A Better Day

Of course we’ve known since election day, or thereabouts, that today would be the day marijuana and gay marriage would be legal in Washington. Still, going to bed reading about the people waiting to start the process finally at midnight and waking up knowing that they live in a state that lets them get married is great. Before I went to bed, I wondered if I should go down to a repeal day event even though I don’t smoke marijuana and then I woke up knowing that people around the state weren’t going to jail for that.

It’s a rare thing to wake up in a state that’s so much better than when you went to bed. Today was one of those days, so savor it.


  1. 3

    Jimmy 'if I understand you correctly' Miller spews:

    Well, Carl, if I understand you correctly, you just really said that you are in favor of people being allowed to perform these formerly illegal acts therefore depriving the private criminal housing industry a lot of private revenue in the free market.

    Typical liberal reaction.

  2. 4

    Evergreen Libertarian spews:

    Carl I don’t think referring to marijuana as being legal in the state of Washington is correct. It is just slightly less controlled.

  3. 6

    Jimmy 'if I understand you correctly' Miller spews:

    re 3: I thought that the “private criminal housing industry” would make it clear that I was satirizing a certain blogger’s interrogative style.

  4. 9

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    I think it was unwise for those folks who smoked cannabis at the Space Needle the other night at midnight. The DEA ain’t gonna take much more of this flaunting of the federal laws before they start harming and killing people who use cannabis. Remember, they’re nothing more than common thugs over at the DEA, and they would be happy to arrange the death of a cannabis user.