.

  19. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The telecoms wouldn’t need amnesty if they hadn’t broken laws and violated their customers’ rights in the first place. Amnesty is something only criminals need.

  20. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I think the Democratic Congress should pass FISA without amnesty and let Bush veto it so the whole country can see what his priorities are.

  21. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    And … make it clear this is the only FISA bill he’s going to get … we can play this “take it or leave it” game too.

  22. 32

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:


    They blocked them the old fashion way. They voted them down. They should have voted down more. Of course you dems block judicial votes. Of course dems are natural pussies so what else is new.

  23. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 “The left gets the support of the tradtional media almost exclusively.”

    Nope. It only seems that way because objective news reporting has a way of refuting Republican bullshit even without any editorial commentary — truth speaks for itself. That’s why the GOP needs the Fable Network to get their propaganda out.

  24. 35

    Tom Foss spews:

    At 32- apparently you forgot your history. No, they did not viote them down, they killed them with green slips, or one vote. Then, when they got control, they changed the rules to not allow the minority party the same courtesy. Please be accurate, and don’t mislead. You are entitled to an opinion, not your own facts.

    As to the immunity being asked for, please tell me when immunity has ever been granted for a humane, generous, or altruistic action. They want immunity because these companies have traded info for humongous financiak benefits frm the Repubs in Congress and the FCC. Basically, I call that bribery. Or business as usual under these criminals who are running this administration. Policy is not pirate’s booty to be looted by the party in power. But you would think so watching this gang.

    As for FISA, the underlying bill is suspect, and now it is considered too permissive. In really tough times, a founding hero named Ben said those who trade freedom for security will have neither. That is where we are going.

    I have never been more sickened by a speech.

    Hell, I am missing Reagan again.


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    Danno spews:

    Been away awhile, nice to see RR and whoever YLB changed his name from are hard at it drinkin Koolaid like the freakin moonbats they are keeping this limp blog on life support.

    You are all still insignificant little nothings.

  26. 37

    Jack Flanders spews:

    Who cares about Rudy. I mean really, he’s moot. He’s not going to win, he’s not even going to overtake Ron Paul. Remember when Fred Thompson was SURE the be the new front runner and the new Reagan? Then nothing. For whatever reason Rupert Murdoch has his “news” (giggle) organization trying to get Rudy elected, but Rudy hasn’t come in the top 3 in any state so far.

    If I understand his strategy, he’s planning on winning one single state (Florida) and by winning ONE state late in the game, that will give him some magic momentum. Huh? Even if that made any sense or had ever worked in the history of U.S. politics (and it hasn’t), he isn’t even CLOSE to likely to win Florida. I assume if he comes in a distant 3rd in Florida he’ll just drop out? Even IF he wins one state eventually (unlikely) what’s the point? Huckabee is more likely to be the Republican nominee at this point that Rudy.

    Sorry Rudy, but you’re in the Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel camp of ‘interesting’ people, but people who aren’t going to be President.

  27. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @36 Of course I’m an insignificant little nothing. I’m a 33-lb. rabbit living in a hole in a public park! It’s hard to get more insignificant than that.

    Well, I can think of how — get extinct. That’s right, as insignificant as I am right now, I’m still a hell of a lot more significant than dust. After you humans pollute, starve, and shoot yourselves off this planet, rabbits will run this place, and I’ll be their king! And you’ll be nothing but fucking dust.

  28. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @36 (continued) P.S., let me know where your bones return to earth so I can make a point of locating a rabbit latrine there.

  29. 40

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Quinnipiac Poll Results

    (from their web site)


    Democrats – Clinton 50%, Obama 30%, Edwards 12%
    Fascists – McCain 32%, Romney 31%, Giuliani 14%, Huckabee 13%


    Democrats – Clinton 49%, Obama 32%, Edwards 10%
    Fascists – McCain 29%, Giuliani 26%, Romney 14%, Huckabee 9%


    Democrats – Clinton 51%, Obama 25%, Edwards 10%
    Fascists – McCain 30%, Giuliani 30%, Romney 9%, Huckabee 8%

  30. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I think the Democratic Congress should send Bush a stimulus package that includes tax rebates for Social Security retirees and extended unemployment benefits, and if he vetoes it, we can use that as a potent campaign issue against the GOP in the fall.

