by Goldy, 05/26/2010, 1:37 PM

$58,409.09 a day. That’s how much money real estate speculator Dino Rossi needs to raise between now and Nov. 2, just to match the amount Sen. Patty Murray had raised by the end of March. That’s $408,864 a week. Over $1.8 million a month. Nearly $10 million between now and election day, mostly from wealthy contributors.

And in return? He’ll fight for lower taxes and less regulation.


26 Responses to “$58,409.09 a day”

1. Josef (aka Vote Dino, Get Marummy Too) spews:

Dino Rossi figured in his own slick way that with Mary Lane Strow working for him he just needs to pay her salary, the press will drink the strawberry milk and the Republicans will Save Our State.

Crazy, huh?

2. notaboomer spews:

no caps on contributions by corps and billionaires. will murray or rossi deliver the most privatized profit and public risk to the lake washington waterfront class? that’s who gets the senate seat.

3. ArtFart spews:

Just remember, every time you fiddle with your 401K investments, it means Richard Mellon Scaife gets to skim a little more off to help out Dino and his ilk.

4. 42-year Seattle Voter spews:

With “independent” expenditure groups working on his behalf, his campaign itself doesn’t need to equal Murray’s warchest.

5. Jimbo2 spews:

So if I got this right and he gets less than 58,409.09 a day he won’t be quite as corrupt by special interests as Murray?

6. Max spews:

If anybody can sell out to giant corporations, Dino Lossi can!

7. Roger Rabbit spews:

Dino’s “business” experience working for a felon who robbed widows and orphans should help him with fundraising. All he has to do is find some money to steal.

8. kt spews:

To be a just a LITTLE more precise, Goldy, she had $5,916,995 in the bank at the end of March, having already spent $4,479,193 of the $9.8 million figure you’re referring to. The $5.9 million is the number for comparison using your analysis – such as it is – and since there are 159 days left before Nov 2, Rossi only has to raise $36,981.22 a day.

9. MarkS spews:

Geez. That’s almost what I make in a year.

10. YLB's accountant spews:

@9 That’s almost what I make in a year

Imagine how YLB feels – it’s $36,981.22 more than he makes in day.

11. Puddybud sez, Ask the goatsee the caboose of every thread spews:


Bwaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

Thanks for the laugh!

12. Dr. Dre spews:

whats worse? Dino’s business experience or certain ex lawyers who post on the internet who got kicked from the WA state BAR?


13. Dr. Dre spews:


14. YLB spews:

Imagine how YLB feels

Pffttt. I’m flattered that someone would take the time to imagine how I’d feel..

I myself prefer to imagine that Rossi will be a three time loser in November.

If past performance is in any way indicative of future results…

15. getreal spews:

Wow! It is a total frenzy and Murray supporters are SWEATING!!!! Why so afraid??????? Bets on the average anti-Rossi posts per day?? What is wrong with a viable challenger and an open debate? Scared much?

16. YLB spews:

What is wrong with a viable challenger and an open debate?

Nothing. Recently, an “open debate” worked great 2 times with Rossi and once with McGavick.

Results were excellent.. Wins for the Dems.

However, “viable” is indeed “debatable”. Insurance and Real Estate shills don’t strike me as “viable” in the current economic climate.

17. witchiwoman spews:

Since the real estate market is still down, how does Mr. Rossi expect to make over $58,000 a day? There just aren’t that many big spenders out there at the moment, are there?

18. Dr. Dre spews:

Mumbles McGavick is turning out to be a disaster….nice “win”…

same goes for skeletor down in Olympia..
“we dont have a budget deficit”
“now is not the time to raise taxes”


19. manoftruth spews:

maybe he should have attended the jewess’ barbara boxers fundraised at the getty house with the chimp in chief. at 20k a plate they made a couple of mil. all to help the middle class.

20. Josef (aka Vote Dino, Get Marummy Too) spews:

@19 manoftruth

Hey, anti-semite, suck my conservative Jewish ass.

Not G*d damn America, G*d BLESS America

21. manoftruth spews:

call me whatever you want, you dont get a kick out of goldsteinberg saying mostly wealthy contributors the day after the chimp in chief fundraisers at , of all things, an oil tycoons house. you must be tone deaf.

22. Michael spews:


Wow! It is a total frenzy and Murray supporters are SWEATING!!!! Why so afraid???????

Frenzy? What frenzy? We’re board stiff. The only fun in speculating on this race is who’s going to lose to Murray (Benton) and by how much (12%).

23. correctnotright spews:

Oh, our resident racist and anti-semite is blathering again:

chimp in chief

Yes, you really can make a case….of how racist republicans are.

Hey Puddy, claim one of your own: Woman of falsehood

24. correctnotright spews:

@18: You mean MIKE!
The guy who easily won the republican nomination and was an insurance company executive….haha

You republican losers keep putting up sexual deviants and crooked business people.


25. John425 spews:

@24: “You republican losers keep putting up sexual deviants and crooked business people.”

Yeah, like William “Cold Cash” Jefferson and Barney Frank. Ooops! Wrong list of crooks and deviants.

26. manoftruth spews:

hey correct. i havent been around for a while , so i forget if you’re a kike or just a stupid tool of them. anyhow, whats worse, a racist, or a doctor who sticks a metal tube in the brain of an unborn baby and sucks his brain out? hint, most abortion doctors are kikes.