60 Day Limits Released

The preliminary 60-day supply limits for medical marijuana patients in Washington have been released:

Patients authorized to possess or grow marijuana for medical reasons under Washington law would be limited to 24 ounces of harvested marijuana, plus six mature plants and 18 immature plants, according to an official draft rule filed by the state Department of Health today.

The filing of the draft rule starts a rule-making process and a public-comment period. A hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 25 in Tumwater, Thurston County.

As I mentioned below, this is lower than earlier numbers proposed by the DOH, but it’s also higher than the 3 ounces that law enforcement considered “reasonable.” Why these numbers? Probably because they’re exactly the same as what Oregon allows.

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, the prime sponsor of the bill tasking the State Department of Health to set the limits, has released a statement:

We have a responsibility to stay true to the values of compassion and empathy that are at the basis of this law, which was passed by voters in 1998. While I appreciate the Department of Health’s efforts to address this complex issue, I am concerned that today’s proposed rule is more restrictive than what had been previously discussed and may be unclear regarding a physician’s role in making a recommendation for a patient’s use of medical marijuana. Since the rule is not yet final, I encourage all stakeholders to continue providing written input and participate in the upcoming public hearing on August 25 to ensure a full consideration of their concerns.


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    Phil K spews:

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    Steve spews:

    The Rossi campaign got hold of all the season ticket holder’s email addresses? Was it clear that the email was from the Rossi campaign?

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    Phil K spews:

    Thanks, Lee!

    I knew Goldy would love this, and I just figured this was the best way to get the story out.

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    Phil K spews:

    Steve @5

    The email was purported to be from

    The subject was “Please Join Dino Rossi for an Evening with the Everett AquaSox – July 7th”

    The rest of the email is @1.

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    GBS spews:

    Legalize it, tax it, let offenders convicted of minor felonies out of jail, and stop wasting my tax dollars enforcing a stupid law.

  6. 9

    Phil K spews:

    Steve @5:

    It was from “dino.rossi@dinorossi.com” (without the angle-brackets).

    And it was not only season-ticket holders (which I am not) – it included people who had sonly bought tickets online.

  7. 10

    Rightstuff spews:

    I tend to agree here about marijuana.

    But on the otherhand…1.5 pounds is a 60 day supply?

    No wonder the marijuana lobby is never taken seriously.

  8. 11

    michael spews:

    We have a responsibility to stay true to the values of compassion and empathy that are at the basis of this law, which was passed by voters in 1998.

    Me thinks that if they were trying to, “stay true to the values of compassion and empathy that are at the basis of this law” it wouldn’t have taken a decade to figure this out.

  9. 12


    You need a lot more of it when you make it into food, which people who are unable, or unwilling, to smoke it will often do.

  10. 13

    Rightstuff spews:

    Thanks Lee,
    You are completly right…
    Of course I associated use of marijuana with the method I’m familiar with….(doh!)

  11. 14

    puget sound octopus spews:

    24 oz is still a lot of weed, even if you cook it. And besides, that’s with six mature plants (bud on the leaf) and 18 soon too be budding plants (weed in the pipeline).

    The problem here like the statistics false positives/false negatives tradeoff:

    Set the number to high and you will get low level dealing (24oz at $300 an ounce would make for lucrative side gig for a certain blogger), set it too low and some folks with a pretty extreme, if justified, medical marijuana consumption are inconveinenced (it seems like by modifying the grow cycle/staggering crops, 18 plants with 24 oz in the bank should be enough to keep a steady supply of weed). Either problem with the setting the bar–low level dealing, inconvenienced patients–isn’t especially compelling to me without more evidence.

    I vote for the no big deal reaction. Oh, and good on Washington for its weed laws.

  12. 15


    I just posted at Reload about this asking people in the medical marijuana community to look at what’s happened in Oregon in order to convince those on fence that the limits are too low.

  13. 16

    Steve spews:

    OK, I don’t quite get it. What’s this 60 day supply and 24 ounces about? Is that 24 ounces of bud? Does that mean that over a period of 120 days a person can go through 48 ounces of bud?

  14. 18


    Basically, the legislature is saying that a person can have a sixty-day supply of the medicine in their possession at one time, and the DOH was tasked with establishing that number. What they came back with were the numbers that Oregon allows a patient to have at one time (although Oregon’s law does not actually specify that these limits are a “sixty-day supply”).

    I know that there are patients out there who go through more than an ounce a week. As a recreational smoker, I have trouble comprehending that, but I also don’t have a terminal illness or are in need of serious pain management.

    I’m discussing this with someone in Portland today and he’s giving me information about how the limits have worked in Oregon. I’ll hopefully be able to post up more soon.

  15. 19

    Steve spews:

    One way to look at it – three plants under one 1000W metal halide light just might get you 18 ounces of bud (Hmm, now how would I know that?). Figure four crops per year max, or 72 oz. per year. More likely three crops per year, or 54 oz.

    A late friend who had cancer along with a double organ transplant said he went through an ounce a week.