From: "Drew Stokesbary" <>
Subject: Mark Hargrove


I noticed that one of your clients, XXXXXXXXXXX, has contributed to Geoff Simpson. I'd like to encourage you to see if you can get Simpson's opponent, Mark Hargrove, a similar contribution from XXXXXXXXXXX. I understand there are political reasons for that contribution, but the dynamics of the race of have been shifting lately.

* Mark won the primary by over 7 points.
* Simpson was one of two incumbents who did not get the most votes in their primary (the other being Jim Dunn).
* Simpson spent $125,000 on the primary on TV, mail, consultants, and staff, yet 60% of the district voted against him (Mark spent about $15,000; the third candidate mini-reported).

Admittedly, Mark did not look like the strongest candidate going in to the primary. He raised about $25,000 from family and friends, but nothing from HROC, the lobbying community, or major donors. It was just him and his volunteers knocking on about 11,000 doors leading up to the primary. But after his strong showing in that election, more folks are jumping on board. The caucus is making a significant hard-dollar contribution, and probably a larger soft-dollar contribution. Builders, construction, insurance, pharma, NFIB, ag, and others are jumping in now.

By all measures, Mark is one of the top candidates in the state right now. And beyond that, Simpson is damaged goods (; there will surely be some group making IEs noting his problems, and that alone would be enough to propel Mark to the top. Mark is going to win this race, there is no doubt about it. He's the new favorite, and it would be wise for XXXXXXXXXXX to be on Mark's side when he wins.

Hopefully you're able to help out.

Drew Stokesbary

Drew Stokesbary
Field Director, Re-Elect AG Rob McKenna
Campaign Chair, Hargrove for House
(360) 481-1337