All in the family


Sarah Linden, the women in the picture… that’s Darcy Burner’s little sister.

When Darcy talks about the war in Iraq and its impact on military families, she talks from experience, citing her own brother, who served in the initial invasion force. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk about her sister Sarah, who has served her nation as an FBI analyst, helping to uncover and prosecute a nationwide spy network of former Iraqi agents. Partially that’s to protect her sister’s privacy, and partially that’s because she wouldn’t want her sister to run afoul of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities like, you know, Darcy’s campaign.

Darcy comes from an impressive family, deeply involved in the war and its impact. Perhaps that partially explains her passion and expertise on the issue.


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    Jacob @2,

    Well, for once I’d like to see somebody try to explain to me what experience Reichert had that allegedly made him so qualified to serve in Congress? Or, you know, you can just continue to bash Darcy.

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    Sez Goldy:

    Jacob @2,

    Well, for once I’d like to see somebody try to explain to me what experience Reichert had that allegedly made him so qualified to serve in Congress? Or, you know, you can just continue to bash Darcy.


    That was the sound of the “He was the sheriff, and he caught the Green River Killer” stopwatch being started.

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    Mark1 spews:

    So because her family are these things, somehow she deserves to be in gov’t? Don’t think so. Someone might want to inform her that George Bush will be leaving shortly, (I know thats a shocker!) so her “campaign” against him is moot. Still an empty-suit, and her little “plan” isn’t worth the scrap of paper it’s written on. Only an unemployed non-tax payer like YLB for example would support such a miserably unqualified candidiate with no experience. It’s despicable. Her lights are on, but no ones home.

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    Mark1 spews:

    12 YLB :

    Let’s see, do you even know what that stands for? If you don’t ask RR. When you get a job, be sure and let me know, until then talk to the hand and see #11. Good luck!

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    YLB spews:

    Let’s see, do you even know what that stands for?

    Yep it stands for what you do and what you project onto Roger.

    Same silliness, different day.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Darcy’s no fool. She knows that with a bitter recession staring us in the face, we need to put our economic house in order to retain our status as a world leader and remain militarily strong.

    And the first order of business to put our economic house in order is to STOP THE WAR.

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    Stuff @6,

    So tell me, how was Reichert’s experience as the elected Sheriff (a position he was originally appointed to, and thus won as the incumbent) any better preparation for being a legislator than Burner’s experience as a high-level manager at Microsoft? And what has Reichert accomplished in the House that demonstrates his competence or leadership?

    Come on… for once folks… explain to me what makes Reichert a great congressman!

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    Isn’t the ONLY issue here PR?

    I would think that this story owuld be good meat for the Seattle media. I also think DB might well invite her sibs, AND some similar locals, to some sort of event.

    As for the Reichert vs. Darcy, OBJECTIVE issue, that seems to me to have all the allure of the new Bush half dollar coin (face value $1). Objectively the two are really not very different. Darcy is a self taught wonk with some managerial experience at MS. REichert is a long term civil xervant who is on the losing side (we assume) of the trend in congress but does have seniority withing the minority party. He is NOT stupid, as someone said last night. So we have DB who is brighter and Reichert who is more experienced, but neither has super creds.

    So, getting DB elected comes down to building up her image of competence.

    The dangers facing her strategy are:

    I expect there will be a campaign to revitalize the Rep0ricans around moderates like Snegger and McCain. While S’negger can not run for VEEP, he could work powerfully with a McC ticket to elect locals. Confidence that a vote for Reichert is a vote for Bush will be replaced by concern that fisclly conservative and moderate right POV are needed to balance the “extremism” of the left.

    How to counter this:

    1. The PLAN was and is a good idea, BUT she MUST not let herself be trapped into calling this a plan as opposed to a legislative agenda. Getting Reichert engages in a debate over how quickly to extricate troops is NOT a good idea. Getting him into a debate about the resources needed to repair the damage done by Bush is a very good idea.

