East Texas man arrested for anti-government pipebombs

Must be another one of us violent, extremist liberals, right?

An East Texas man who federal prosecutors allege left explosive devices including pipe bombs in multiple area mail boxes, was motivated in part by anger at the government, Brit Featherston, first assistant U. S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas tells TPMmuckraker in a phone interview.

Perhaps the Palin/Hannity/Teabagger crowd is betting the that the crazies they inspire are just too crazy and/or stupid to successfully carry out one of their domestic terrorist attacks? I sure as hell hope so.


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    slingshot spews:

    I’m thinking it’s the Unitarian/Quaker that’s anti-government and not the pipe bombs.

  2. 5

    Michael spews:

    Must be Unitarians, the Quakers would only engage in consensus based pipe bombing and they’ve only arrested one guy.

  3. 6


    More of the same. This is Obama’s fault.

    Before he became soft on terrorism, we had no dcemstic terrorists. Now they are under your bed!

    There is only one answer .. ship them all to Gitmo!

    We are at war and fancy librul distinctions like who is a citizen and who is a Chrsitian ought to be set aside!

  4. 9


    Definitely not a Unitarian. Sure…a Unitarian might WANT to blow something up. But said Unitarian would never get around to deciding WHAT to blow up and HOW to carry it out….

    Must be a Quaker.

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    Broadway Joe spews:


    OMFG, he is a fat bastard. How the hell could that assclown escape the authorities? Who wants to bet that he lives off of Social Security? To be honest, he looks like a guitar player is used to work with in Nevada, but that dude lives in Marysville.

    Might as well say it now: GET IN MAH BELLEH!

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    To step back from Goldy trying to manufacture a crisis when there really isn’t one, here’s a little perspective: In India, there are roughly 37,000 homicides per year. Russia – 28,000. Columbia – 26,000. South Africa – 21,000. The U.S. – 16,000.

    Goldy, how many politicians have been murdered by tea party protesters in the last 12 months?

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    Steve spews:

    @14 Russia? India? There’s no black people in those countries. They have no Tuba Man. Troll’s obviously off his game.

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    Vince with Slap-Chop spews:

    how the hell could this fat bastard be planting bombs all over the place…HE IS IN A WHEELCHAIR!

    the fucking Wheelchair Bomber…lol

    as a side note, back in my practical joke teenage years, we used to blow up mailboxes with M-80’s..guess that would be considered terrorism today.

    all the fun stuff is illegal now…fuck.

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    Vince with Slap-Chop spews:

    …and speaking of teenage years, Iron Maiden is playing at the White River Amphitheater in June..

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Liberals must arm. I’m serious! These irrational fuckers want to kill us. I’m referring to the [ ] Unitarians or [ ] Quakers (choose one).

  11. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @13 Why limit it to 12 months? Lincoln was murdered. McKinley was murdered. FDR was shot at, JFK was murdered, Reagan was shot, Ford was shot at … or, to put it another way, how many recent presidents have NOT been a target of an assassination attempt? None …

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    @13, why would anybody want to lower our crime standards to that of Columbia?

    And… There are more people in India (1,139,964,932) than in the US (307,006,550), 3.7 times more people in India.
    What is the homicide rate?

    And how about comparing ourselves to Russia,
    Russia has a very high death rate of 15 deaths per 1000 people per year. This is far higher than the world’s average death rate of just under 9. The death rate in the U.S. is 8 per 1000 and for the United Kingdom it’s 10 per 1000. Alcohol-related deaths in Russia are very high and alcohol-related emergencies represent the bulk of emergency room visits in the country (2006 numbers).

    I am sure there are more up to date numbers on just how fucked up Russia is, but I think this makes the point just fine.

    If only they had homicide to worry about.

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    zdp 189 spews:

    At least this is a better story than the Dem congressman’s bro who had the line cut between a propane tank & barbeque grill, or the rock thrown at the 30th floor office of a dem congress critter. I will give you that.

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    Ekim spews:

    why the guy is a terrorist. Let’s haul him off to Gitmo. Then we can use advanced interrogation techniques on him. I’m sure we could get him to tell us exactly what we want to hear. Once he names Rush, Sarah, Rupert Murdoch, and all those other dangerous criminals, we can round them up and interrogate them as well. Why, we should have this mess cleaned up in just a few months and for only a few billion dollars. And what more, we can get the money back by seizing their property.

    I see it as a win-win for our freedom loving country. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Ekim spews:

    Disclaimer: The preceding post was an attempt at Ann Coulter style humor and not to be taken literally.

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    ArtFart spews:

    @11 “OMFG, he is a fat bastard.”

    Well, he works for the “Henderson Syrup Festival”, for crying out loud! Driving the kiddies’ choo-choo.

    I wonder if those kids’ parents have thought much yet about the concept that they were entrusting their children’s safety to a guy who thought that a reasonable way of protesting government policies would be to set booby traps to kill mail carriers.

    What is it about Texas, anyway? Something in the water?

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    proud leftist spews:

    I’d bet this guy would start singing like a bird if authorities just held up his dinner for an hour or two.