Today I want to apologize to the people of Seattle, my family, my friends and all of my supporters. I am more sorry about this incident than I can express in words. I have devoted much of my life to public service and most of the year to my campaign for Seattle City Council.

I am first and foremost a mother and wife. My biggest concern and my first priority is my family. I am incredibly sorry for how this situation is impacting them.

I do not believe I was impaired. I had two drinks with friends over dinner after a long day of campaigning, but I respect the system that will ultimately make that judgment.

I would never intentionally put myself in the situation of putting others at risk or violating the great trust so many supporters have given me.

Last night was a very stressful time for me. I did everything asked of me by the officer who stopped me, including taking a roadside sobriety test. The officer who stopped me treated me fairly and explained everything to me. When I was at the precinct I decided not to take any additional tests. In retrospect, that may have been a mistake.

As we move forward with this campaign, I remain hopeful that I will have the opportunity to serve the voters and the city of Seattle.