Absolute power corrupts Republicans

In the unlikely event I ever run for office, I’m likely to rue my penchant for criticizing the opinions of the Seattle Times editorial board. (Hell, I’m likely to rue half of what I write here.) I just hope they give me credit for the times I highlight my agreement with them.

Like today’s editorial: “Congress overreached in IRS oversight gambit.”

The bill gives agents of appropriations chairmen access to Internal Revenue Service facilities and “any tax returns or return information contained therein.”

Now that is scary.

It certainly is. In the words of Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

But then, loyal Republicans shouldn’t worry, as I doubt the Republican leadership intended to use this arrogant abuse of power against them.

[Speaking of corruption, it’s just a lame-ass internet poll, but I find it amusing that in my poll of “Who is more corrupt?”, “corrupt people” is currently coming in last, behind both Republicans and Democrats. I think that says something about how much the two sides trust each other.]


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    Peter A. spews:

    Watched the C- span Senate debate of the spending bill where and when that gem of political war was discovered buried and un announced in the bill from the House.

    It is political revenge machine. Opposition donor lists would be posted for examination by the IRS. Businesses and individuals who have lengthy returns can spend tens of thousands in an ordiinary audit.

    Nixon would be proud indeed, if I remember correctly he liked enemies lists. Omni government is coming to your neighborhood and your life. Restrictions on basic freedoms we have presumed for 200 years are on their way.

    Wait untill hard core Right Wingers, they manage to take the power to review away away from the federal judges. You know, those activist judges. The ones mentioned in the constitution appointed for life. Hard to manage their decisons, really hard. Warren was a Calif. conservative who found a distinct independent voice when he arrived on the court. Dangerous judges, don’t follow the party in power.

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    DamnageD spews:

    “…I find it amusing that in my poll of “Who is more corrupt?”, “corrupt people” is currently coming in last…”

    Well Goldy, at least 21% of us haven’t developed a bad case of the mental “lather, rinse, repeat”. But we all know how accurate polls are anymore. Maybe there should be a recount!

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    Chuck spews:

    Just a little note on the subject at hand, I am a conservative and tend to vote republican usually unless I have to hold my nose. But if anyone on this board thinks for one moment that anyone running for office or in office isnt part of the money machine they have created and will be as dirty and corrupt as anyone else I have news for you. Democrat, republican or independant in charge makes no diff. This government has become a machine bent on taking your rights and as much of your money as possible, all we can do is (hopefully) elect people that can slow it down a little. Even your law enforcement has given up on criminals because they cannot pay into the system, so instead they take a report over the phone when your stereo gets nabbed and tell you they cannot do anything about it while they write you a ticket for over $100.00 for not wearing your seatbelt or going a few miles over the speed limit under the ruse they are “saving your life”. If I need Billy Graham I will attend a sermon, leave me alone! But this is my point, it is all money, this machine is out of control and I dont think anyone can stop it!

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    Mr. Cynical-dy spews:

    No you cannot stop it…but you can slow it down at State & local levels of government. How?? By taking the money away! The only way to truly reform local & State government is by holding the line on tax & fee increases or reducing revenue until needed reforms happen. In order to do this, you need strong, fiscally conservative leaders who will not cave into every Leftist tale of woo…..like our kids will be stupid, old people will die in their homes, babies will starve etc. etc. This is why Eyman was successful…he tapped into the feelings of hard-working, non-government workers…that were sick & tired of seeing hard-earned tax dollars pissed away. Eyman failed because he allowed his ego to make it more about him than the underlying issue. There are lots of us who are tired of paying for non-productive bureaucratic goo to micro-manage our daily lives. And we are tired of the threats & guilt trips. There are plenty of ways for those in need to get help…the least cost-effective is some government bureaucracy!!!
    Chuck, I would suggest you start attacking this locally. Get to know your elected officials. Get involved..don’t just complain. It’s a war for sure…but one where the tide can be turned. It just takes strong, fiscaly conservative people that say no to tax increases and force accountability for all existing tax dollars.

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    Chuck spews:

    Oh to be sure I hear you Cynical, but it never ceases to piss me off, as diligent as the voter is they still try to ignore the people. If they dont like an initiative they simply take it to court, if the judge doesnt go their way on the issue, they raise the taxes somewhere else to get their money. I am constantly on the phone, writing or letters to them, you get the cute letter back…Thank you for writing…
    Let me tell you a little story about the Tacoma Dome, they put some neon “art” that the public found unpleasurable. An initiative was passed to remove the “art”. The counsel had a meeting to “figure out what the voters ment”. They determined that the voters meant they should buy a cover so if you rented the dome at your option they would throw a blanket over it. Is this what the people wanted? I dont think so myself, but this is what happens all the time. This is why I tend to vote republican.Not that they are much better but I get less doublespeak out of them and they dont try so hard to “help” me. Dont help me, Ill help myself…

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    Mr. Cynical-dy spews:

    Great example…I think folks like Goldy, who hates Tim Eyman, ought to gleen from our exchange the perfect antidote to Tim Eyman. That is to stop electing stupid, weak-kneed politicians who take the time to really understand what folks want….and want the don’t want. And what they don’t want is elected officials who piss away public money and ignore clear instructions like the artwork.

    I did my time as an elected official. It was trying and very hard on my family, especially my wife. When you are the guy turning over the rocks and questioning everything, it isn’t long before pretty much everyone dislikes you for messing with their “good pork” hand-out! I tried and after awile I didn’t care what folks thought of me. Take away the money and question everything!!!! NO SACRED COWS!!! Unfortunately, most folks are too gutless to run in the first place and once in, they want to read good things about themselves in the paper and be “beloved”. Hence, the beat goes on!!!
    Chuck–think about running or finding good candidates and stand behind them. I had well-meaning folks who helped me get elected…then they disappeared. Human nature, I guess.