    2. Northwest Issues

    Darcy seems to me to fall down on representing the Northwest. She needs to identify with and take stands on issues that relate to Boeing, Bonneville, guest worker visas, and funding for biotech/UW.

    3. Education

    Given her District and background, this seems to em to be a win win. The reps focus is on how to undermine the opublic schools. Strategically that makes sense because in code it does nto include schools int he wealthy suburbs. BUT, there are issues that effect the burbs a lot, inmclding costs of tuition for mid income students and the rewards we do not offer for academic achievement.

    If BHO is the candidate, he will push for bottoms up reform, focussing on all kids can learn and the needs for responsibility in the public schools. This will inclde issues Darcy should support such as Master Teacher and Charter School programs.

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    @16 Goldy …

    Isn’t the argument that Darcy is offering CHANGE and new ideas better than trying to compare her relatively modest record vs. his relatively modest record?

    It seems to em that the big arguements for DB right now shuild be that she is amking the effort to consider the legislation we need to get out of the Iraq Swamp, while the best Reichert can claim is to have serrviced his District well for three (?) terms. What pro mise does he have for the future? Is there any reason to think he is going to ridse t a leadership role that would benefit his District? Whatr has HE offered … other than support for GWB, to resolve the Iraq Debacle?

    On specific issues … how doers Reichert’s record on McCain Feingold or Immigration compare to McCain’s. When McC opposed Rumsfeld, where did the Shariff stand?

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    busdrivermike spews:

    But, let us be fair. Dave Reichart had known for years that Gary Ridgeway was the green river killer before he finally arrested him.

    Just think of the photo. If Dave Reichart was in charge of all those bags of information, he MIGHT be through bag one by now.
    Sheriff Hairspray is that thorough.

    Hey, how long was DNA forensics around before Hairspray decided to test the evidence of the man he knew to be the killer. Five years? Ten?

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    the “womAn” in the picture, not “women”.

    You should have just written, “blah blah blah I love darcy burner, she’s so great omg!”

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    correctnotright spews:

    @18 Seattle Jew

    I think the argument is that Darcy has a record of accomplishment in the private sector and has a plan to end the Iraq war.

    Reichert has a record of incompetence as sheriff (and before)and blindly following Bush as a congressman and no plan for ending the Iraq war.

    What has Reichert done in the private sector? Has he ever been in business or has he been at the public trough his whole life?

    What has Mark done in business that is so impressive he can berate someone for being unemployed?

    Hey Mark – I have a job and you are an inconsiderate lout with half a brain (and I am being generous on the brain allotment). Lucky I don’t kick your sorry republican butt – you little wimp.

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    pu spews:


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    pu spews:


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    GBS spews:

    YO @ 25:

    What’s to be afraid of?? You’re safe and sound hiding behind your computer screen in your momma’s basement.

    Fuck, you must be about 57 years old. Don’tcha think it’s time to lose your virginity and move out on your own?

    BTW, fucking the dog or your pissed stained teddy bear doesn’t count.

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    Hannah spews:

    Ok you two…stop bickering! @GBS…you’re wasting your breath on PU.

    Ok today is 5 years in Iraq, and I have heard the conspiracy theories over the years. So if Bush and his Admin start pulling out of Iraq and are almost done before the elections, where does that leave us? Let’s say he finally listens to the people and Congress, and starts withdrawal and all hell breaks lose in Iraq, who’s to blame?

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    K spews:

    Bush is to blame via the Pottery Barn Principle- you break it, you bought it.

    He has screwed up so badly, for so long, he cannot wash his hands of it.

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    Puddybud spews:

    The winner!!!!!

    busdrivermike says: “But, let us be fair. Dave Reichart had known for years that Gary Ridgeway was the green river killer before he finally arrested him.

    … worthless dribble…

    Hey, how long was DNA forensics around before Hairspray decided to test the evidence of the man he knew to be the killer.”

    BDM: No one else has answered the questions. Since you got most of it right let’s continue.

    In 1983 Richard Kraske was the investigation head when the Task Force was originally formed.

