$12 Minimum Wage

That’s the proposal from Representative Jessyn Farrell for the entire state. Goldy has the details and some speculation about what it could mean for Seattle’s efforts.

Washington’s current inflation-indexed minimum wage of $9.32 an hour is already on pace to exceed $10 an hour by 2017, so the actual net increase on final phase-in would be less than $2 an hour. But that’s not nothing to the half-million or so Washingtonians who see their wages go up. It’s also arguably good for the economy and good for taxpayers.

“If families have more money in their pocket, it lessens the demand for government assistance,” Farrell explained in a press release. “That saves all of us money.”

True. Although it’s first and foremost a moral issue. People ought to be able to survive and raise a family in this state. And a minimum wage ought to be reflective of that. I’d still prefer a $15 minimum wage statewide, but this is an obvious improvement.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What Recovery?

    CNN reports that 95% of the economy’s gains since 2008 have gone to households earning over $394,000; and that unemployment would be over 10% if discouraged workers who have dropped out of the workforce were counted.


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Government policies have benefited only the rich. Most Americans are still living in a depression.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The posterboy country for austerity is sliding into recession.


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Conservatives are wrong about austerity, period. Cutting government spending during a downturn makes the downturn worse, period. But reality has never stopped advocates of Wingnut Whack-O-Nomics.

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    Lenin spews:

    Why not make it $30 an hour? I bet that would make fools like Sawant happy (though she probably won’t be happy until everyone is equally poor.)

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    ArtFart spews:

    @2 Can’t help but think of all the rich folks at Davos this weekend congratulating themselves for doing such a bang-up job while the markets all over the world have gone into a nose dive.

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    SJ spews:

    Win an AR 15!

    Lee Bright, a far right TPer is running for the Reprican nomination for Senate in So Carolina. If he wins, he will run against Sam Nunn’s daughter on the Dem side.

    YOU CAN SUPPORT Bright AND maybe win an AR 15 by entering the raffle. apparently they do NOT require a contribution

    but I put in $5 figuring it is a good investment!

    The details are on THE Ave.US

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 I’m not worth anything, because I produce nothing of value, but I get paid handsomely by the stock market. Well that’s CAPITALISM for ya!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Why do wealthy people always get wealthier during depressions? And does that have anything to do with why we have to go through depressions?

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    pignose amp spews:

    “Why do wealthy people always get wealthier during depressions?”

    I don’t know. On the other hand, how does a rising tide give you a better boat? The boat’s the same, the water is just higher.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 Sorry, but that analogy doesn’t work anymore. The wealthy are taking it all, and no one else’s boat is being lifted. That’s what the income data show.