A One Day Session Once A Month

The Senate Republicans and turncoat Democrats are still up to their bullshit. They may try to oust Ed Murray as Ways and Means chair if he doesn’t negotiate for their budget.

But here’s the thing. As Goldy mentions, we don’t have to hurry to get a budget passed. A budget passed the last session and since it’s biannual* it isn’t required to pass another one this session. While that means (depending on how the economy does) we’ll have to pass another budget at some point, it doesn’t have to be now.

So here’s my suggestion: the House Democrats pass their ideal budget fix and then say take it or leave it. If the Senate leaves it, have Gregoire call a special session a month from now to see if they’re in a better mood to pass it. If not, we can keep waiting. She can do the same thing until the Senate agrees.

Of course neither the legislators nor Rob McKenna could raise any money if we do that, but the second half is my favorite part.

* Also, does anyone find it funny that the budget we compromised with the GOP last year didn’t make it a year before they claimed crisis, but now they’re demanding 4 year budgeting.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This is Disgusting!!!

    No, I don’t mean the GOP budget shenanigans; I’m referrring to this:


    Twenty bucks for two rolls of Obama Toilet Paper! That’s a disgusting ripoff!! We’ll sell you Bush Toilet Paper for $9.95! Or you can choose from Bachmann, Palin, McCain or Cheney. Ours is better quality, too. Theirs feels like sandpaper on your ass; it’s probably from China.


  2. 2

    proud leftist spews:

    Here is what I hear: Rodney Tom can’t run for office again because he has now betrayed both parties. Jim Kastama is too damned dumb to know that you wipe after you shit and not before, and somehow thinks this little move of his won’t impact his chances of becoming Secretary of State, and, well, every Democrat in the Senate simply wants Tim Sheldon to move over to the Republican Party because that’s where he belongs.

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    Doc Daneeka spews:

    I think it is noteworthy that Murray’s initial reaction to the Coup attempt was to instruct the caucus and staff to continue working with and supporting the three just like before – as if they hadn’t quit the party and betrayed their colleagues.

    And what was the response? Calls from the GOP and their new pals to overthrow the Chairman.

    Kumbaya, motherfuckers!

  4. 4

    isambard kingdom brunel spews:

    The whole episode in oly is too damn funny……the lemmings are in uproar!

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    Steve spews:

    A few facts about the legislative freeze. Legislators can raise money on the first day after session up until the first day of any special session. So they can, for instance raise money over this weekend. As a result, the best pressure can be created by having a continuous special session until the Senate d’s get the additional vote they need.