    Who gave Ridgway the lie detector exam? IT WASN’T REICHERT you dipshits!

    In 1984 Frank Adamson took over as head.

    The DNA swabs back in 1984-1986 could only get it down to 1 in a million and Ridgway’s lawyer pleaded successfully in court this wasn’t good enough evidence. So KCSD kept the swabs.

    In 1986 James Pompey became the head of the investigation.

    “According to the Seattle Times, in July 1991 the task force was reduced to just one investigator named Tom Jensen. After nine years, roughly 49 victims and $15 million dollars, the task force still had not caught the Green River Killer. The investigation became known as the country’s largest unsolved murder case. The case remained dormant for 10 years.

    In April 2001, almost 20 years after the first known Green River murder, Detective Reichert, who had become the sheriff of King County, began renewed investigations into the murders. It was a case he refused to let go of and he remained determined to find the killer. This time the task force had technology on their side.

    Reichert formed a new task force team initially consisting of six members, including DNA and forensic experts and a couple of detectives. It wasn’t long before the force grew to more than 30 people. All the evidence from the murder examination was re-examined and some of the forensic samples were sent to the labs.

    The first samples to be sent to the lab were found with three victims that were murdered between 1982 and 1983, Opal Mills, Marcia Chapman and Carol Christensen. The samples consisted of semen supposedly taken from the killer. The semen samples underwent a newly-developed DNA testing method and were compared with samples taken from Ridgway in April 1987.

    On September 10, 2001, Reichert received news from the labs that reduced the hardened detective to tears. There was a match found between the semen samples taken from the victims and Ridgway. On November 30, Ridgway was intercepted by investigators on his way home from work and arrested on four counts of aggravated murder.”

    I used one site for the last five paragraphs. I Googled
    Results 1 – 10 of about 27,300 for Gary Ridgway Green River Killer caught.
    Results 1 – 10 of about 27,400 for Green River Killer caught Gary Ridgway. and I started reading.

    That’s how I determined who gave the lie detector tests.
    THat’s how I determined he first refused to take a lie detector test.
    That’s how I determined who was the lead officers.
    That’s how I determined who was doing what.

    All you fools were doing was nothing much…

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    Puddybud spews:

    PU: Trust me GBS does not work for fast food. He dresses nicely for a non-black and he drives a foreign job. So you’ll need to hone your attack somewhere else.

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    Hannah spews:

    PuddyBud—-great research on Ridgeway! I am an avid watcher of CourtTV and have seen several specials on the Green River killer and it’s nice to see someone else who has paid attention to the facts of the investigation. Had it not been for Reichert, I believe, and so do forensic experts I have heard in interviews, Ridgeway would still be free.

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    YLB spews:

    “As a detective, I never held Reichert in high esteem,” said Bob La Moria, one of Reichert’s supervisors. “He was more interested in dealing with victims’ feelings and sensitivities, which is commendable. But it doesn’t help you solve the case.”

    Atchley, another supervisor, said Reichert “actually was more of an impediment to the investigation.”

    “He was probably the worst detective I’ve ever worked with,” Atchley said. “He developed tunnel vision.”

    La Moria, Keppel, Atchley, Adamson, task force member Matt Haney and others acknowledged Reichert didn’t believe during the 1980s a truck painter named Gary Ridgway was the Green River Killer. In fact, Atchley said, Reichert actively argued against Ridgway.

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    YLB spews:

    Mark Prothero, one of Ridgway’s defense attorneys, saw a different side to the man he called “Sheriff Hairspray.”

    In the days before Ridgway pleaded guilty, Prothero observed then-secret meetings the lawman held with the killer. Decked out in his full sheriff’s regalia, Reichert met with Ridgway, though little substantive emerged.

    “It appeared to be a prolonged photo-op for Reichert’s next political campaign,” said Prothero, noting stills taken from police video later showed up in the press.

    “Every single interview conducted with Gary Ridgway was videotaped. That was standard procedure,” Reichert wrote Thursday.