  31. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Another reason (of many) for rejecting Giuliani is his aloofness from the press, as described in this Newsweek article, which presages another presidency (if he somehow won) in love with secrecy and lacking transparency.

  32. 44

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Clueless wrote: Oh I forgot. This chimp isn’t really a “conservative”.

    Hey 16%ers, you may need to stop calling Bush the Chimp. Better yet keep it up, chimp has better memory! es/live/articles/news/news.htm l?in_article_id=510260&in_page _id=1770

    PuddyStudy: Smarter than a human? You 16%ers surely know how to pick your metaphors. Waaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa

    haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa


  33. 45

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Regarding Robert Byrd, Hilary Clinton and John Murtha earmarks: It was the donkeys who said they would eliminate earmarks. Remember the Pelosi tirade October 2006.

    Puddy always does his studies!

  34. 46

    Brian spews:

    the KIRO web site suck’s Bryan Styblehead cool aid !
    Hay have you check on Lethargic Luke ( Monotone boy )is he Bryan Herr” Stybleheads Little Brother ? thanks were is Chris at ?

  35. 47

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    You see Clueless, even Danno@36, can leave and come back and still identify who you are… a mindless kool-aid drinking 16%er. Now who was the first to say that about you long ago?

    Another PuddyStudy confirmed.

  36. 48

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Golly Pelletizer@33 did someone “spike” your carrots?

    WTF are you babbling here? Year after year >85% of MSM people vote donkey, plain and simple. One year it leveled out at 89%. And… if you been playing, Puddy delivers the code words in their news commentary just about everyday for you to read…

  37. 49

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Pelletizer@33: I’ll break it down for you really small bytes just for you. Read the code words from one of the 16%ers masquerading as a news person:

    KEITH OLBERMANN: If you’ve ever heard of those composers of the classical era, and of their unfinished symphonies, this was perhaps a State of the Union Address, a “best of” album of unfinished symphonies. Consider what we heard tonight, oldies but not so goodies: al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq; the ink-stained thumbs of the Iraqi elections — that’s three years ago this Wednesday — bringing justice to our enemies for 9/11, a pledge that has been stated again and again since 9/11; the armies of compassion in New Orleans — Hurricane Katrina was around Labor Day of 2005; No Child Left Behind invoked; the surge forces we sent to Iraq are beginning to come home; the promise of the return of troops from Iraq, repeated again; stopping a plot to fly a plane to the tallest building in Los Angeles — that’s the Liberty Tower Library Tower story about which counterterrorism experts have their doubts, to say the least, and about which the President when initially reporting it did not previously inform the authorities of the city of Los Angeles that he was going to reveal that, sending that city into something of a panic, and got the name of the building wrong when he first revealed it. Another story about passenger jets invoked again, bound for America over the Atlantic, even though it proved later that the people who were supposed to try to blow them up did not have tickets nor passports to even get on board those planes. And then the one that probably set half of the audience that heard this speech ablaze mentally about Iran: Come clean about your nuclear intentions and before that verifiably suspend your enrichment of uranium, invoking, if not word for word, Chris Matthews, then at least in terms of spirit, the infamous 16 words and the yellowcake pancake, yellow pancake of Niger in 2003, extraordinary that that phrase would appear in this man’s last State of the Union.

  38. 50

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Pelletizer@33: I’ll break it down for you really small bytes just for you. Read the code words from two of the 16%ers masquerading as a news person:

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: I still think, Howard, challenge me here, that the big news today, the State of the Union, is the deal announced today at American University between Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama, that is the State of the Union. I’m not sure this adds to the definition of this presidential campaign or what’s to come in the next year at all.

