#9 Norm Johnson, FTW


From the Kitsap Sun article:

Former Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson helped pull a woman from her overturned car Monday morning, on his way to taking his son to school.

While driving along Olympic View Road around 9 a.m. Johnson saw a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am that had hit black ice and landed on its top in a large ditch.

Johnson, a real estate agent for Reid Realty, stopped when he saw the car at a 45-degree angle in a ditch filled with water. The woman inside was screaming, and another woman at the scene was calling 911.

The driver of the car had freed herself from the driver’s seat and crawled to the back of the car to get away from the water. She was scared and screaming and couldn’t get herself out, Johnson said.

Johnson used a large rock to break the glass and helped the woman from the car.

“She climbed out, I gave her a hug and she was just really scared,” he said. “She likely was in shock.”

Norm Johnson is fourth on the All-Time Points list, but he’ll be first in the hearts of his countrymen (and women) from now on. (Josh Brown ain’t got nothin’ on “Mr. Automatic”)

Number Nine slings the rock into the window,smashing the glass… and… and… It’s good!


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    Union Machinist spews:

    Great story.

    All hail to Norm!

    I was in a dreadful wreck last January and a good Samaritan stopped, as well. So maybe some day I can pull a Norm and repay.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I thought this was a political blog? Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing — and I mean NOTHING — that works quite so well for a situation like this (short of a tow truck) as an 80s-era Ford Bronco with an 8,000-lb. Warn winch on the front bumper. Just hook ‘er up and yank ‘er out.

  3. 3

    George Hanshaw spews:

    I thought this was a political blog?

    I thought it was a free-fire zone…..

    But hey, if you want kids to learn to be responsible citizens, you need to recognize people that ARE being responsible citizens, just to let them know that THAT is the way we all should act.

    Next time you do something like that, Roger, let me know, I’ll tell all the kiddies what a great guy you are too. In the meantime let’s honor the guy who was the man on the spot and did the right thing.

    That fair enough?

  4. 4

    Piper Scott spews:


    Still pimpin’ that Bronco, eh? Can’t sell the damn thing, so you flog it as the ultimate “get your name in the papers” hero rig.


    It’s still a “Fix Or Repair Daily,” and the humiliation you experience every moment for getting suckered into buying it must cause you to lose sleep at night.

    Norm Johnson, on the other hand, in an act of Republican courage and with his bare hands (he don’t need no stinkin’ Bronco) got the job done.

    For another hero story, how about Jeanne Assam the volunteer security worker at the Denver-area church? http://www.thedenverchannel.co.....etail.html

    The former Minneapolis police officer showed true grit in stopping the crazed gunman bent on killing as many Christians as he had rounds of ammunition.

    Who will play her in the movie that will get made of this story? And who will next argue that a private citizen doesn’t need a hand gun for protection?

    Norm Johnson and Jeanne Assam…Heroes abound!

    The Piper

  5. 5

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Way to go Normie, but McGyver would have used a rubber band and a paper clip to flip the car back onto the road and jimmie the lock.

    Piper: I would argue that a private citizen does not “need” a handgun for protection, any more than they “need” to bring water wings on their next WaSt ferry ride (well, maybe not such a good example–but the point stands).

    And really, “Republican courage”? What fucking bullshit.

  6. 6

    Piper Scott spews:


    Did Jeanne Assam need a handgun? Or would persuasive TLC have sufficed?

    To put it another way, would you rather she wasn’t carrying a handgun? Or are you glad she had one?

    It’s amazing to me how many stories I’ve heard from women- WOMEN!!! – who’ve either used a handgun to scare off an intruder, or, in one case with which I’m very familiar, used a handgun to shoot wounding an intruder IN HER BEDROOM!

    Were it not for the Second Amendment, how many of these encounters would have gone the other way?

    BTW…I own a rifle and a shotgun, but no handgun. Based upon the growing number of crazed murderers on the loose, however, maybe I’ll put a Heckler & Koch P2000 on my list to Santa this year. When you can’t even go to church without getting shot at…Well, you get the picture.

    The Piper

  7. 7

    Puddybud spews:

    PTBAA: What is wrong with you? Jeanne Assam is a hero to most normal human beings called Americans. She stopped a crazed Christian hating moron! But to the small minded, the illiterate, the stupid liberals, she was wrong.

    Typical Typical