    Sheriff’s spokesman John Urquhart said critics “resented the publicity he got. If they were the sheriff … when the worst serial murder case in U.S. history was solved; if they had also been the lead detective on the case; if they had his charisma; if they had his Hollywood looks; if they were the head of a large police agency, they would have gotten the publicity, too.”

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    YLB spews:

    “Foster successfully pushed Reichert’s buttons,” says Guillén, “in the end, his ego and stubbornness railroaded the investigation at its most critical time.” When they couldn’t develop a case against the cabbie, the police had no other viable suspects, so they disbanded the task force; thus crippling the investigation and leaving it seriously undermanned.

    It took years to eliminate Foster, according to Guillén, and “… the damage had been done. Valuable time and resources were wasted while the killings continued.”

    There were more screw-ups under Reichert’s lead. “It had been Reichert,” writes Prothero, “who had been at the Green River the day that Debra Bonner’s body had been found… [and] had discovered Opal Mills’ body… three days later when it was too late to put surveillance up around the river area…”

    Debra Bonner’s body had been found in the Green River Aug. 12, 1982, but Reichert failed to stake out the area until too it was late to catch Ridgway who dumped Opal Mills’ body there three days later. According to Prothero, the surveillance was not established until Aug.15- not three days earlier as Reichert implies in his book.

    When not kissing its ass or trying to manage the news, Reichert has always been quick to scapegoat the media. Reichert blames KIRO TV for blowing that stake-out with their helicopters when actually, there was never any surveillance until after the second body was found.

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    pu spews:


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    Sempersimper spews:

    #35 PU
    Jesus Christ! Do you have ANY brain left, or did it ALL drain out your dick on that last cheap hustler blowjob???

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    Sempersimper spews:


    Now that you’ve complimented puddy, there is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that you’re a nutjob wingnut troll.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Hannah: Excuse simmeringsempleton. He can’t shake off his headless lucy past.

    Still waiting for those answers to my network questions.

    Wait… you don’t know them. You’s a Seattle School District teacher…

    WAAAaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa

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    Puddybud spews:

    Golly Clueless Idiot: You use on Seattle Times source.

    Clueless Idiot forgets to include the same people who were denigrating him in the article said:

    Supervisors’ evaluations of Reichert during that time mostly describe a diligent worker and key task force member. Reviews of Reichert by both Atchley and La Moria say positive things, too: “You are clearly an asset to the Task Force!” says a review the two supervisors co-wrote of Reichert in 1987 (PDF. They rated his performance as “an overall exceeds officer.

    Yet HorsesASSHolers, Your Clueless Idiot “forgot” about this paragraph? Well of course, he’s your Clueless Idiot.

    “By the mid-1970s, work reviews and news stories described an aggressive cop racking up arrests, winning praise — and awards.”

    “oth incidents earned Reichert various awards — including the department’s highest honor: the Medal of Valor. In 1992 — nearly 20 years after the incidents — then-Sheriff Jim Montgomery awarded him two valor medals.”

    Throughout the decade, Ridgway, who years later confessed to the killings, repeatedly surfaced as a suspect. But investigators say they couldn’t find enough evidence to make a solid case until DNA advances tied him to several victims in 2001.

    Clueless Idiot, you weren’t the one who posted this original article. You haven’t been researching anything on The Green River Killer. You are a groupie who joins in when you feel it’s expedient in the hope to not look as a Clueless Idiot.

    Remember while the 16%ers here have been attacking Reichert, I asked the simple questions only BusDriverMike understood and answered a few of them. You surely didn’t Clueless Idiot, hence you’ll be forever the HorsesASSholers Clueless Idiot.

    Wear that title with pride Clueless Idiot. Shucks you don’t even want to see a conservative his panic become a SCOTUS member. Sucks to be you…

  29. 41

    Hannah spews:

    Puddy…RE: SimpleMinded ooops I mean simplesemper…Yeah well I agree with all who point out the truths and in the Green River Killer story I believe you pointed out the true story of the investigation! I guess since I look for TRUTH that makes me a troll in sempers eyes. hmmmmm completely the opposite of what he normally says about trolls.