    HOWARD FINEMAN: Well, Teddy and Obama together were a union that describes the state of the country right now, the state of what’s going on on the floor right there. When Obama walked into that room, it was as though the conquering hero, the young prince had come in. He represents something that the Democrats are trying to say, which is that this way of doing business is over with, and something new is required, something big.

    OLBERMANN: Senator Obama, thanks for your time tonight. Not-so-greatest hits tonight in the President’s address? I mean, we counted here at least nine reruns in this from previous States of the Union and previous speeches to the nation ranging from Katrina to the use of the phrase “enrichment of uranium,” which we’ve heard somewhere in the past before. What did that speech strike you as?

  39. 51

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    OLBERMANN: To focus on what the President said about Iraq, Senator. We heard a phrase that came to my mind was the “vestigial presidency,” this non-treaty treaty to stay perpetually in what the President tonight termed a “protective overwatch mission,” which has been already interpreted in some places as basically endless war. Is that what you heard about Iraq?

    [OBAMA]… very long answer

    Gosh, you mentioned the possible President part. I’m glad you did because I have a question about that, too. Did you perhaps overshadow, did you and Senator Kennedy perhaps overshadow this speech tonight with your gathering earlier today in Washington?

    [OBAMA]… another very long answer

    OLBERMANN: And al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq, according to the President tonight. We also need to have a protective overwatch mission there, which, as I’ve said before, sounds like and has been interpreted as endless war. What was the President’s strategy in Iraq in that speech tonight?

    [JIM WEBB]… a very long answer

    11:00 p.m.
    OLBERMANN: The Commander-in-Chief looking to make claims that seemed analogous to his now infamous 16 words about Iraq and Niger’s yellowcake uranium five years ago in his pre-war State of the Union Address of 2003.

    GEORGE W. BUSH: Tehran is also developing ballistic missiles of increasing range, and continues to develop its capability to enrich uranium, which could be used to create a nuclear weapon.

    OLBERMANN: If you are checking your watch now to check the date, that was tonight. That was not from the 2003 State of the Union message.

    [PuddyStudy] Keith: Russia sent nuclear fuel to Iran last week. Did you forget that?

    EUGENE ROBINSON: The President once again raises the specter, almost in passing, of an Iranian nuclear weapon, enriching uranium to, you know, that they could use to build a nuclear weapon, without mentioning that his own National Intelligence Estimate says there is not now an Iranian nuclear weapons program, so, you know, again, it does go to perpetuate this kind of atmosphere of perpetual terrorism crisis and rogue state crisis that he likes to come back to again and again. …

    MATTHEWS: Do you think the Vice President with the help of Scooter Libby may have come back in force to put those lines in there, as Keith might have suggested, without getting too personal about it? It did seem like a golden oldie there he put in there in that stack?

    ROBINSON: Yeah, I would have thought that after the NIE, you could kind of let rest for a year since you’ve been told by your own intelligence agencies that this is not now a threat, not a threat for the foreseeable future, but, so maybe the Vice President did want to mention it for old time sake.

  40. 52

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Now the fun begins Pelletizer:

    MATTHEWS: Let’s bring in Andy Card, who served as White House chief of staff under President Bush. You know, it’s easier, Mr. Card, to give a State of the Union when you’re about 70 percent in job approval. It takes a little something to go out there when you’re about 30.

    ANDY CARD, former Bush Chief of Staff: Well, I’ve been listening to you and Keith. I can’t tell you how cynical you two sound, and almost every guest you’ve had on has been very cynical. You can’t even find an objective skeptic to interview. [Puddystudy – This is MSNBC part of the 16%ers] And I can tell you, the President’s address tonight was very important because it really was a sobering call to reality for us. And the reality is we have an enemy who wants to hurt us. The primary job of the President is to protect us. [emphasis mine]

  41. 53

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    And Pelletizer, lastly Keith steps in it as Pat hand him the flaming paper bag…

    LBERMANN: I want to focus you in and get your reaction, particularly, as somebody who knows the writing of speeches and the reading of presidential speeches and candidate speeches intimately, would you ever, under any circumstances, have imagined that after 2003 and the 16 infamous words about Niger and yellowcake uranium, would you have ever imagined hearing a phrase that said, “Tehran is also developing ballistic missiles of increasing range, continues to develop its capability to enrich uranium”? Does something not ring somewhere to say, “Don’t use a phrase that immediately invokes 2003 all over again”?

