Subject: Public Records Request
Date: September 14, 2007 11:27:16 AM PDT

September 14, 2007
Mary Leider
Public Records Officer
Washington State Auditor’s Office
Insurance Building
Washington State Capitol Campus
PO Box 40021
Olympia, WA 98504-0021
Public Records Request
Dear Ms. Leider,
Please consider this a formal public records request for all communications including, but not limited to:  phone logs, emails, notes and letters,  among and between Washington State Auditor’s Office staff, consultants (and subs) including, but not limited to Jerry Pugnetti, Ivan Dansereau, Mike Murphy, Alan Pisarski and the individuals listed in Attachment A concerning the following audits:


Department of Transportation
Highway Efficiency Audit
Talbot, Korvola & Warwick LLP
Department of Transportation
Highway Maintenance and Construction Management
Talbot, Korvola & Warwick LLP
Sound Transit
Light Rail Construction Management
Talbot, Korvola & Warwick LLP

I am requesting records from a date of three months prior to commencement of the audits through September 11, 2007.  If this request involves a large volume of documents, I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to prioritize the response.
Thank you for your attention to this request.

David Goldstein

Attachment A
WAO Public Records Request
Will Knedlik
Bruce Nurse
Tim Eyman
William (Bill) Eager
John Niles
James MacIssac
Todd Woosley
Kathryn Serkes
Michael Ennis
George Kargianis
Richard Harkness
Dick Paylor
Emory Bundy
Kemper Freeman Jr.
Richard Morrill
Bob Williams
Lynn Harsh
Jonathan Bechtle
Jason Mercier
Dann Mead Smith
Paul Guppy
Jim Horn