    Once again, always have voted dem, still voting dem, hmmm MUST BE A TROLL! LMAO IDIOT!

  30. 42

    YLB spews:

    40 – Nothing but a fool shouting. You draw out one positive on Reichert and then descend into name-calling.

    Reichert neglected to do a stakeout after the Bonner body was found and then tried to blame his imcompetence on KIRO helicopters.

    Reichert developed tunnel vision on Foster. Wasted time and resources. A terrible detective.

    He’s a shameless self-promoter who had the nerve to use his bungling of the GRK case to spring into Congress where he’s completely ineffective.

  31. 43

    Puddybud spews:

    You are the Clueless idiot with one source. Another one of your simple explanations to facts.

    Why not scroll the over 25,000 other ones and read?

    Wait a minute… that means you’d have to do something other than holding onto momma’s bathrobe in her basement, while you hunt and peck on the keyboard. You haven’t been researching anything on The Green River Killer. You are a groupie who joins in when you feel it’s expedient in the hope to not look like the Clueless Idiot you are.

    You claim to have children. God help them as their father is a Clueless Idiot.

  32. 44

    Puddybud spews:

    Clueless Idiot: I drew out many positives. Here let me show them to you again for the first time…

    When did Reichert become Sheriff?

    Who was Reichert’s boss during the Green River killings?

    What was missing from their investigation?

    How many lie detector tests did non-sheriff Reichert give Gary Ridgway?

    How did they catch Gary Ridgway?

    That’s just a sampling of the questions I’ve asked over and over. Because you couldn’t answer them you waited for others to step up to the plate as the HorsesASShole Clueless Idiot.

    Remember Hannah this is from the same Clueless Idiot who wrote about Pelletizer:

    “He’s a rabbit, fool! What the fuck’s the matter with you?”

    A Classic!

  33. 46

    Hannah spews:

    Isn’t that the truth…I respect Reichert for finally catching Ridgeway after the case went to cold files 10 years prior. So since I respect him for re-opening and re-examining the case and evidence, I am condemned as a troll. That, right there, explains alot why our government is soooo screwed up and has been for many years. People like semper, believe only what they want to believe when it works for them. Just as Bush believes in the war and who cares what everyone or anyone else thinks. I have never said I believe Reichert is the best man/woman for Congress.

  34. 47

    correctnotright spews:

    Puddy: Wrong again
    In 1986 they could get DNA down to much less than 1 in a million – by RLFP. Restriction fragment length polymorphisms and Southern blots – have been around for at least that long.

    If Ridgeway had to go to court to protect his DNA – why didn’t Reichert put surveillance on him?

    Reichert had tunnel vision – went after the wrong guy and messed up the investigation. All your excuses are just that – excuses. Even Reichert’s boss said he was bad and set back the investigation.
    I guess that means he was “good” for a republican – because incompetence is rewarded. There was enough suspicion that Ridgeway was a suspect – but no one bothered to chewck his work records and correlate them with the deaths – or to follow up on the DNA evidence. Sloppy, poor investigative work – by Reichert primarily. Steering the investigation the wrong way towards and innocent guy that Reichert didn’t like. Again – Reichert is and was INCOMPETENT.

  35. 48

    YLB spews:

    44 – He blew the stakeout Stupes – as if there was a stakeout to blow. Once Ridgway was caught, Reichert showboats on camera to springboard into higher political office where he flops around haplessly to keep his job – just like he did as Sheriff.

    The articles claim he hustled all those medals.

    He’s as empty as your apologies for him.

  36. 49

    Sempersimper spews:

    @39 Puddy

    As usual, you’re full of shit. You’ve posted no questions. I looked.

    You’re a total fool for all to see.

    I work for an agency of the federal government.

    You think, as usual, that you know way more than you do.

  37. 50

    Puddybud spews:

    Personal bitch correctnotright:

    I’m wrong or you choose to ignore the facts 22 years later. Go back to the court records. See what his lawyer argued. Read the damn court papers fool!