    PAT BUCHANAN: Well, I think on Iran, let me say, you know, they are enriching uranium. I mean, Ahmadinejad indicates, I think he’s saying they’re doing a lot better at it than they really are.

    PuddyStudy: Clueless’ hero Ahmadinejad told the IAEA to take a hike. Secretly Clueless cheered this action.

  42. 54

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Now how can I call Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann news people? The same way the 16%ers call Bill O’Reilly a news person!

  43. 55

    YLB spews:

    Stupes @ 54

    We don’t call O’Reilly a news person. Felafelman is a shit head.

    “Secretly” you revel in your and your heroes’ shit-headedness.

  44. 56

    YLB spews:

    and in the large scheme of things you and you ‘bro Danno (who probably thinks Obama is a Muslim) are “insignificant little nothings”.

    Watch out!

    Here comes November!

  45. 57

    Tommy Thompson spews:

    @20 – maybe the majority of people know something that the minorities can’t understand because they are too thick headed self righteous bastards.

  46. 59

    rhp6033 spews:

    Puddy: I’ll admit that I don’t know how the “MSM” folks vote, whether Democratic or Republican.

    But if the “MSM” people do vote overwhelmingly Democratic, then it’s probably because (a) they know the issues better than the average American (since it is an important part of their jobs that they do so), and (b) they know the politicians well, since they see them often, both when they are on-the-record, and off. Under those circumstances, the allegation that most of the “MSM” end up vote Democratic could hardly be called a ringing endorsement for the Republican Party.

    I, myself, have issues with the MSM folks, but it’s for the opposite reason. My problem is that for the past couple of decades, in an attempt to be truly fair, they have blindly published blatant Republican falsehoods, without subjecting them to rigorous fact-checking. The Republicans caught onto this during the early years of the Reagan administration, and found that if they told lies fast enough and often enough, the MSM would merely repeat the lies in a misguided effort to give the Republicans every opportunity to defend their position. The result was that they left it up to the public to try to decide what was true, without any assistance.

    By the Clinton/Bush years, the Republicans had control over the entire MSM, ironically while trashing it at the same time. Even when the MSM tried to investigate a Republican statement fairly, by the time they were able to broadcast the results, the news cycle was several days old, and the hot news topics were the new Republican lies which had been issued that day and perhaps the day before.

  47. 60

    rhp6033 spews:

    Besides, the “MSM” is having trouble finding a story in the Democratic race, so they are trying to turn a little sparring into “race baiting”, in order to create a story. The fact is that almost all of the Democrats can support Clinton, Obama, or Edwards, if any of those three happen to get the nomination. The Republicans say they want Clinton to run because it will “galvanize” the Republicans, bringing them back together to oppose her. The Democrats don’t need any such help from the Republicans. Democratic voters will vote for the any Democratic nominee, just to get the Republican hands out of our pockets.

  48. 61

    rhp6033 spews:

    In the Republican camp, it looks like McCaine is the front-runner of a flawed field in the primary process. But the fact is, each of the Republican candidates have very strong negatives within their own party. The Republican establishment absolutely hates McCaine, for reasons I don’t quite fathom. I guess they don’t feel he’s a “team player” (i.e., he doesn’t follow lock-step the far-right Republican leadership). Romney & Gulliani have “flipper” problems – they couldn’t win their state positions without being in favor of abortion and gay rights, but it’s awfully hard for them to reverse course now in order to get the nomination – will they flip back again when they try to win the general election? For the remaining Republican faithful, those issues are cast in stone, and it’s hard to imagine them getting the nomination if there is any doubt where they stand. But the “economic” Republicans don’t like Huckabee much either.

