From: Sally Bagshaw
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007
Cc: Judy Maleng
Subject: Dan Satterberg


Judy Maleng and I are supporting Dan Satterberg for King County Prosecuting Attorney. Dan was Norm Maleng's chief of staff for the past 17 years, and is a close friend of mine. Dan is by far the strongest candidate in the race, and will continue to lead the Prosecuting Attorney's Office as Norm did, with a steady non-partisan hand and a focus on doing what is right for the right reasons.

Our goal is to get the top lawyers in King County to endorse Dan early, and I would like to place 1000 lawyers' names onto the website this week. I have two requests: may I add your name to our growing list of supporters, and will you help me garner endorsement support from others in your law firm? We'd like to get as many people from within your firm as well as your lawyer friends outside the office to add their name to our list. I appreciate your taking the lead on this.

Thanks for responding to both Judy and me (I've cc'd her above) -- she is helping me keep track of the endorsement list. We'll keep you informed about the campaign progress throughout the fall.

Thanks so much! A copy of Dan's short bio is enclosed in case you'd like to know more about him.

Best wishes, Sally Bagshaw