    My excuses? I read many hours of testimony sheriff reports, written accounts, etc. How could I create those questions? Pull them out of my ASS as you have done on every Reichert thread? At least BusdriverMike did some research. You researched your wiener!

    All you have is conjecture. Worthless conjecture at that.

    Prove to me you’ve read anything past the Seattle Times story? You haven’t. You can’t! How did I come up with those five easy pieces that blow your insipid vacuous argument away?

    How did I KNOW Reichert didn’t administer the lie detector tests incorrectnottobright? I had to read it for myself.

    Damn you are a silly debating idiot. You are almost at dull knife status!

  38. 51

    Puddybud spews:

    He hustled the medals? Golly where have I heard that before……….

    Oh yeah John Effin Kerry and his Vietnam experience. Thanks for reminding me Clueless Idiot. You are godd for something. Not much though.

  39. 52

    YLB spews:

    51 – Hey he went over there and got shot at. He shot a few people too. He didn’t like what he saw and spoke out against it.

    More than anyone can say for that drunken chimp you voted for twice.

  40. 53

    YLB spews:

    When not kissing its ass or trying to manage the news, Reichert has always been quick to scapegoat the media. Reichert blames KIRO TV for blowing that stake-out with their helicopters when actually, there was never any surveillance until after the second body was found.

    Exactly what right wingers like you do everyday. When the media serves your agenda, it’s ‘lookee here MSM agrees’ when it reports some inconvenient truths, it’s scapegoating time, MSM conspiracies, etc.

    We see right through you and your ugly crowd Stupes.

  41. 54

    Puddybud spews:

    Simmeringsemperer I asked them again in this open thread. You choose to ignore cuz you are

    1) An idiot
    2) Stupid
    3) Don’t know what you claim
    4) Ignant
    5) All the above

    For the third time… 33#comment-755588 33#comment-755589

    You can’t cheat by Google or “your employees” as the “average” network engineer knows these questions off the top of their head.

    BTW it’s in the new Open Thread.

  42. 57

    Mark1 spews:

    @14 YLB says:

    ‘Let’s see, do you even know what that stands for?

    Yep it stands for what you do and what you project onto Roger.

    Same silliness, different day’

    Dumb little unemployed worm, “OCD” stands for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. If you’re going to throw the name calling around, by all means do; just know at the very least what the definitions and acronyms are you twit. You must be one of them fancy book-learned people. Wow! Now back to Momma’s basement like a good boy.

  43. 58

    YLB spews:

    57 – Well I can’t really say that screed was all that OCD. May be some. It lacked “government cheese” and “ditzy Darcy” but did have “unemployed” though.

    Can we look forward to the same old horseshit tomorrow then?

  44. 59

    Mark1 spews:


    Missed the point us usual there unemployed. Again, shooo; run along back to your basement. May I suggest you buy a dictionary and look up the defintion of the word pathetic. You have no standing in society, nor anything meaningful to contribute and therefore cannot legitimately ridicule or critcize others on anything. If you do not like continually hearing the word unemployed, then may I suggest you move out of your parent’s house and become employed. Until then, any opinions or mouth spewings you may have amount to a fart in the wind. You’ve been called for what you are YLB, and that’s only a fault of your own. Goodnight.

  45. 60

    GBS spews:

    DA WO, AKA PU @ 35:

    Put a hickey on your hemmroid?? No thanks. If that’s your pleasure, you should check in with Sen. Larry Craig’s office, or former Mayor Jim West. I think their affinity for homosexual intercourse is more up your “alley.”

    Or, see where JCH is hiding these days. You sure sucked up to that lying loser.

    Remember when I busted JCH for lying about his military service. Remember when he claimed he never went to flight school, then I posted his remarks about washing out of naval flight school?? Remember??

    Yeah, you do. You inbred, homosexual, brown-noser. You’re the only 57 year old I know that still enjoys getting a good spanking from your mother.