  49. 63

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    rhp6033 said: Puddy: I’ll admit that I don’t know how the “MSM” folks vote, whether Democratic or Republican.

    What PLANET do you live on? You too can create a Google search to see the real deal! I’ve posted that seven times man on this blog. Sure Pelletizer tried to refute it, he’s a lawyer and he’ll tell you that flaming bag of shit you just stepped on was your imagination!

  50. 64

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    rhp6033: How old were you during the “Reagan Years”?

    Look up the Star Wars stories. Do you realize some of the defense research during those years is now in some of the high end tech products you so depend on today?

    Where do you get your information from/ Clueless’ warm white sticky kool-aid sites?

    So are you going to finally answer my Omnibus Tax and Reconciliation Act of 1982 question?

  51. 65

    rhp6033 spews:

    Puddy at 64:

    “rhp6033: How old were you during the “Reagan Years”?

    In 1976 I voted in my first Presidential election. I remember the Reagan years quite well, thank you – although probably not through the same “rose-colored” specticles you use.

    Look up the Star Wars stories. Do you realize some of the defense research during those years is now in some of the high end tech products you so depend on today?

    I don’t recall personally trying to knocking out an ICBM from a space-based platform anytime over the past week or so, but I’ll look into it. (Granted: Federal research projects often result in unforseen consumer applications – what would we ever do without Tang?)

    So are you going to finally answer my Omnibus Tax and Reconciliation Act of 1982 question?

    I must have missed that question, or forgotten it. If you asked it last week, I probably missed it entirely, as I was pretty busy “producing”. If you care to repeat it, I will consider looking into it, as time allows.

  52. 66

    correctnotright spews:

    billions of dollars on Star Wars and…..nothing to show.

    Government boondogle for the defense companies and waste of taxpayer money by ronald “raygun”.

    sorry Puddy – this was supposed to be a satellite based missile defense -never happened and we got almost nothing from it. the ground missile defense was separate and we already were working on it.

    If we had invested in high tech energy instead – we would be light years ahead of the sorry state we are in now –

    the worlds biggest gas guzzling cars
    the world largest trade deficit
    the worlds largest consumer of oil
    the world largest importer of oil

    yeah – great leadership by raygun – he did leave us with one record – the worlds largest deficit until Bush.

  53. 68

    Bagdad Bush spews:

    Thank goodness “America’s Mayor” will never get the chance to be America’s President.

  54. 69

    correctnotright spews:

    Also, Guliani can’t be america’s town idiot – that position is permanently filled by GWB.
    Wow – so glad that was the last pathetic state of the union speech by Bush – he has no ability to speak or to even recognize the pure hypocrisy of most of what he says.

  55. 70

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @62 Yes! Yes! Yes! Kick that fucking dog!!! Then throw it out the window! The only thing dogs are good for is substitute paper airplanes.

  56. 71

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @62 (continued) If for some reason you can’t locate a suitable dog, I have a particular one in mind.

  57. 75



    “Dogs are the most useless organisms ever invented, a total waste of oxygen.”

    Invented? You mean intentionally created? Not the result of random evolution? Perhaps the product of some intelligent being who designed them?

    Who knew? Rabbit is now on record as endorsing Intelligent Design and disavowing the liberal orthodoxy of mindless, random evolution.

    See you in church?

    The Piper

  58. 76

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:


    Last time – What happened on the Omnibus Tax and Reconciliation Act of 1982? When you correctly answer that question your last line in post #66 will become crystal clear to you…

  59. 77

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Look at post #55 and then look at post #58.

    Now you see the stupid gene rising in Clueless. Or is that an idiot gene sighting?

  60. 78

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:


    Pelletizer is a figment in his own mind. He was invented. He invents his sex acts with rabbits too. Really disgusting when you think about it.