What the Fuck is Bumblefuck?

If you’re offended by swearing, you may want to not read the rest of this piece. Also, you’re reading a blog called Horse’s Ass, so there’s that. Basically, what I’m saying is my parents might not want to read the rest of this piece.

What the fuck, Seattle Weekly? Look, I know since McGinn said the city wasn’t going to advertise in the Weekly as long as their parent company didn’t ID their adult service ads, the Weekly has been out to get McGinn. And it isn’t like they were super friendly before that. But fuck me if this isn’t the goddamn stupidest piece of shit public records request I’ve ever seen.

I mean yes, there are a few words in that list that are rightly off limits* and it would be a legitimate story if McGinn or his staff used them. But basically, any elected official or their staff who want to say “crap” is fine by me. Hell, I sort of expect a few fucks and shits.

In fact, I’m a little disappointed with McGinn’s team. Only 14 uses of swear words in a year and a half? That’s like a slow motherfucking thread here. Jesus Christ on the fucking cross, step up your game, guys.

And what the fuck kind of list is that any way? I’ve never made a public records request, but wouldn’t “fucking moron” “fucking idiot” and “fucking buffoon” all be covered under “fucking”? It seems like they’re trying to pad their swear count, and yet they leave a lot off.**

*Oddly bitch was not in their fishing expedition, and if McGinn or his staff used it (I have no idea, but no reason to believe they do) it seems like it would have been a more legitimate story than “sack wrangler” or “ass pony” that did make the list.

** Seriously, fart anything. Blumkin. There were a lot of ass things, like “ass hat” but not just “ass.”


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Cartier’s PDR for ‘salty language’ apparently turned up 14 uses of crap, damn, and shit in a year and a half’s worth of emails.”

    That’s not very many. Looks like the people who work for the city have learned something about emails after all. To recap, if you work for a public agency:

    You are not entitled to any privacy whatsoever for your private communications at work, no matter how private you feel they are, and you should assume that anything and everything you put in emails will be (a) seen by your boss, (b) quoted in your termination letter, (c) used against you in court, (d) published in the newspaper, and (e) as a consequence of (c) and (d) will be seen by your wife, too.

    Any questions?

    P.S., I used to manage PRA requests for a public agency, so I know this shit.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Hell, I sort of expect a few fucks and shits.”

    It’s well known that the last words most frequently heard on cockpit voice recorders are, “Oh … shit!!!”

    But I suppose if you’re in that situation, you don’t give a flying fuck what your employer’s policy is on cockpit language.

  3. 5

    proud leftist spews:

    Fuck me. Any fucking public servant who doesn’t throw a few fucking “damns” and “bastards” about in the current environment is not doing his or her job. For fuck’s sake.

  4. 6

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 3: Which is why Boeing has now officially designated the control center of the airplane a “flight deck”, instead of a “cockpit”. Which I guess is a reasonable accomodation to political correctness, given that Boeing was reminded by the ECC that, at the time, it’s factory floor was noticably deficient in minorities and women.

    But an old pilot told me once that the term “cockpit” originally referred to the hole dug in the barn floor for cock fights (as in chicken fights), but everyone also understood the double-entendre.

  5. 7

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    ‘It’s well known that the last words most frequently heard on cockpit voice recorders are, “Oh … shit!!!”’

    Unless, of course, the pilot is a redneck. Then the last words recorded are usually, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  6. 8

    proud leftist spews:

    That’s good. My brother-in-law is a pilot who lives in Tennessee. He will appreciate that. (He who occasionally violates the stupid law barring bringing in goods from Cuba, so every now and again brings me Havana Club rum from a Latin American flight. Slice of lime, one ice cube, and it’s heavenly, and I don’t otherwise like rum.)