“Given that Wisconsin is on the border with Canada…”


Josh Feit:

State Senator Mike Carrell (R-28) tried to undermine Senator Karen Keiser’s universal health-care bill at the hearing this afternoon by grilling her star witness, state Senator Jon Erpenbach from Wisconsin.


Senator Carrell tried a little scare mongering. He brought up the right wing’s shorthand for socialism. “Given that Wisconsin is on the border with Canada,” Carrell began harrumphing, “doesn’t your plan parallel theirs?”

Senator Erpenbach laughed—gave Carrell a geography lesson—and appropriately Carrell’s loaded analogy quickly came unglued. “No, it doesn’t [parallel the Canada model] except that everyone is covered,” he quipped getting another round of laughter at the geographically challenged Republican’s expense.

Somebody’s getting an atlas for Christmas.


  1. 1

    [NOT] Patty Murray spews:

    Haha He probably thinks Osama’s main purpose
    is to set up hospitals and schools for poor people…. what a dumbass. heheheheehe

    Wait. Nevermind.

  2. 2


    Betcha anything most educated Washington state Democrats also don’t know that Wisconsin doesn’t border Canada, or that Mississippi doesn’t border Missouri, or that the earth is closer to the sun in winter, and further away in summer.

  3. 4

    Susan spews:

    …Yep. That’s my Senator, all right. And you’d think he’d have such a nice view of the border, from up in his tree hideaway sniping at deer in Lakewood (Sadly, not a joke).

  4. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Murray never said that. She drew a contract between the U.S., which blows up village and kills civilians, and Osama, who (she correctly observed) ingratiated himself to the Afghan people by using his resources to build schools and hospitals. This, of course, bought him protection when the Americans came looking for him. She was simply reporting facts. Why do rightys hate people who report facts that rightys don’t want to hear? (BTW, how many journalists have been killed by American troops in Iraq? Is it over 100 yet?)

  5. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    These gaffes are so commonplace it’s amazing there’s anyone left who still takes Republicans seriously. The public has learned they can’t trust anything a GOPer says.